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Suicide Murder

NCFM sends letter to Kansas City Chiefs re Belcher/Perkins murder/suicide.

December 10, 2012

NCFM NOTE: After numerous media reports exploiting the Jovan Belcher murder/suicide as a “domestic violence” incident we felt it necessary to send a letter to the Kansas City Chiefs. Various women groups used this horrendous family failure to promote their own interests including at least one that volunteered to work with the Chiefs to...
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Posted in Action, Activities, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Murder, Suicide Murder | 2 Comments »

NCFM President Harry Crouch – Father’s on Edge, Poytner’s Ommission and Supremist Feminist Influence in Reporting

July 30, 2012

First, I am fairly happy Dad. I’ve never been beaten and battered by the Family Law System like the hundreds if not thousands of disenfranchised fathers with whom I’ve had contact or directly worked, but I know it happens. I’ve been in court and witnessed such pummeling’s more times than I can possibly recall....
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Posted in Abused Man, Activities, Courts Family, Discrimination Against Males, Father's Rights, Harry Crouch, Men's Rights, Suicide, Suicide Murder, Supremist | 10 Comments »

Adam Jones on violence

December 17, 2011

  Note: This 1998 article is truly a must read for anyone seriously interested in better understanding our gender dilemma and violence. Adam Jones has written prolifically  about related issues and his work should be required reading . The Globe and Males The Other Side of Gender Bias in Canada’s National Newspaper by Adam...
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Posted in Canada, Child Abuse, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Media Bias, Suicide, Suicide Murder | 1 Comment »