NCFM Member Jason Dale, “Male Feminist Essentially Labels Men’s Rights Movement as being Political Extremism

April 23, 2016

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NCFM NOTE: The article below is actually a comment to Ph.D. candidate John McDermott’s article, I Was a Men’s Rights Activist – One man’s journey from misogyny to feminism.

NCFM Member Jason Dale, “Male Feminist Essentially Labels Men’s Rights Movement as being Political Extremism

Essentially, Feminist author John McDermott, Ph.D Sociology, University of Victoria, has deceitfully and spectacularly associated the entire Men’s Rights Movement as being synonymous with political extremism, mentioning the terms “men’s rights” and [or] “white supremacy” right next to each other, thereby deliberately attempting to mislead his audience.  This is shocking and deplorable journalism!

Yet ironically, he firmly believes that the only solution to men’s problems is to view them exclusively through the lens of feminist analysis. In other words, according to McDermott and his fellow Feminist ideologues the only solution to the plight of men is for all men to embrace Feminism with totalitarian zeal, which by its very namesake focuses exclusively on the female while completely ignoring the male.

That is extremist propaganda at its finest.

Very tellingly, the author makes fleeting and dismissive mention of Warren Farrell’s (PhD) groundbreaking book “The Myth of Male Power“; a book which was even praised by Anthony Robbins (“Awaken the Giant Within“) who described the book as “Intellectual dynamite”, and said furthermore that “Warren Farrell continues to open genuine communication between the sexes”. That hardly sounds like the angry, bitter, negative and fearful Supremist that McDermott stereotypes all Men’s Rights Activists as being. Frankly, I am not surprised that he sidestepped Farrell’s book either, because such material would be devastating to the one-sided Feminist point of view.

I like the way Tim Goldich (author of “Loving Men, Respecting Women“) put it when he described Feminism as “The female perspective politicized. Feminism is the male power/female victimization half of gender reality presented as if it were gender reality in its entirety”.

McDermott demonstrates precisely this kind of one-sided bigotry in his discussion of the book “Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture“. His attitude about men and their issues is clearly scornful and condescending despite his claims to the contrary, and instead of giving a specific, fact-based and well-reasoned rebuttal to substantiate why he does not like the book, McDermott dismisses it for no reason other than the fact that it made his female colleagues (and himself) feel very uncomfortable.

Moreover, while McDermott  mentions that he was confused, conflicted and depressed during the time of him supposedly exploring men’s rights, he blames the entire Men’s Rights Movement for exploiting his alleged vulnerability while taking no personal responsibility whatsoever for his own actions and judgments.

Unsurprisingly, this article is full of sweeping generalizations and shameful lies such as “The men’s rights movement has always been anti-feminist first, men’s issues second” and “Every time I look back at the men’s rights movement, all I see is negativity, rage, hate, bitterness and fear”. What utter nonsense.

YET, I would be accused of generalizing and painting all Feminists with the same brush if I were to use the writings and sayings of wildly celebrated Feminists like…

  • “To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo” — Valerie Solanas (Radical feminist and writer, “S.C.U.M. Manifesto”, 1967)
  • “I’ve always wanted to see a man beaten to a shit bloody pulp with a high-heeled shoe stuffed up his mouth, sort of the pig with the apple; it would be good to put him on a serving plate but you’d need good silver” — Andrea Dworkin (Radical feminist and writer, “Mercy”, 1990)
  • Men are animals” — Ireen von Wachenfeldt (Prominent Swedish Feminist and Chairperson of ROKS, Swedish Television documentary, “Könskriget/The Gender War”, May 2005) NCFM NOTE: The Swedish Broadcasting Commission found Konshriget/The Gender War “non-neutral and not objective. The series was taken off the air.
  • Sexism is NOT the fault of women — kill your fathers, not your mothers” — Robin Morgan (Ms. Magazine Editor, American poet, author, political theorist and activist, journalist, lecturer, and former child actor, “Goodbye to All That”, 1970 in “Going Too Far: The Personal Chronicle of a Feminist”, p 126)
  • “The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian to be fully feminist.” — Sheila Cronin (Leader of the feminist organization N.O.W. (the National Organization for Women), member of the radical feminist group The Redstockings, National Organization for Women Times, January 1988)

Yes, you read those quotations above correctly, and YES – I have an entire database full of similar misandric sentiments by prominent and highly celebrated Feminists. The National Organization for Women (NOW) is one of the largest Feminist organizations in America, and it actively and openly opposes equal custody rights for fathers. As you can see above, one of its leaders – Sheila Cronin openly stated that women could not be Feminists unless they are lesbian. How’s THAT for extremism!

Nevertheless “Not all feminists are Like that!” some would shout. Yet McDermott and his cronies seem to think that it is perfectly OK to stereotype all Men’s Rights Activists as unbalanced extremists. Why the double standards?

No, McDermott. The Men’s Rights Movement is first and foremost about precisely that – men’s rights. Conversely, women’s rights are about precisely that – women’s rights. “Feminism” and “women’s rights” is NOT the same thing, and “Feminism” and “Men’s Rights” are NOT two opposing sides of the same coin.

When I, as an African male write about Male Genital Mutilation (aka circumcision) and about how this cruel, medically fraudulent and unnecessary act of barbarism, sexual and physical assault kills thousands of babies and young males in Africa every year, that is – by technical definition – Men’s Rights Activism. One of my closest allies happens to be a black man living in Nigeria, and yet according this article, I automatically become an “extremist”.

What utter, idiotic nonsense!

Yes, McDermott, there ARE serious issues faced by men and boys today. Males make up the vast majority of suicides. All forms of media have for decades denigrated and demonized men and boys. Males make up the vast majority of work related deaths and injuries. Males make up the vast majority of homicide and violent crime victims. Males make up the majority of the homeless and unemployed. Males have virtually NO shelters and support programs – despite making up roughly half of the victims of Domestic Violence. Fathers are treated with extreme bias and disfavor in the family court system. In the US, male students can have their lives destroyed by false accusations of rape and sexual assault in schools and academic institutions without any due process to protect them. US males of fighting age must sign the draft for selective military service in order to get the voting right, whereas females get the vote automatically at 18. There are hundreds of affirmative action programs specifically benefiting women, whereas there are NO affirmative action programs that benefit men. The list goes on and on, an on…

Oh yes, and for the record, Feminism has not addressed a single legitimate men’s issue to date, not one.

This article is a disgrace, and instead of throwing mud in the faces of any individual who dares to campaign for the human rights of men and boys, McDermott  has demonstrated why Feminism is a poisonous ideology underpinned by Gynocentrism and Cultural Marxism.


Jason Dale is a restless, enigmatic and deeply reflective soul who finds distraction through his work as an IT technical specialist while persevering through the battlefields of life; using his writing as both sword and solace, hoping that he is more than the male body for which he is scorned.

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Today’s feminist is tomorrows disaster.

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6 Responses to NCFM Member Jason Dale, “Male Feminist Essentially Labels Men’s Rights Movement as being Political Extremism

  1. Mike HE on May 15, 2016 at 1:17 AM

    Racial Bigotry apparent element of Feminism:
    1) Their embrace of Bill “Womanizing” Clinton, but no recognition afforded
    Dr. Condoleezza Rice with her many accomplishment. A true prodigy.
    2) Feminists don’t attack white males above and beneath them at work.
    But, Feminists employ and empower Black females to displace & undermine
    Black males in the work-place, at home, and in society thru false accusations.
    3) Feminists give the appearance of support for the “transgender” dude-to-chic
    activity, but notice that with the many that are not immediately detectable,
    the media, usually, presents a Black dude dressed like a Marti Gras Peacock
    with a bad silicon job (face, boobs, butt) that is obviously a big Black man.
    This is meant to create turmoil within the young Black male’s psyche and
    instigate a mindset to over-compensate for an implanted sense of doubt &
    male-inadequacy. Some young males growing up in a female dominant/
    fatherless household and society may then seek thug life and guns, OR,
    abandon masculinity all together, to override the internal conflict.

    Through PsyOps, Feminists want to spread their doctrine and seize control of
    world governments. Thus, Feminists should be viewed as we view Fascists & Communists, etc.

    The mainstream Democratic Party has taken on cult like ways – complete with
    robot, zombie, Blue pill taking, Jim Jones Kool-Aid drinking, weird-science Goons.

    This is meant to add to our cause and not divide it on race. My intent is to show
    this “T H I N G” that we’re aware of includes Feminism as one of it’s weapons.

  2. Alan Vaughn on May 13, 2016 at 4:01 PM

    Essentially, Feminist author John McDermott, Ph.D Sociology, University of Victoria, has deceitfully and spectacularly associated the entire Men’s Rights Movement as being synonymous with political extremism, mentioning the terms “men’s rights” and [or] “white supremacy” right next to each other, thereby deliberately attempting to mislead his audience. This is shocking and deplorable journalism!

    So what is feminism then if it isn’t political extremism that not only demonizes all men and boys, but has all but totally destroyed our society, via the destruction of the family?

    The more anyone gives these man-haters the more they DEMAND.

    White supremacy? Haha! It’s nothing compared to their hateful ideology….
    Feminism is an ideology of institutionalized hate which makes the KKK look like a bunch of harmless kids on a Sunday picnic. Seriously.
    If it’s allowed to continue at its current rampant rate, it will evolve into a true holocaust to exterminate 50% of the population. I am SERIOUS. Remember Adolf Hitler? He wasn’t nearly as insane or HATEFUL as what many of these despicable old hags at the top of the International Gynocracy are.
    Look at the trends over the past 30 years: not only at their destructive and hateful propaganda that is spreading the myths of domestic violence etc., but more importantly: the legislative creep…
    They are putting men in prison, often for many years for totally FALSE rape allegations – no proof or witness testimony required and often for ‘crimes’ that allegedly occurred 30, 40 or 50 years ago, but weren’t reported at the time these (now very heinous crimes) such as pat on the bum supposedly happened. And yet these ‘traumatic experiences’ they’re being paid thousands of dollars for in victims compensation, were so debilitating and terrible, they went back day after day for more of the same… Then, many decades later (after discovering they can be paid HUGE amounts of compensation for the ‘trauma’ suffered), suddenly realize they weren’t really enjoying it, but were in fact ‘raped’.
    They can consent to sex one night after imbibing too much, then wake up the next morning and after sobering up decide that the man she consented to have sex with the night before, wasn’t such a good catch after all and decides to claim she was ‘raped’… The poor guy (who possibly even thought he’d met his future bride), instead of going to the altar to be married (to the feminist indoctrinated bitch), goes to prison for 2 or 3 years or more, because she can change her mind!
    Men are being sent to prison for things they didn’t do even things that did not happen many decades ago. This is an OUTRAGE, but hardly anyone seems to give a rat’s arse…

    Look at the latest news – Federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten just promised these misandrists an extra $65 million to fund yet MORE demonization of men and boys. (To provide funding for ‘family violence services’). How much more of this are we going tolerate? Is this really equality? Of course its isn’t. Why do we allow this to go on unchallenged?
    Are we men or a bunch of feminist fearing sissy’s that are too scared of upsetting a bunch of bitterly jealous old hags who are now (and have been for some time), running the totalitarian state of Australia?

    It’s time to stop apologizing to these hateful ideologues for political in-correctness and start DEMANDING an apology and some respect from them.
    We won’t need nuclear weapons to destroy the world and the human race… Feminists will do it much more effectively, then there will be nothing left. Just a deserted planet with a whole lot more animals, because there will be humans left to eat them.

    Isn’t it ironic how they demonize us and say the most hateful things about us, yet are quite happy to use things that they now take for granted such as the computer, the Internet, Facebook and Twitter (plus many, many more) that were all invented and developed by the very group they despise: MEN, yet are happy to use these male inventions to spread their vitriol about them!
    Where would they really be without men?

    I am writing this and many more similar posts, while it is still legal for me to do so.
    Soon it will be a serious criminal offence to criticize feminism, so action is needed NOW!

    • Alan Vaughn on May 13, 2016 at 6:40 PM

      Look at the latest news – Federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten just promised these misandrists an extra $65 million to fund yet MORE demonization of men and boys. (To provide funding for ‘family violence services’). How much more of this are we going tolerate? Is this really equality? Of course it isn’t. Why do we allow this to go on unchallenged?

      I forgot to mention in that paragraph that this relates to the upcoming Australian feminist federal government election campaign. Truly nauseating. 🙁

  3. Healey Park on April 25, 2016 at 12:38 PM

    Wanted: One Editor. Must support Men’s Rights Movement or men’s rights movement. Apply at National Coalition For Men (NCFM) or NCFM (National Coalition For Men).

    • Jason Dale on April 25, 2016 at 2:27 PM

      Why only one? Can we add government funding to the wish list too, or do we have to wait until men and boys are classified as humans first?

    • Alan Vaughn on May 13, 2016 at 6:27 PM

      I’d give it a go, however my views might be a little too radical for this site. I nevertheless more than support Men and advocate for the rights of all men and boys. MEN are by far the truly oppressed victims in this ridiculous and needless war between the 2 main sides of the human race.

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