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Posts Tagged ‘ men’s health ’

NCFM Australian Liaison Greg Andresen authors media watch report for Men’s Health Australia

December 3, 2011

Men’s Health Australia Media Watch Report 2011 Monday, November 28, 2011 View Source Article In November 2007, Greg Andresen was contracted by Men’s Health SA (MHSA – at that time the South Australian Men’s Health Alliance – SAMHA) to conduct a one-day-a-week Media Watch role on behalf of SAMHA and its collaborative partners, the Men’s...
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Prostate cancer strikes one in six men but gets very little funding for research

August 16, 2011

By Ray Blumhorst President, NCFM Los Angeles Here’s an important public service announcement from the Prostate Cancer Foundation called “Keep Dad in the Game. Prostate cancer strikes one out of six men, but prostate cancer research gets only a fraction of the annual funding that breast cancer research receives. It is estimated that...
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Homeless, on the rise, where’s the commissions on men’s health?

April 25, 2011

Homeless veterans on the rise in San Diego and I suspect everywhere else too. There’s a worthwhile read about homeless vets in the San Diego Union Tribune. Then there are pictures like these of homeless men in Los Angeles  taken by a men’s activist and veteran in 2006, though they may as well have...
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