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September 24, 2016

“Women now control or influence over 64% of purchases worldwide and over 72% in the U.S. They earn $12 trillion in the global workplace and control about $20 trillion in consumer spending.” Click on the image for more from the article “Why Women Rule,” with the help of MissEducation.


By James Jackson

Nicholas Ferroni, a high school history teacher, was dismayed by the fact that Congress is 80% male.  He was troubled that Congress may not fairly represent women.  Implied in his thinking is the assumption that male legislators are passing laws favoring men.  He performed a social experiment in his class. Students held mock votes on fake new school policies.  Voters were 80% female. The students voted to give girls a 21% discount on school items.  The students also voted to move all of the boys’ lockers to the second floor and to give girls a two-minute head start between classes.  One male student called it “unfair.” Another commented: “Eighty percent of the class is all girls. It’s majority rules.” Ferroni’s experiment received much media attention. [1]

Ferroni missed a few things.  First of all, the gender breakdown of Congress members is not important.  What is important is the gender breakdown of voters. Most voters are female.  For example, 9.8 million more women than men voted in the 2012 election. [2]  So, if members of Congress want to keep their jobs, they must pander to the desires of the majority of voters, i.e., Congressmen must give women what they want.  The upset male student quoted earlier is correct. “Majority rules.”  But it is not the majority of the members of Congress.  It is the majority of voters.  Women rule.

Another point that Ferroni did not consider is chivalry.  Men are raised to give to and to protect women.  (Ferroni himself seems quite chivalrous.)  The male majority of legislators have long benefited their female constituents, often at the expense of their male constituents.

Victim power is something else Ferroni missed.  Men are raised to be strong.  They are taught not to complain even when they have every right to.  Conversely, women complain about everything, even things they have no justification to complain about.  This victimhood of women allows them to guilt men into even more benefits from their legislators.

Putting these ideas together leads to countless examples of male legislators passing laws that benefit women at the expense of men.  The most pointed example of this is when male legislators gave women the right to vote even when the vast majority (all) of voters were male.  Also, even though men are the vast majority of victims of violence, Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act, giving women special benefits.  Even though males do worse in school, Congress passed the Women’s Educational Equity Act, benefiting female students.  Even though men receive longer prison sentences than women for the same crimes, states established Gender Justice Committees to stop discrimination against women in the judicial system.  Don’t forget to throw in bias against men in such things as the draft, divorce, child support, reproductive rights, affirmative action, domestic violence, foreign aid, asylum, and lack of due process for those accused of sexual assault in college and the military.

Also, consider all of the government bureaus and agencies benefiting only women, e.g., The Women’s Bureau in the Dept. of Labor, The Office of Women’s Business Ownership, The Office on Women’s Health, The National Women’s Health Information Center, The Office of Global Women’s Issues, The Center for Women Veterans, Women in Development, White House Council on Women and Girls, Women in Science and Technology, and The Office on Violence Against Women.  There are many, many more for women, but none for men.  It is men who are being unfairly represented by Congress.

All of these examples are of male legislators passing laws that predominantly favor women.  I challenge Ferroni to name one piece of legislation passed recently by male legislators that has predominantly benefited men.  Ferroni’s premise that male legislators are biased in favor of men is false.

Clearly, the government of the United States is biased in favor of women and against men.  So why does Nicholas Ferroni and nearly everyone else believe that the government is biased against women?  This is due to media bias.  Women do most purchasing of consumer goods.  It is mostly women who select which brand to buy.  Therefore, companies must aim their ads at women.  Therefore, all advertising media—television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the internet—must also slant their content toward women in order to attract advertisers.  Therefore, all advertising media are biased in favor of women and against men.  This is why Ferroni’s experiment, which also portrayed women as victims, was praised by the media.  The media avoided upsetting women by providing any inconvenient facts that might show that Ferroni was wrong.  The media are guilty of this kind of thing all of the time.

Another thing that we can learn from this is that women are selfish and seem incapable of being fair.  When the girls in Ferroni’s experiment garnered 80% of the votes, they unfairly used it to benefit themselves at the boys’ expense.  When women are the majority of voters, they also unfairly use their voting power to demand benefits for themselves at men’s expense.  Women also use victim power to gain even more benefits.  All of this occurs with no criticism from the media.  The situation is bad enough now with mostly men in Congress pandering to women.  But, just how bad will the bias in favor of women be when women become the majority of legislators?

Besides legislation, these problems exist in other areas as well.  Women rule in most all areas of life.  But women and the media do not reveal this.  Instead, women and the media promote the idea that women are victims of a vast, brutal and dominating patriarchy.  Mr. Ferroni has become their stooge.


[2]  One reason for this voting gender gap is the fact that there are about 6.6 million more women than men of voting age in the U.S.  A partial explanation for this is that the vast majority of people dying in war to protect women’s right to vote are male.  And 93% of those dying in employment providing for families are also male.  Another reason for the voting gender gap is that the vast majority of the 5.8 million people who are unable to vote due to previous or current imprisonment are male.

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MissEducation, the destructive understatement of the century.

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