NCFM Member Naomi Evans organizes major paternity fraud reform rally in Olympia, Washington. Join her if you can!

January 13, 2016
paternity fraud

Click her to go to the Facebook event page for the rally.

NCFM NOTE: Please make a note on your calendar, and share this event with everyone you know in or near Washington State, to please attend a rally on Friday, January 15th, noon to 3:00 p.m., at the Legislative Capital Building, North Steps/Sidewalk, to support the passage of “The Brandon Jones Act” in the 2016 WA Legislature, Sponsored by Representative Matt Shea.  Other state senators and representatives supporting the legislation will be speaking too (list of speakers below).  This is a great opportunity to meet some of your elected officials.

The event was the brainchild of NCFM member Naomi Evans who worked tirelessly along with paternity fraud victim Brandon Jones and others to make it happen. Naomi was recently elected to the Bremerton School Board. I call her “Governor.” It’s just a matter of time. She’s promised me a receptionist job.

An unrelated event is taking place from 9:00 to noon if you want to come earlier. Please spread the word and join the rally this Friday in Olympia, Washington!

KOMO4 wrote a related article timed for release today and will be covering the event. The article is fair and balanced. Strangely, the article mentions the rally in the last paragraph but gives no time or location information. You can read the article here: You can read Brandon Jones story, the one he wrote, here: 

Please help make this event successful. Spread the word.

Harry Crouch, President, NCFM.



From Naomi –

This Rally is to support the passage of a THE BRANDON JONES ACT a new piece of legislation to end Paternity Fraud in Washington that will be introduced in the 2016 Legislative Session!

Highlights of the bill written by Naomi Evans and Brandon Jones, are:

-Victims will be allowed to Disestablish Non-Genetic Paternity based on “Fraud or Material Mistake of Fact” using DNA evidence and thereby Vacate the order of Paternity and Support back to its beginning, making it null and void.

-Judges must order requested DNA testing of children based on it being considered in “the best interest of the child” to decide true genetic paternity as soon as possible.

-Victims will be allowed to petition the court for visitation of the child even after termination of rights if it is in “the best interest of the child” (such as if/when an existing emotional relationship exists between the duped dad and the child)

-Victims may seek legal recourse/restitution of money paid for support from the Mother and/or Biological Fathers

Please Note, this bill does NOT apply to men who have willingly adopted and/or conceived a child through reproductive medicine with consent/knowledge of producing a child that would not genetically be their own. This is a bill that will restore freedom and justice to men who have wrongly or maliciously been forced into parentage by criminal/deceiving women and/or default judgments of paternity.

Please share this event with everyone you know, including through you social networking contacts:

Don’t forget your signs! “Stop Paternity Fraud

Help us make 2016 the year to Stop Paternity Fraud in Washington State!
Guest speakers:

-12:15 pm Representative Matt Shea (R), Spokane Valley will talk about the issue of Paternity Fraud and his being the primary sponsor of 2016 legislation to Stop Paternity Fraud!

-12:30 pm Senator Pam Roach

-12:40 pm Representative Jesse Young (R) 26th Dist. Co-Sponsor of The Brandon Jones Act will address Paternity Fraud and talking points of the bill.

-1:00 pm Brandon Jones, Victim of Paternity Fraud and retired Army Veteran, will tell you his incredible story of why he is forced to pay support for a non-genetic child that currently resides with the true biological father!

-1:20 pm CJ Abernathey, A vocal advocate of parents rights with his own unique view of Paternity Fraud will speak about his experience in being the biological father whose child was stolen by a Husband and Wife using the “Presumption of Paternity” law within Marriage!

-1:40 pm Kyle Paskewitz from Parentlink and Family Court Reform USA will discuss some of the hot issues impacting families in family court and what his organizations are doing to help.

-2:00 pm Debra Childs, Vice President of “Time to Put Kids First” on the importance of Family Law Reform and Support of HB 1110 for Shared Parenting.

-Naomi Evans, Second Wife Against Paternity Fraud, will be your host and moderator as well as relay the Evans’ personal story and her journey of pursuing Legislative Reform to finally End Paternity Fraud in Washington State!

-2:15pm Adjournment of speakers. TIme following will be to mingle and join other attendees in going to Legislative offices to deliver letters of petition.

-3:00 pm CLEAN UP! We welcome volunteers to help break down tables, tents and restore the grounds to their former cleanliness… Thank you!

Special thanks to National Coalition For Men and President Harry Crouch for their continued support and advertising on this rally and reform!

Contact Naomi Evans for more information at 360-473-9104 or email:

Keep up to date on this issue at  or

Facebook event page:

national coalition for men

Please attend the rally and spread this post far and wide to help us take another step forward in helping others stop paternity fraud.

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