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We have tried to arrange services by topic. Some are commercial and others are non-profit or low cost services. Most are outside services so we can’t guarantee them, but we try to keep the quality of the selections high. If you have a suggestion for a service or a complaint about one that we included, please email


  • “I need an effective and reputable lawyer.  How do I find one with the right qualifications and experience?”You should go to the Web site of Martindale-Hubbell, which is a registry of attorneys in your area. On the lefthand side of their home page, do a search in their “Lawyer Locator.” Before submitting the form, make sure that you select the checkbox for “Featured Peer Review Rated.” Then, in the search results, you’ll see a list of attorneys and law firms in or near your city. We recommend that you select attorneys who specialize in as few areas of the law as possible, because you need an attorney whose skills are specialized to your predicament. But do make sure that your attorney specializes in criminal law and also family law, as these kinds of attorneys will be more familiar with what you’re facing and best prepared to defend you against false allegations. Such attorneys are well aware of the kind of false allegations and judicial machinery that you’re up against, and they know how to adapt in the most effective ways.By selecting that you want only “Peer Review Rated” attorneys, you ensure that you’re getting a list of the best attorneys possible. Even among this list, there is still a way to determine which attorneys are better than the others. The best attorneys are AV rated. Second-best are “BV” rated, and third-best are “CV” rated. These ratings reflect an attorney’s cumulative legal experience, in addition to peer-acknowledgment. It is best if you can get an AV-rated attorney, which means that the attorney has been practicing law for over 10 years.Lastly, if facing trial on a bogus criminal charge, don’t feel pressured into accepting a plea bargain — even if the pressure is coming from your own attorney. A criminal conviction is permanent on your record, and can never be completely erased (even expunging the record is only useful in hiding the conviction from potential employers, not from police). Your right to a trial by jury is fundamental; don’t be afraid of utilizing that right.
  • “What if I need a lawyer, but can’t afford one?”
    In the U.S., all criminal defendants are entitled under the law to free legal representation in the form of an attorney known as a “public defender.” A public defender is optional. But if you need help for a non-criminal case (such as family law), there is no free public defender for that. You’ll probably still need guidance from licensed and qualified attorneys. There is a service in the United States called Pre-Paid Legal. For a flat fee of about only $30 per month, you’ll be entitled to unlimited phone consultations and document reviews with a licensed attorney in your state, someone who specializes in the field of law that you require. This could be really useful in saving you money, because regular attorneys who work on retainer bill your account at several hundred dollars per hour, even for the most insignificant conversations and phone calls. But a Pre-Paid Legal attorney charges a flat fee, and therefore if you need to represent yourself, it is a very effective way of getting legal advice and assistance, for about a dollar per day. Subscribers to Pre-Paid Legal even get a discount if they decide to hire a full-attorney through that organization.

    NCFM receives no commission or benefit for our promotion of Pre-Paid Legal. We mention their service because of its incredible value to men who need or choose to legally represent themselves.

San Diego, CA

Our NCFM chapter affiliate in San Diego, California Mens Centers, provides the following services:

  1. Emergency shelter services for men
  2. DNA paternity testing
  3. Family Court Services Mediation coaching
  4. Monthly support meetings
  5. General information and referral services


NCFM maintains a self-help counselor for veterans with special problems and/or for those veterans who may be looking for resources such as loans, housing, education, medical resources, disability benefits, etc. The service is free to members of NCFM and non-members. Momentarily this resource is only available by email or by writing a letter. Email Steve Deluca at or write: PO Box 1234, Mendocino, CA 95460. Telephone consultations are available by appointment.


Stressed out? Family problems? Work problems? Grieving for a lost one? Someone in the family abusing alcohol or drugs? Just feel like unloading? NCFM Counselor David Lubofsky, Ed.D., is available to provide direction, input and consultation. If a need for in-depth therapy is established a fair rate for therapy can be worked out. Dr. Lubofsky can be contacted by email: You can write him at: P.O. Box 4666, Hagatna, Guam 96932 (Guam is within the United States. There is a big time difference between there and the U.S. mainland). Telephone consultations can be arranged by appointment. David’s web site is: His fax number is: 671-649-4050.

Dr. Lubofsky holds a number of certifications. Among them are licensed individual marriage and family therapist (Guam); Licensed Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist; Licensed Certified Social Worker; Certified Rehabilitation Counselor; Certified Master Addictions Counselor; Certified School Psychologist.

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    SOS in Florence, South Carolina-recent Navy Veteran

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