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June 8, 2011

By George Rolf Those of us who have been around the men’s movement for a while can imagine how the conversation went. The desperate father knowing that this may be the last time he ever sees his children again. Negotiating and trying to keep the whole contact thing between her and him. Not wanting...
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NCFM Liaison Carl Augustsson “we…fight against all the ways feminism went too far…” lost love found

June 8, 2011

By Carl Augstsson NCFM Liaison Democratic Republic of Georgia As the school year here draws to a close, my students have been having graded debates.  They have chosen a number of interesting subjects, such as the legalization of marijuana and the right to die.  I must say how pleased I am with their presentations.  They...
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Prosecutors supressed this evidence in the first trial.

May 26, 2011

In this video Ligia Filler twice threatens to kill police officers, she threatens to kill her husband, threatens to cut him or police office into pieces and enjoy it. Ligia files spousal rape charges against her husband Vladek. He’s convicted. The tape recording below and other evidence was not shown to the jury, the...
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