NCFM Member Alan Lee Millard, Chivalry is a Flaw from Within that has Given Rise to Feminism

May 12, 2017

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Chivalry is a Flaw from Within that has Given Rise to Feminism

By Alan Lee Millard 
Due to a past bound by a male servitude to women, chivalry, with women revered as to be placed on a pedestal, with men bound to please women often pathetically deemed as part of their manhood, men are compelled from when boys by a one-way servitude to be “gentlemen.” Honoring the discriminatory, privileged status saved for women is often even called being polite. But disclosing the hypocrisy, isn’t being polite a trait not defined by gender (one’s sex) but by character, with the same qualification in quality of character applying to women too? Are not women supposed to be equal to men rather than above them? Or, are women placed above men despite their character?
Our Anglo culture is a matriarchy, not a patriarchy, evident by the premise of chivalry existing prior to feminism and allowing the extreme effect to take place in the advanced form of feminism. Thus, feminism could only exist by chivalry existing as a prerequisite. Under the advanced chivalry effect of feminism, no possible chance is allowed for men to ever be legitimately heard concerning their equal, non-female-influenced, viewpoint. (That is, if one could ever exist due to the control women have over men.) Men basically do not rate high enough to have a say even concerning their own identity—one sculptured and designed for and by women. This is what first inspired me to write Equality: A Man’s ClaimThe Equality Issue from the Male Perspective and an Ethical Society’s Viewpoint.
The first and most devastating blow to our society and a traditional, stable way of life, was the implementation of Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action, in effect using feminism to convert our society to a socialistic state. In effect, it took one job (originating from the male’s role as provider of resources via biology prior to a more recent state consisting of paid employment per a conversion of his resources to a government currency means of exchange–money) that prior to EEO/AA matched to provide for one family, then divided the same resources between two people (outside of their unification). This resulted in big business and the government getting two workers for the price of one at the sacrifice of the family. No gain, but a tremendous loss, was effectively wrought upon society by this drastic socialistic change–a condition rooted in biology that has basically existed since creation, and one necessary in other species for their survival. This change disallowed the most efficient assimilation of resources to the people, transforming the benefit to the government and big business. The arrangement, easily sold to the people as equality via chivalry in the scapegoat form of male hatred (blaming men for all our woes), pitting women against men and tapping into female corresponding selfishness/entitlement, best serves government and big business by placing the people of our nation (and those in other countries affected) into a servitude status to others rather than themselves. A self-perpetuating societal condition is established with less family/parental influence—in fact an arrangement dictated by the politically-correct thinking that now demands less parental contact and exposure to quality experiences and family values than in the past. This orchestrated arrangement has now played out to create close to 50 million people in the U.S. now dependent on the government—one that relies on big business to support it compared to receiving money in the past that came from the people when they made the money for themselves to pay the taxes. The government-sponsored, feminist-inspired EEO/AA and forced rearrangement (redistribution of resources) has played out well for our society’s conversion to socialism and, without restraint, will soon become communism, via an elite. People, consistently indoctrinated by propaganda, while living on a day to day basis, are too wrapped up in the course of everyday life to see these effects transpiring—thus the bigger picture from afar–but rather what is fed to them through propaganda via media, politics, and government educational system.
 When I first attended school as a university student, I didn’t understand until later why feminism and socialism always occupied the same university niche’ and were promoted in the same departments. But it didn’t take me long to connect the two and realize how they complemented each other in the take-over of society. (My unique perception and insight inspired me to write.) And so far this plan has been very successful, unraveling human civilization like consistent clockwork. Feminism continues to get funded, even concerning the most ridiculous, made-up issues and corresponding laws used to further violate and persecute men and divide our country. But I blame the many narrow-minded fools (educated and media-influenced) who bought off on the misguided ‘equality’ idea who, without filters otherwise gained from equal compassion and ethical standards, allowed it to happen in the first place, selling out our country and its people—thus this is, as the book attests, The Flaw From Within, now available at Amazon. 

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Chivalry is a Flaw from Within that has Given Rise to Feminism

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