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Posts Tagged ‘ hillary clinton ’

Stop Exploiting Africans — Circumcision Does Not Stop AIDS

April 7, 2013

Stop Exploiting Africans — Circumcision Does Not Stop AIDS by JerryTheOther The ushers at the Brooklyn Academy of Music were as stunned as Bill and Chelsea Clinton – patrons usually don’t stand mid-performance and shout slogans at the stage – so no one should blame them for not restoring order. That night, March 4th,...
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Posted in Circumcision, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Genital Mutilation, Health Girls, Health Men, Legislation Bad | 6 Comments »

NCFM Mexico Liaison Robert Yourell asks, “Could a Feminist be Good for Your Love Life?”

March 3, 2012

by Robert Yourell NCFM Liaison Baha, Mexico Here is some research that looks at stereotypes about feminists. I have been saying that men’s Rights advocates that display black-and-white thinking (among other things) harm the credibility of the movement. Maybe this little survey can help that type of guy inhabit a more complicated world. Unfortunately, it...
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Posted in Feminism, Robert Yourell | 7 Comments »