History of the Coalition of Free Men, Inc. (NCFM)

Print 🖨 PDF 📄Home » Activities » History The Coalition of Free Men, Inc. (NCFM) has for over 35 years fought for Men’s Rights. NCFM was founded in 1977 upon the realization that men needed a unified voice in addressing issues concerning men and boys. Since that time, NCFM and its members have sponsored conferences, organized rallies, filed successful civil rights lawsuits, brought legislative reforms, provided direct services, made many radio and television appearances, published academic papers, magazine and newspaper articles, written books (including bestsellers), produced films, made numerous radio and television appearances, testified before legislative and other government bodies, spoken before the United Nations, formed one of the United States only state commissions on the status of men, and engaged in countless other forms of activism throughout the United States. The accomplishments of NCFM and its individual members are extraordinary, unrelenting, and too long to list. What is not typically known about NCFM is that we work behind scenes and support select like minded organizations. Readers might be surprised to learn the names of these organizations though for practical reasons they won’t be revealed here. Readers might also be surprised to learn that some of these organizations were conceptualized, … Continue reading History of the Coalition of Free Men, Inc. (NCFM)