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War Against Men

NCFM asks the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges to get rid of gender discriminatory language in their domestic violence Checklist for Judges

May 8, 2012

Dear National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Your Checklist for judges uses sex-specific language with regard to domestic violence, referring only to “fathers” but not to mothers. As an organization that works with male victims of domestic abuse, we are concerned that this language stereotypes fathers and keeps female perpetration invisible as...
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Posted in Abused Man, Courts Juvenile, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Government Programs for Women, Sexism, Shameful, Supremist, War Against Men | 1 Comment »

“War on Women”… wha…sure…really…and Mrs. Clause and the Easter Bunny are lovers…

April 14, 2012

By Ray Blumhorst, I keep seeing articles in the news about a “War on Women,” but as we all know the real gender war that’s been going on for decades is, “THE WAR ON MEN.” In this election cycle, the privileged and pampered feminists are coming out of the woodwork to pander for their...
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Posted in Discrimination Against Males, Feminist Spin, Media Bias, Myths, Ray Blumhorst, War Against Men, War Against Women | 6 Comments »