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The following commercial services endorse, recommend and link to National Coalition of Free Men as a public service:

  • Viaticum Press International is a publishing consortium with special interest in titles pertaining to men’s liberation. In its “Free Merchandise” section, it offers back issues of NCFM’s newsletter Transitions.
  • SELF GROWTH . COM provides information on Self Improvement and Personal Growth.
  • PATERNITY FRAUD DNAPaternityFraudDNA can arrange for “legal” paternity testing throughout the United States and many places internationally, including for the military overseas. We can arrange testing for immigration purposes. PFDNA‘s laboratory is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks and uses state of the art equipment.  If you want to understand the potentially dire consequences of paternity fraud read the Story here. PFDNA offers discounts for active duty military and veterans. We are here to help. Call 619-819-8618 or TOLL FREE 888-676-4424. PFDNA is located in downtown San Diego, CA. By appointment only.


  • OFFICE OF MEN’S RESOURCE CENTER – In 2001 Republican Congressman (House of Representatives) from California introduced the Men’s Health Act, HR 632. This office would mirror the work of the existing Office of Women’s Health, which has helped to save thousands of women’s lives and has improved the lives of many more. To date (Spring 2002) this act has not yet been adopted by the U.S. government. This web site has been set up to keep you informed of its progress.
  • Men’s Health America. Men’s Health America is a research, education, and advocacy organization that is devoted to eliminating the 6-year lifespan gender gap. We post men’s health news and action alerts on our moderated listserv. For email details go to Related Links Page 2.
  • Whether it is grief from divorce, death or the loss of a job, crisis brings grief. If you are hurting for any reason, NCFM strongly recommends that you consult this home page: CRISIS.
  • The Orchid Cancer Appeal A Website to promote awareness of prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
  • For general information about men’s health you can go to the Men’s Health home page. The research presented is derived from Will Courtenay’s research at the University of California at Berkeley. Professional consulting services are also available.
  • The Men’s Health Network provides education about men’s health issues and on occasion acts in a lobbying capacity.
  • BPD Central – How happy are you and/or your loved ones? Do you often feel irritable or know someone who does? Are you abused or do you know someone who is? Often the problem is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). This is something you should learn about.

DIVORCE and Fathers’ Rights/Childrens’ Rights:

  • Download the NCFM Beginner’s Guide To Divorce. Contains additional resources you won’t find here or on any other resource list. Contains definitions and suggestions. It runs about 20 pages. We tried to keep it short. Also visit our Book Store for suggested readings available on-line.
  • DADS VOICES Support for divorced fathers’ rights to joint child custody. Features online support groups for separated and divorced dads, second wives.
  • DAD’S ARE PARENTS TOO – At this writing (Sept 2001) this site was under development. This group hopes to provide, legal, emotional, spiritual and educational support to fathers who wish to be active participants in the lives of their children.
  • DADS DIVORCE – for divorced and divorcing dads seeking to maximize their role in their children’s lives. The site includes an extensive divorce guide, expert answers to visitor questions, an on-line chat room, legal statues, judge ratings, on-line referrals (based on State or zip-code) and more. Several nights a week their online chat room is hosted by a live attorney.
  • AMERICAN COALITION FOR FATHERS AND CHILDREN – This is a growing site with a lot of nuts and bolts case law and other material for divorcing fathers: ACFC.
  • DEAN HUGHSON is a man with a lot of knowledge and feeling for those going through divorce and separation. He has created the DIVORCE PAGE. He can help you find sources for research on the Internet.
  • MEN’S DEFENSE ASSOCIATION (in operation since 1972). The MDA publishes the Liberator monthly and can make attorney referrals [and lists similar organizations] throughout the nation [and in other countries]. The Liberator is a good source of [often] Conservative thought on many different issues facing men. Click here: MDA – Men’s Defense Association.
  • JEFFERY LEVING, Esq., attorney and author, has experience litigating a wide variety of marital and family law cases and works with various organizations to support and promote more equitable treatment for fathers and their children. Mr. Leving’s efforts have helped many men maintain a bond with their children in spite of divorce and gender bias. He helped reunite Alan Gonzalez with his father and co-authored the Illinois Joint Custody Law. Mr. Leving is the co-author of, “Father’s Rights: Hard-Hitting & Fair Advice For Every Father Involved In A Custody Dispute.”
  • BILL’S ARENA is a website by a 14-year old child going through divorce. It covers many aspects of divorce from the kids’ point of view.
  • Alimony Central is your gateway to alimony and divorce information.

YES, I would like to buy Father’s Rights: Hard-Hitting & Fair Advice For Every Father Involved In A Custody Dispute.


  • CENTER FOR LIBERTY AND PRIVACY – The Center assists citizens in state constitutional amendment initiatives, filing Federal lawsuits challenging state alimony statutes and income based child support statutes that intrude in family matters, and developing legislative programs to protect citizens rights in their families.


  • – browse the Keyword Map of This site is It is worth a visit because of its very unusual nature. For example, NCFM is tied into the key word “men”. When you click on this link you will generate a list of topics and ideas that are interrelated and have to do with men. You will see a map. Clicking on keyword or topic will produce a list of resources.
  • Divorce Support is a categorized site that covers many related topics about divorce. Lots of resources. Some service are for sale.
  • Kids-Right.Org” provides a list of people who act as counselors in various states and provinces. Each has volunteered to be contacted by email.
  • For a potpourri of resources, including men’s and father’s organizations, visit Listings are by state.
  • MEN’S RESOURCE CENTER The mission of the Men’s Resource Center is to assist men in finding male positive resources, information, and support. This site maintains various directories and lists, e.g., men’s and father’s organizations, legal resources, men’s health and much more. Web address is NCFM recommends this site.



  • Non-Custodial Parents Party – The Australian Government seeks to take more and more of an intrusive and unnecessary role in the making of decisions that affect the lives of citizens. Among other things the Non-Custodial Parents Party wishes to minimise government interference in decisions that affect the lives of parents and children of separated families.


  • Condition Masculine, Soutien de l’Enfrance – The divorce problem facing men is the same around the world. Visit this site in France to see what is happening there. For a good childrens’/fathers’ rights organization in France, click here: ‘L’Enfant Et Son Droit (E2SD). “L’Enfant Et Son Droit (E2SD) is a French organization which defends the rights of children in general to receive love, care and protection from BOTH parents, under ANY circumstances. Also try Condition Paternelle in France.


  • Fathers 4 Justice. In 2003 this group became the primer group for creating non-violent demonstrations that tied London into knots. Go to their web site and read about their campaign and how you can support it. In the United States email:


  • Promoting Responsible Fatherhood – This site is concerned with divorce and family issues facing men. The site originates in Switzerland, but the web site is in three languages: GERMAN, FRENCH and ENGLISH. This site also has an excellent international directory. Click on “Hotlist.” To go directly to the English portion of the web site click here:


  • GEÇMISTIR – This is an educational organization devoted to circumcision issues.


Searching for the right place to do legal research on the Internet is a very time consuming venture. We will recommend different or additional resources as we find out about them.

  • LAW CRAWLER. This resource is a specialized search engine on the web devoted to the law.


  • ALLEGATIONS: TRUE OR NOT? Attorney Barbara Johnson specializes in defending men falsely accused of sex crimes in the Boston area. Advice can be purchased by anyone living anywhere at her web site.
  • DAD LAW. Andrew Carlan, Esq. located in Farmingdale, NY, specializes in helping fathers going through divorce.

FOR OTHER SOURCES ON DIVORCE (and CUSTODY), visit our Related Links2 Page. Here you will find mailing lists, webrings and other types of services available on the internet – RELATED LINKS2 PAGE.


  • CHANGING MEN’S COLLECTION – This is the web page for the Changing Men’s Collection maintained by the library at Michigan State University. The Changing Men’s Collection is the historic gathering of artifacts from the men’s movement around the world.
  • AMERICAN MEN’S STUDIES ASSOCIATION – A body of academics concerned with teaching gender issues at the high school and college level. The AMSA makes available a complete list of men’s studies courses at the university level, holds conferences and publishes research. As of 2004 the AMSA began including the divergent views of Men’s Rights activists and Feminist Men in one conference. NCFM takes a dim view of “Feminist Men” because of their often expressed anti male intensions. For the AMSA web site click here: AMSA. Also the Journal Of Men’s Studies has a world wide web page at: Journal.

If you are a teacher at the high school or college level we urge you to purchase, How To Conduct Men’s Studies (send $5 plus $1 shipping – USA currency – to NCFM, PO Box 582023, Minneapolis, MN 55458-2023). It makes the whole process easy. The kit is for those who want to introduce the topic in class rooms dealing with various other topics or who want to begin a dedicated course. The kit was prepared by a 15 year veteran in Men’s Studies at the University of Dayton.


  • NEW HAMPSHIRE COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF MEN – This is the first agency in the United States, established by a government, to look at social issues as they affect men and boys (fist established in the Summer of 2002).
  • GAMES WOMEN PLAY. This site is a distillation of the wisdom based on the dating and “relationship” experience a lot of other men have had with women. It’s the sort of stuff that any guy going into the dating scene needs to know, especially younger guys.
  • MEN’S ACTIVISM – Men’s Rights, News and Info – This is a premier web site for news about the men’s movement and men’s issues. The site tracks news stories on men’s rights issues and is updated daily. The site also includes many interactive features, and users have a big influence on site content. Run by the people, for the people.
  • MEN’S NEWS DAILY – This site provides direct links to news stories about men’s issues that appear in major publications and a variety of other news sources.
  • GLENN SACKS – Glenn Sacks is the only regularly published male columnist in the US who writes about gender issues from a perspective unapologetically sympathetic to men. You can visit Glenn’s web site by clicking on the URL above OR you can read one of Glenn’s fine articles republished right here at NCFM. Nowhere to Go: Why does LA County refuse to help male victims of domestic violence?. You will open a new browser.
  • EVERYMAN – From CANADA comes a great publication covering all facets of the men’s movement and men’s issues: health, emotions, civil rights, relationships. Click here for: Everyman: A Men’s Journal. Also in Canada check out the Men’s Rights Organization.
  • Critiques Of Feminism” is an interesting article with a series of useful links to sites with information challenging various aspects of feminism. This may be a great starting point for new researchers and students studying feminism.
  • AUSTRALIAN MEN – A SOCIAL UNDERCLASS – Many great essays on the male condition. Some are articles are directed at Australian men in particular, but, hey, they are just like men every else. Topics include retirement, work place, criminal law, punishment. Recommended for students doing term papers.
  • THE MEN’S TRIBUNE – The site contains a lot of historical material. Much of it is aimed at the scholar. Clearly is not a site that advocates equality, but one will find that many of the issues we are considering today have been around for centuries. Recommended for students doing term papers.
  • BACKLASH – Visit the Backlash newsletter and read some really provocative stuff. Edited by the one and only Rod Van Mechelen. Click here: BACKLASH. Backlash is the creator of another site called:
  • THE EMASCULATION OF AMERICA is a website about discrimination against men in higher education. Covers many court cases and state and federal regulations. Also discussed anti-male discrimination in general.
  • Men’s Movie Guide – What you can’t get anywhere else… Movie & play reviews written for men.



  • Menstuff is published by the National Men’s Resource Center, which has specialized for a number of years in publishing regional, national (USA) and international events for men. Their’s is a very comprehensive list of events by date. Menstuff. Menstuff also carries a wide range of resources and is a site worth checking out. We would also like to draw your attention to NCFM’s listings of events. We provide a “selective” listing by type of organization (men’s rights, fathers, feminist, mythopoetic, religious, etc.) NCFM list of events.


  • NCFM Board of Advisor, Warren Farrell, PhD. has a web site at Warren Farrell which we recommend. Dr. Farrell has authored The Myth of Male Power and, most recently, Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Tell. These are among the best, if not ten the best, works on men and gender issues. NCFM highly recommends them. They are available through our book store.
  • Member, Jack Kammer, is the author of, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN. Jack’s book explores the positive side of men through the eyes of feminist women.
  • In addition Jack has a book called, “If Men Have All The Power, How Come Women Make The Rules?” This book is a really great gift. It is so uncomplicated and direct that you can use it as a coffee table item. If it were up to NCFM a free copy would circulate through every office in America. The book is available both in e-book format and hard copy paperback.
  • Member, Thomas James, Esq., is the author of Domestic Violence: The Twelve Things You Aren’t Suppose To Know. This book exposes evidence of a deliberate governmental campaign to distort the truth and proliferate lies to hide the issue of battered men and exagerate the case for battered women. Attorney Tom James, who served as co-counsel with John R. Graham in a lawsuit to declare battered women’s laws unconstitutional, explains why honesty and candor are our only real hope for bringing an end to this enormous social problem.

Visit our on-line book store for many fine titles in the areas of Men’s Studies and Divorce Help.


  • SEATTLE MEN publishes, “M.E.N. Magazine”, which places an emphasis on the Mythopoetic side of the men’s movement. They also hold local meetings. and are associated with MenWeb, a forum on the MicroSoft Network. You can visit them at MenWeb.


  • DYNAMIC VISION is a full service site for fathers to succeed. It provides coaching services, articles, assessments, a newsletter, discussion board, and much more.
  • A BLACK CONSERVATIVE CONFRONTS A FATHERLESS AMERICA – While in Prattville, Alabama, one man accepted an invitation to speak at a youth detention center of approximately 57 young men. The theme or topic of discussion centered around the father. Hardly any of these youngsters had experienced a relationship with their own fathers, some spoke of stepfathers. Their entire life experience had been the influence of the woman, which had totally consumed their spirit, mind and body. These young men, inmates of wards of the state, thought like women, and they acted like women. They were highly emotional, intensely angry, and very reactive.
  • FATHERING MAGAZINE – This publication runs an excellent site for all manner of fathers, whether married or divorced. Includes on-line articles and lists of resources.
  • FATHERS & FAMILIES is a Massachusetts non-profit organization advocating for the right of every child to have two parents.



We recommend that you visit the Circumcision Information and Resource Pages (CIRP). This site is divided into two sections: In depth research including technical articles and articles devoted to the lay person and family member. There is no question that there is a growing national and professional concern that circumcision is “mutilation” and nothing more. As such it involves a civil rights issue. The growing trend in thinking is that circumcision, if it is to be practiced at all, should be the decision of competent adults and not be performed on helpless infants. For a complete reference library go to: CIRCUMCISION ISSUES.

  • NO-CIRC – Most outspoken group opposing infant male circumcision. This non-profit organization is committed to securing the birthright of male, female, and intersex children and babies to keep their sex organs intact.
  • NOT JUST SKIN – Provides scientific information about questionable medical procedures, including genital cutting. Organization acts to protect human rights and bodily integrity.
  • NORM-UK – This organization is located in the United Kingdom and is a excellent source for finding out the answers to some basic questions very fast. They also offer a world wide directory.
  • GEÇMISTIR – This is an educational organization devoted to circumcision issues. It is located in Turkey.

Jewish Groups For Genital Integrity

Jewish Voices For Genital Integrity: Web Articles


  • TANTRA. TANTRA is a joyous spiritual path joining sexual pleasures of your body, love from your heart, and awareness from your mind. Caution: There are links to some adult material.
  • Bi MEN NETWORK – Free worldwide social and support organization for bisexual and gay adult men aged 18 to 118. All free. Now over 1/4 million active male members.


  • ON THE COMMON GROUND – a gathering of men dedicated to sustaining a Men’s Soul Work community in the New York Metro Area. On The Common Ground is inspired by Robert Bly, John Lee, Robert Moore, Michael Meade, James Hillman and Guy Corneau just to name a few. Open support meeting hold every other Tuesday in midtown Manhattan. All men are welcome to attend. Once a year wilderness event is also sponsored.
  • MANKIND PROJECT are part of what is known as the Mythopoetic movement begun by author, Robert Bly. This is an exciting movement offering wilderness trips, ritual and many other activities. The Mankind Project sponsors, “New Warrior” events.


  • THE A-TEAM – This is a professional service that specializes in defending men against false accusations of rape, date rape, domestic violence and child abuse. Service is available anywhere in the U.S. Consultations to local private attorneys are available as well as to the lay public. Contact Ken Pangborn (813) 786-6911.
  • ACCUSED is a site containing motions, briefs and a host of other resources for those falsely accused of child molestation. Students of false allegations may find this site (false allegations) to also be of interest.
  • ALLEGATIONS: TRUE OR NOT? If you have been falsely accused of child molestation or rape and, for whatever reason, you have not hired an attorney, what you need until you do is a guide through the system, lots of information, quickly, sample motions and supporting legal briefs, and some clues to strategy. These are the things provided by this web site. Site is maintained by Barbara C. Johnson, Esq.
  • Carlo Parlanti’s website discusses his experiences with false accusations, false extradition, and false imprisonment, based solely on one woman’s accusations.

FOR OTHER SOURCES ON FALSE ACCUSATIONS (OF RAPE), visit our Related Links2 Page. Here you will find mailing lists, webrings and other types of services available on the internet – RELATED LINKS2 PAGE.


  • OVERLAWYERED – Overlawyered is a site that monitors the excessess of the legal community. This URL will take you to their page devoted to sexual harassment. This site is essential for anyone seeking to understand how damaging the concept of sexual harassment has become.



  • PRAYER GROUP FOR MEN IN CRISIS – Men can request prayers for themselves. Men and women can request a prayer for a loved one. To request prayers send e-mail to with “Request” in the subject line. Requests will be kept entirely confidential and e-mail addresses will not be shared for any purpose. This prayer group spans the globe. Everyone is welcome. The address on the web for the prayer circle is: A typical request is for God’s help with divorce injustice.
  • PROMISE KEEPERS – Christian inspirational organization that sponsors national rallies to promote family, morality and spirituality in men.
  • NATIONAL COALITION OF MEN’S MINISTRIES – Teaches the skills ministers need to build, lead and maintain a vibrant, ongoing and effective ministry to men. The National Coalition of Men’s Ministries is a partnership of over 75 men’s organizations, both independent and denominationally affiliated. The objective is to advance men’s ministries.


  • REAL FACTS: FOSTER CARE SYSTEM – In an age of political correctness where children can call the police on parents who spank them or where grandfathers have been suspected of sexual abuse for holding their granddaughters on their lap, it might be a good idea to be careful about becoming a foster parent.
  • CHILD SLAVE TRADE PROJECT – There are numerous organized criminal operations in the United States that kidnap outright or seize children through the child protection system for economic and sexual exploitation. The Sociology Center solicits public submission of documentation, records and other evidence of children kidnapped, seized by State agencies, or committed to institutions for criminal purposes. A March 13, 2004 public hearing sponsored by United States Representative Joe Baca produced testimony about fraud, corruption, abuse, criminal activity and judicial injustices in the child protection system and process. Rep. Baca called for the public to send in evidence books documenting the problems testified to. The Sociology Center has requested copies of the ongoing collection of this material and is publishing them at their web site. You are invited to submit your own evidence.


  • THE NETWORKER – This site provides an easy way to look up services by keying certain criteria such as city, state, zip code.
  • NCFM makes available a self-help counselor for veterans with special problems and/or for those veterans who may be looking for resources such as loans, housing, education, medical resources, disability benefits, etc. The service is free. Momentarily this resource is only available by email or by writing a letter. Email Steve Deluca at or write: PO Box 1234, Mendocino, CA 95460. Telephone consultations are available by appointment.


  • MAGICAL FRATERNITIES IN MARIN – This site details the fraternities that have existed in Marin County, California. It is a very interesting speciality site providing the history of such men’s organizations as Free Masons, Knights of Pythias, Improved Order of Red Men, United Ancient Order of Druids, Foresters of America, Woodmen of the World, Patrons of Husbandry, Ancient Order of United Workmen, United Order of Mechanics, Knights of the Maccabees, Knights of the Golden Eagle, Knights of Columbus and more.
  • REAL AUDIO – To be able to instantly play the sound files we have at this site get real! The player is free !!
  • MagPortal.Com is the news service we use to provide you with up to date headlines.
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waybackmachineOver the years millions of people worldwide have visited a National Coalition For Men website. Also over the years the site has changed dramatically, been taken down, moved, and otherwise uprooted. In those processes much information was lost, not recovered, and does not appear on this site. However you can see earlier versions and many of the extraordinary accomplishments of NCFM back to 1996 by using the WayBackMachine. In the search box type

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IMPORTANT – This is an example of what some of our elected officials want for the general population.

Are Things Really Equal?

Girlwriteswhat on ideological feminism and its impact on our society and culture

campus hate speech

More on the war against males in education

This explains why our politicians do stupid things about domestic violence

The Richard Fine Saga and Family Court Cartel

Interview with Erin Pizzey, the women who started the domestic violence shelter movement

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Great place for discussions about men’s health

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Great Resources for Abused Men

  • Male Survivor, Overcoming Sexual Victimization of Boys and Men
  •, provides resources for pro bono and legal services attorneys and others working to assist low income or disadvantaged clients.
  •, helps low and moderate income people find free legal aid programs in their communities, answers to questions about their legal rights, and find forms to help with their legal problems.
  • Shared Parenting Works has parenting plans and other resources.
  • Walk a Mile in HIS Shoes resources for abused men in Canada.
  • One in Three Campaign resoures for abused men in Australia.
  • Stop Abuse for Everyone, one of the most comprehensive and oldest sites dedicated to victims of domestic violence. The site was recently upgraded with the assistance of NCFM. The site includes an interactive map of north America for helping to find shelter services that might or do help abused men.
  • More great resources for men and those who care about men. Ask your elected officials if they do.

    Men's Health Network

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