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NCFM Sends Letter Confronting Amanda McCormick’s Hypocritical Support of Violence Against Men

September 23, 2009

In 9/09, a male victim of domestic violence reported to NCFM that on 9/14/09 he attended the Washington State Domestic Violence Coalition conference and was extremely offended when the keynote speaker, Amanda McCormick of Praxis International, said some men “deserve to be beaten.”  NCFM sent Praxis the following and will make additional complaints, and we encourage others to take action as well.;...
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NCFM New Release: Battered Men, Too, Are Hurt by Budget Cuts

August 11, 2009
By National Coalition For Men Internet: Company Information : National Coalition For Men P.O. Box 41291 Los Angeles, CA 90041 USA Ph. (818) 907-9383 Media Contacts: Marc Angelucci, Esq 818-907-9383 Battered Men, Too, Are Hurt By California Budget Cuts To Domestic Violence Services, Announces National Coalition For Men Male victims should not be...
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NCFM Thanked by D.A. Who Removes Sex Biased DV “Facts” from Police Training Video

July 1, 2009

NCFM’s San Diego Chapter, though NCFM President Harry Crouch, recently succeeded in getting the San Diego District Attorney to remove false, gender-biased material from their new police training video on domestic violence, such as the myth that domestic violence is primarily male-on-female and is a leading cause of death for women.  The story, including a letter from the District Attorney thanking NCFM,...
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University of Chicago prints NCFM letter supporting men’s group on campus

June 13, 2009
By   6/2/09   Dear Editor   I was so happy to read about the student group “Men in Power” in the Chicago Tribune. Groups like this are part of a growing, global men’s rights movement that advocates for equal treatment of men in areas such as child custody, domestic violence policies, reproductive rights,...
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NCFM VP Marc Angelucci’s article “Rihanna-Brown incident an example of double standards in attitudes toward partner abuse” published in L.A. Wave

March 19, 2009

L.A. Wave Newspaper, which focuses on the African-American community in Los Angeles, prints op ed by NCFM board member: “Rihanna-Brown incident an example of double standards in attitudes toward partner abuse.” “If anything can be learned from the recent violence between Chris Brown and Rihanna, it is the sheer double standard that male victims...
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Reproductive Rights

January 11, 2009
sperm in space

Men’s reproductive rights include issues such as false paternity claims or paternity fraud, adoption rights, abortion, rights over frozen embryos, choice for men, etc. The American Association of Blood Banks reports that, out of 300,000 DNA paternity tests performed annually, 30% exclude the man as the biological dad. Over 70% of paternity judgments in...
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