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Posts Tagged ‘ warren farrell ’

NCFM Montana Chapter President Chris Thompson, “Fatherless leads to mass murder and suicide”

January 8, 2013

In 1994 adolescent elephants were discovered senselessly killing other animals in Africa, later it was found due to the fact they had been removed from their fathers, creating a scene where “there are no adult bulls around to keep them in check…So they’re highly aggressive and are testing their strength on other animals.” Today,...
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Posted in Activities, Chris Thompson, Discrimination Against Males, Fatherlessness, Suicide | 3 Comments »

NCFM Advisor Warren Farrell article published in USToday, “Column: Guns don’t kill people — our sons do”

January 7, 2013

Warren Farrell5:19p.m. EST January 6, 2013 We need to find ways to stop the childhood injuries that lead boys to murder. Story Highlights • Our daughters do not kill. Why the difference? • For boys, the road to successful manhood has crumbled. • It’s time we go beyond fighting over guns to raising our...
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Posted in Action, Activities, Discrimination Against Males, Guns, Music, Warren Farrell | 3 Comments »

NCFM Advisor Warren Farrell assaulted by misandric radical feminists in Canada

November 21, 2012

NCFM NOTE: The following rant about misandry was submitted in a different section of this  site. We thought it deserved better exposure so here it is as a separate post. It concerns the author’s,  “J’,” opinions about what happened at a recent Warren Farrell lecture in Canada. The lecture was picketed by a group...
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Posted in Activities, Canada, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Feminism, Feminist Spin, Other, Radical, Supremist | 2 Comments »