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Posts Tagged ‘ genital mutilation ’

NCFM PR Director Steven Svoboda on the Maria Sanchez Show re circumcision

November 29, 2013

NCFM NOTE: In the last week our Liaison in Kenya, Kennedy Owino, returned home, after traveling to help thwart legislation making circumcision in Kenya mandatory, only to find that his 10-year-old nephew had been forcefully “cut” (circumcised) by a one of two teams traveling the area circumcising boys. In another county a religious court...
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Posted in Africa, Circumcision, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males | 1 Comment »

NCFM VP Marc Angelucci, Esq. reports that a new study confirms the importance of the foreskin

February 9, 2013

This brand new Belgian study confirms what the study in Denmark found: “This study confirms the importance of the foreskin for penile sensitivity, overall sexual satisfaction, and penile functioning. Furthermore, this study shows that a higher percentage of circumcised men experience discomfort or pain and unusual sensations as compared with the uncircumcised population. Before circumcision...
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Posted in Action, Activities, Circumcision, Health Children, Health Men, Marc Angelucci, Esq. | 2 Comments »

Top Norwegian doctor wants circumcision phased out

September 1, 2011

Male circumcision could become a thing of the past in Norway. Professor Trond Markestad, head of the Norwegian Medical Association’s (NMA/Den Norske Legeforeningen) ethics committee, would like to see it replaced. “Inappropriate” “It’s against important medical ethics and is unnecessary. There’s no medical reason for having it done, it’s painful for some days afterwards,...
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