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Julie Brand, M.S.

sexual abuseJulie Brand, M.S.,

Henderson, Nevada
Web site:

Julie was first introduced to NCFM in 2005 when she participated in a family violence conference in San Diego and heard for the first time about male victims of domestic violence.  She is a strong advocate for our organization, with a special focus on developing awareness, support and equal services for male victims of sexual abuse.

Julie holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from North Dakota State University and enjoyed a distinguished 25-year career as a school counselor.  Retired since 2004, she uses her unique perspective as both an experienced counselor and a resilient survivor of maternal incest to write and to speak about mother-daughter sexual abuse.

In 2006, she founded CAPER Consulting: Child Abuse Prevention, Education and Recovery, dedicated

to confronting the subject of mother-child sexual abuse. She published A Mother’s Touch:  Surviving Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse, in 2007.

She continues to educate and to empower audiences across the United States with her dynamic programs on maternal incest and the opportunities for recovery from childhood trauma.  Her resiliency workshop offers proven strategies for helping victims of childhood maltreatment and interpersonal violence to become strong, healthy survivors.  In addition to regional and state conferences, she is a frequent presenter at the Dallas “Crimes Against Children Conference” and at the annual NCAC “Symposium” in Huntsville.
Julie’s workshops include:
“The Best Kept Secret: Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse,”
“Resiliency 101: From Victim to Survivor,”
“ A Close-up Look at Female Offenders in Positions of Trust”

Her workshop on the subject of female offenders explores how the gender of the perpetrator frequently impacts disclosures, whether or not reports are made to law enforcement, investigations, prosecutions, public opinion and sentencing.  Gender is especially relevant when the perpetrator is an adult female in a position of trust and the victim is an adolescent male.

After her book became available on, Julie began to receive e-mail from other survivors all over the world.  When adult male survivors of maternal incest wrote to say how similar their experiences and their trauma were to hers, she had an epiphany. She developed a second, lengthier version of her maternal abuse workshop so that she could incorporate a discussion of mother-son incest.  A planned second edition of her book will include new material about mother-son sexual abuse as well. Her on-going research centers on female offenders who abuse children. Can we recognize their “grooming” behaviors and intervene in time to prevent sexual abuse?

sexual abuse

Stop mother to daughter sexual abuse!

Stop parent to child sexual abuse!

Stop sexual abuse!

One Response to Julie Brand, M.S.

  1. Wilma MacLiver on April 9, 2021 at 9:29 AM

    Hi Julie,
    I recently found your information on the internet and I am interested in your workshops.
    I am in the process of publishing my book, “Life Behind the Masks – Surviving and healing from mother/daughter incest”

    I am so touched by the information I have seen and I admire the work you are doing. I truly look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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