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“Dads demonstrate against Verizon” By Attorney David Pisarra

December 13, 2011

Favorite sport of Verizon and the National Domestic Violence Hotline

Verizon, similar to other ideologically infected companies, apparently rejects “family” in favor of the fatherless “femily”. Verizon’s intentions are starkly naked in their body ugly father-hating video “Monsters in the Closet” (still available for viewing on YouTube).

I try again to put myself in whatever conference room sat the hideous femily monsters who conjured up this video. I would really like to meet the person whose idea birthed the Monster. My guess is she does not work for Verizon but rather the federally funded National Domestic Violence Hotline or similar organization. Whoever did this is not just ignorant; they are awful hate mongers turning children against parent and parents against each other. Worse, they exploited a victim of abuse, a little girl. Whoever did this should be rounded up and dumped unceremoniously on a remote island in the North Sea with a can of sardines and no opener.

The Santa Monica Daily Press ran the article below by David Pisarra, which is another in an ever increasing number of articles exposing the idiocy (ideology) and damage done by the DV Industry, a mega billion dollar industry whose survival is dependent upon scapegoating men, blaming them, shaming them, dis-empowering them, disenfranchising them, and imprisoning them when indoctrination fails.

The DV Industry, like Verizon , insists that relationship violence perpetrated by men breeds more violence, generational violence, violence by men. Yet, Mr. Pisarra grew up in a home where Friday’s were fight night, where he learned at an early age that women can be abusers too, including being the aggressor. He said,

“I learned how to shred a person’s ego not in law school but from listening to my mom do it to my father. She would regularly call him a coward, and then berate him when he got physical with her. It was a no-win situation. She would taunt and terrorize him and then fall back on her status as a woman as why he should not defend himself.”

And there’s the rub, the key to the mystery, part of the answer as to why things are the way they are, a peek at a good side of “man” and an evil side of “women”.

Misandric women taunt and terrorize until they get their way or destroy whatever blocks their self-interests. They use their generally smaller size to push and bully men into submission then literally cry, scream, and shout their way out of responsibility with a middle finger victim salute “He did it! All men are like that.” Broken men, the shattered man, the abused males respond, “Yes, Ma’am. Whatever you want Ma’am. Yes, that must be horrible Ma’am. We better have another law to protect you Ma’am. Let me show you how stupid I am you poor, helpless, little thing you. I’ll even help you con the world into the unbelievably irrational and stupid notion that there’s a Battered Women Syndrome but no Battered Men Syndrome. I, the male believer, have learned that all men, including myself, are bad and all women are good. “Yes, Ma’am.”

Men are held captive by women like Patty Hurst’s Stockholm Syndrome, which to some sick degree we accept without question. We, men, are just now beginning to learn how good we are, how we have been corrupted, turned violent to satisfy the egoistic desires of others, and conned into believing that we have to defend our boundaries to ensure our continued abuse, even if it means death. We are our own worst enemy since we cannot stand tall against our abusers, sane or not, male or female, the Misandrists.

David Pisarra wrote, “If the laws then were like they were today, I’m pretty certain I would have grown up in foster care, as more and more children do today.”

It doesn’t seem like he grew up to be a “Monster”. No evidence that coming from an abusive home prevented him from having a successful career. If married I doubt he beats his wife or whips his children with a belt. He credits his abusive mother for the skills to shred a person’s ego in the court room.

It was family, stressed and stretched to its limits or not, that produced a contributing member of our society. What might David have become without the balance of having even a battered father had he been reared solely in a femily with an abusive mother? The reality is he would probably be on the other side of the bars.

Thank you to all the Ma’am’s, male and female, who just don’t get it or are trying to hate their way into a world of peace.

You can read David’s article here: Dads demonstrate against Verizon. You can learn more about Mr. Pisarra at his blog .

Thank you Mr. Pisarra for your humanity.

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3 Responses to “Dads demonstrate against Verizon” By Attorney David Pisarra

  1. Antony on December 15, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    Fuck Verizon !

  2. Ray2447 on December 14, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    Verizon has a long history of vilifying fathers, given how they've long supported misandrist domestic violence councils in their male-bashing. Verizon's sexist Public "Disservice" Announcements are just Verizon's latest insults heaped on top of previous injuries to many dads, in my opinion.

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