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Readers faced with voluminous bibliographies (as of 1995 there were at least 2,000 titles on men’s issues) about what is available on any given topic often don’t have any basis to choose something considered by those in the field to be of special quality.

The National Coalition of Free Men would like to take this opportunity to share with you what we feel to be the top books of quality in the men’s studies field.

Farrell, Warren, PhD. WHY MEN EARN MORE: THE STARTLING TRUTH BEHIND THE PAY GAP – AND WHAT WOMEN CAN DO ABOUT IT (AMACOM Books, New York, 2005) – The tricks for women are to do what men do when they go out to find work. But why would they? Farrell points out that in today’s world a woman can often make more money than a man for doing the same work. Dr. Farrell documents everything thouroughly. The major media these days has no credibility with anyone who has half a brain. That’s why we all like the internet, bloggs and books. Men! Arm yourself with the truth. And then sue.

Morrow, David C. HOW WOMEN MANIPULATE: ESSAYS TOWARD GYNOLOGY (Infinity Publishing, 1094 New Dehaven St., Suite 100, West Conshohocken, PA 19428, year 2004) – This book is an anthology comprised of essays collected over the years from various sources describing the nature of female cultural power and how it is exercised. Some of the essays were previously published by the author. Some come from publications created by men’s organizations, such as, Transitions, published by the National Coalition of Free Men.

Domestic Violence:  The Twelve Things You Aren't Supposed to Know

James, Thomas, Esq. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: THE TWELVE THINGS YOU AREN’T SUPPOSE TO KNOW (Adventure Press, 2208 Cabo Bahia, Chula Vista, CA 91914., year 2003) – In this book, the author conducts a meticulous and thorough examination of the research on domestic violence, coming to the unsettling conclusion that virtually everything we think we know about domestic abuse is wrong. Exposing evidence of a deliberate governmental campaign to distort the truth and proliferate lies, attorney Tom James, who served as co-counsel with John R. Graham in a lawsuit to declare battered women’s laws unconstitutional, explains why honesty and candor are our only real hope for bringing an end to this enormous social problem.

Paul Nathanson, Katherine K. Young SPREADING MISANDRY: THE TEACHING OF CONTEMPT FOR MEN IN POPULAR CULTURE, (McGill-Queens University Press, Montreal, Quebec, 2001). These two authors go about documenting the hatred toward men (misandry) that is expressed in popular culture. Reviewers of this book refer to “radical” feminists being exposed or “gender” feminists being exposed. The truth is, a Communist is a Communist (anyone who has studied the history of the so-called “women’s movement” since 1960 knows from where it came). This book exposes the hatred that “feminism” has caused and which was funded by women who may not have always understood the agenda being presented on their behalf (that is the best that can be said in view of everyone using special labels and excuses for the average beneficiary/woman). This book is highly recommended for those looking for the no holds barred “truth”. So, let’s get out of denial, face up to the truth and be tough.

Warren Farrell, PhD, FATHER AND CHILD REUNION: HOW TO BRING THE DADS WE NEED TO THE CHILDREN WE LOVE “Warren Farrell’s great new book, ‘Father and Child Reunion’ contains incisive material that Warren’s previous publisher refused, for fear of offending feminists”. – Bob Hirschfeld. Farrell presents the evidence drawn from court cases, law-enforcement records, national statistics, and therapeutic case studies-that the judicial system, media, and government make dads “the enemy.” Fathers enjoy no parenting rights within the legal system. Even in other, less typically confrontational arenas-such as the public education system, a wide range of unreported forces divide fathers from their children. Download an interview with Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

Cottle J., Thomas, HARDEST TIMES: THE TRAUMA OF LONG TERM UNEMPLOYMENT, (Prager Publishers, West Port, CT, 2001) – It appears ironic that a book on this topic should appear when the media is telling us all that these are boom times. But the people in the media stories are people invested in the stock market. There is a whole other world. Much of it is NOT sharing in these boom times. Among them are the hidden unemployed who are not counted by the government because they are not receiving any benefits. Officially they are called, The Long Term Unemployed. While the author, Thomas J. Cottle, PhD., admits that unemployed women may have problems, he believes that men suffer worse and he has focused his book on men. It is important the life and death message for men that this book holds be fully understood. It could happen to almost any one of us.

Chethik, Neil, FATHERLOSS, (Hyperion, 2001) – In his sensitive and thorough new book, journalist and father Neil Chethik scrutinizes the profound relationship of fathers and sons. But his insights affect all of us — mothers and daughters, as well. Through his exhaustive and remarkable research, he uncovers and details stories of men of all ages who were changed, reshaped and reborn after the loss of their fathers. Therapists who work with men should read this book. Any man who has lost his dad and any woman who is in a relationship with a man who is grieving father loss should read this book. In Fatherloss, Mr. Chethik has combined powerful story telling with quality survey research to give us a fresh picture of men and loss.

Makow, Henry, A LONG WAY TO GO FOR A DATE, (Silas Green, Winnipeg, September 2000) – In the Philippines, Henry Makow, 48, discovered a tropical paradise where women are still traditional and the husband is the head of the household. A Long Way to Go for a Date is Makow’s candid and ironic account of his courtship and marriage to a young Philipina girl. The book recounts his quest for love and masculine identity at a time when both are under siege in America. This is an important topic as more and more American men shop for brides in Russia, Japan, Korea, South America as well as the Philippines. NCFM has seen it happen within its own membership.

Millard, Alan, Equality : A MAN’S CLAIM: THE EQUALITY ISSUE FROM THE MALE PERSPECTIVE, AND ETHICAL SOCIETY’S VIEWPOINT, (privately published, 1995) – Be forewarned! This is a well-researched and articulated expose’ of so many inane activities currently being accepted as gospel-truth. It is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred attack on misandry and all its tangents. No aspect of life within the male/female arena is left untouched. Millard “Through biased interpretation, history is used by the women’s movement to support negative claims against men. The past cannot be changed. However, records can be contaminated by tampering and arbitrary interpretation”.

Farrell, Warren, WOMEN CAN’T HEAR WHAT MEN DON’T SAY: THE MYTHS THAT DIVIDE COUPLES AND POISON LOVE (Oct. 1999). This book helps us clearly see how our gender opinions were formed and how inaccurate and contradictory they can be. Great suggestions for improved communication between the sexes in modern times. Dr. Farrell again uncovers little-known statistics that media and government don’t necessarily want us to know which will proove surprising. He then offers us ways to interpret these statistics which will make you more aware of how insensitive today’s popular culture is toward men. Much of the ‘male-bashing’ humor in the mainstream would be completely unacceptable if directed at other minorities. Download an interview with Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

Barton, Edward, MYTHOPOETIC PERSPECTIVES OF MEN’S HEALING WORK: An Anthology For Therapists and Others (Bergin and Carvey, Westport, CT, 2000). This book demystifies the Mythopoetic Men’s movement by showing and explaining the practical value of myth. The Mythopoetic movement is both fun and practical. In terms of a men’s movement it explores the deep internal workings of the male psyche in order to create a better life. But this approach also has practical value for therapists. For years therapy has been used mainly by women. No one had an approach that would both attract and retain male patients. This anthology offers solutions. Mythopoetic Perspectives of Men’s Healing Work is useful to those who want a better understanding of the Mythopoetic wing of the men’s movement as well as to practicing therapist who want to reach men.

Kuhn, Jill, IN CABIN SIX, anthology published by Impact Publishing. Childhood sexual abuse is not a topic that men have felt comfortable talking about, even though as many as 20 percent of boys may be victims. After all, men should be strong. Little boys should be able to defend themselves. And maybe men who talk about what happened to them at the hands of a mother, a father, a relative, camp counselor, neighbor or trusted adult might be blamed, ignored, or called deviant. So male survivors have usually kept quiet, often compounding the lifelong effects of abuse. Until ‘In Cabin Six.’ ‘In Cabin Six’ is a powerful collection of poems written by adult male survivors of childhood abuse. Poems explore survivors’ relationships with men and women, their sexuality and sexual feelings, loss of childhood, numbing, self-image and esteem, trust, recovery, anger, therapy, blame, betrayal, ending the silence, confronting the abuser, being believed, remembering, and parenting. NOTE: The URL for this book will open a new browser window.

Young, Cathy, CEASEFIRE! : WHY WOMEN AND MEN MUST JOIN FORCES TO ACHIEVE TRUE EQUALITY, (Free Press, 1999) or as we prefer to say, why men and women must join forces for true equality. Says, “Although many of her targets are on the political left, she certainly is no right-winger. In fact, Young embraces many aspects of the sexual revolution, and devotes an entire chapter to attacking conservative authors such as George Gilder and F. Carolyn Graglia for their views on gender”. And this is why Ms. Young’s book is on the NCFM recommended reading list. People just don’t understand what gender equality is all about. On the left everything is about women’s oppression. On the right it is all about women going about pregnant with bare feet. The so called “equality movement” is too much about women. What about the need men have for equality with women? This is the missing question from the equation that could otherwise serve to balance things out. So, let’s not get confused. Our leadership on both the right and the left have not used their brains. If you think something is wrong out there, read this book. It will help you understand why.

Fitzgerald, Matthew, SEX-PLOYTATION: HOW WOMEN USE THEIR BODIES TO EXTORT MONEY FROM MEN (April House Publishing, Willowbrook, IL 1999). The author of this book takes a harsh view toward women, but perhaps they deserve it? The author points to the ways feminists first demanded equality and when they saw the price backed off and pursued self interest only. A lot of men see this hypocrisy, e.g., the all male military draft contrasted with affirmative action for women. One is about forced sacrifice and servitude. The other is about gaining wealth. This book offers a list of things that men need to do to take some control over the situation.

Kipnis, Aaron R., ANGRY YOUNG MEN: HOW PARENTS, TEACHERS, AND COUNSELORS CAN HELP BAD BOYS BECOME GOOD MEN (Jossey-Bass Publishers, Oct. 1999). Today, the United States has a higher rate of boys and young men incarcerated in juvenile halls, jails, conservation camps, boot camps, psychiatric hospitals, recovery hospitals, youth corrections and adult prisons than any other nation. The majority of these boys are non-violent or low level offenders, at least when first encountering these institutions. Over the last three decades of work in psychology it has become apparent to me that many so called “boys at risk” are being under-served or inappropriately met by our social educational, and corrective institutions. This book examines conceivable links between young male criminality and: physical, emotional or sexual abuse; lack of mentoring by older males; the inculcation of shame by adults; child poverty and neglect; social and political disenfranchisement; inappropriate, inadequate and ineffectual education; spiritual impoverishment; father absence; lack of economic opportunity; combat sports; corporal punishment; rigid gender roles; anti-boy bias; the media; and much more. The problems are huge as we can glean from this partial list.

Baumli, Francis, Ph.D. MEN FREEING MEN: EXPLODING THE MYTH OF THE TRADITIONAL MALE (1985, New Atlantis Press, 4 Ranch Lane, St. Louis, MO 63131). This anthology is by far the best introduction to the Men’s Movement and issues affecting men as a gender. Includes articles (some as short as one page) by both activists and researchers. In fact, this is the only book that will introduce the reader to a “Who’s Who” roster of people actively involved in the American men’s movement. Subjects cover civil rights, health and interpersonal relationships. For the serious scholar there is a HISTORY of the Men’s Movement which places in perspective most major points of view. The history covers the period from 1960 to 1985. For the casually interested, this book may be opened at any point and read with ease. It includes an index for those interested only in certain topics. Anyone joining the National Coalition of FREE MEN should read this book.
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Pollack, William REAL BOYS: RESCUING OUR SONS FROM THE MYTHS OF BOYHOOD. (Random House, NY, 1998). William S. Pollack, PhD. (Psychologist), is the Codirector of the Center for Men at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical Center. He has written a book for every parent of a male child. The proper understanding of boys by parents and community leaders is especially important in today’s social environment, because a cloud of negativity surrounds them. We learn from Pollack that there is a code of boy behavior, –an unspoken “boy code” that teaches boys how to act and demands that they cover up their emotions. It doesn’t take long to find out that being a boy these days isn’t all fun and games. Pollack looks behind the stoic masks of modern boys as they struggle to cope with the mixed messages, conflicting expectations, and increasingly complex demands they receive from our evolving society. New research shows that boys are faring less well …that many boys have remarkably fragile self-esteem, and that the rates of both depression and suicide in boys are frighteningly on the rise. Also on the rise are the incidents of boys blowing away their teachers and classmates in high school.

Coyle, C.T., MEN AND ABORTION: A PATH TO HEALING. (1999, Essence Publishing). If there ever was an exclusive “women’s issue”, abortion has to be it. The number of books which explore the male experience can be counted on one hand. Yet, for every abortion, a man was involved somewhere along the line. And it is not always an easy path that can be dismissed lightly. Somehow, in our culture, we treat abortion as the easy way out, like birth control. But abortion can be emotionally traumatic for women, AND for men. While it has long been known that abortion can be emotionally harmful for women, it is newsworthy that an entire book has been dedicated to helping men understand that their emotional pain following abortion is normal.

Farrell, Warren, Ph.D., THE MYTH OF MALE POWER. (1993, Pub by Simon & Schuster, New York, paperback edition, Berkley Publishers, NY). Farrell tells it like its is. What men want in this life is appreciation for the sacrifices that they make for women and children, but the appreciation has not been forthcoming, because of the influence of feminist male bashing. The reason to buy this book is because of its thorough documentation of issues and statistics. The underlying theme is the disposability of men: in the family (divorce), in the work place and in the military. It provides thorough documentation on such issues as: false accusation of rape, false accusation of sexual harassment, problems in the work place (affirmative action) and health (early life expectancy). The Myth of Male Power is more than interesting reading. Because of its extensive bibliography it is a working tool. Download an interview with Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

Driscoll, Richard, Ph.D., THE STRONGER SEX. (1998, Pub by Prima Publishing, Rocklin, CA). This book is subtitled: Understanding and Resolving the Eternal Power Struggles Between Men and Women. Why do women want to talk a problem through, while men just want to fix it? Why is it that women often want romance and conversation before physical intimacies, while men often want to get past it all as fast as possible? Understanding our strengths, weaknesses and differences is a way to resolve confict says Dr. Driscoll, who is a Clinical Psychologist. This book explores differences and points out ways to strengthen relationships.

Thomas, David, NOT GUILTY: THE CASE IN DEFENSE OF MEN, (Published by William Morrow, NY, 1993). This book is by the British ex-editor of the magazine Punch and is a book that most men need to read and all women should read. Written with great wit and wisdom, Mr Thomas has savaged the views that depict men as uncaring oppressive monsters. His book speaks for men, and to men, in a way that few others do by demolishing current stereotypical myths that bind both women and men into the destruction of current thinking behind the gender war.
He tackles all the difficult topics in the debate managing to present the most cutting and ruthless analysis in a manner that shows great and humane empathy for both men and women.

To paraphrase, if Political Correctness blights your life like the red stripe through a tube of toothpaste then Not Guilty is the book that will move you. It is a call to men to caste off their fears of female disapproval, grow up and re-assert a moral authority, which is rightly male, for the benefit of men and women and their children.

August, Eugene, Ph.D., THE NEW MEN’S STUDIES. A SELECTED AND ANNOTATED INTERDISCIPLINARY BIBLIOGRAPHY, SECOND EDITION. (Fall 1994, Libraries Unlimited, P.O. Box 263, Littleton, CO 80160). This book is for libraries and the serious scholar. This work contains a listing of over 1,000 English-language books with a complete synopsis of each work. Works are arranged according to topical chapters including: men’s rights, divorce and custody, health, careers, prisons, the military, and consciousness raising. Subtopics covered include: men in literature, art, sociology, single men, mid-life transitions, sexuality, and memoirs. A necessary catalog for anyone interested in or providing reference services. All material is indexed.

Goldberg, Herb, Ph.D., THE HAZARDS OF BEING MALE: SURVIVING THE MYTH OF MASCULINE PRIVILEGE. (1976, New American Library, New York.) Provides an easy-to-read overview of men’s issues with an emphasis on the personal and emotional. The book talks about the impossible binds when trying to be all things to all people.

Out of the many topics covered, one of the most important is sexual impotence. Each year thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent by men going to doctors and therapists to try and correct a problem with impotence.

Notwithstanding, that sometimes physical problems are the cause, psychological therapists most often assume that something is personally wrong with the man that needs corrected. Psychologist, Herb Goldberg, takes a more careful approach. He explains that impotence may be the result of a man’s penis trying to send him a message he should listen to. In other words, impotence does not always mean that something is wrong with a man personally or sexually. The provocative insights offered by this work are sometimes credited with having started the men’s rights movement. All material is Indexed.

Baber, Asa, NAKED AT GENDER GAP: A MAN’S VIEW OF THE WAR BETWEEN THE SEXES, (1992, Birch Lane Press, Secaucus, NJ) Asa Baber has been writing his monthly Men column for Playboy Magazine since April of 1982. (The column grew out of a nonfiction article he published in Playboy in 1979 called, “Who Gets Screwed In A Divorce? I Do!”).

In 1992, a collection of ten years of Men columns called NAKED AT GENDER GAP was published by Birch Lane Press. Professor Eugene R. August says this about Baber’s book: “…this collection offers feisty views on such matters as male bashing in U.S. society, the alliance of fundamentalists and feminists that denigrates male sexuality, the absence of men’s studies on college campuses, and the importance of hanging tough as a divorced father whose ex-wife makes visitation difficult. Above all, Baber stresses the importance of strong fathers….Baber revels in controversy, skewering misandry with zest and wit.”

Knights Without Armor, by Aaron Kipness, PhD., begins with an insider’s description of a men’s group that started as a Poker game and ended in discoveries that radically changed the player’s lives. In their group the knights discuss: healing father-son relationships, creating better relations with women, learning to overcome workaholism, alcholism, and other addictions. They discuss: breaking out of the old stereotypes of masculinity, reclaiming ancient and scared masculine images and facing men’s wounds and oppression. Click here to download an interview with Aaron Kipness.

Sommers, Hoff Christina, Ph.D., WHO STOLE FEMINISM: HOW WOMEN HAVE BETRAYED WOMEN. (Simon & Schuster, NY, 1994). This book would have been better subtitled, “How Women Betrayed Everybody”. Sommers has created a lot of fuss, because she has publicly presented the well documented ammunition anyone needs to expose feminist lies. She further shows how these lies drag America into third worldism and fear. Her book picks up where John Gordon (above) left off many years earlier (1982). For a complete picture you should own both books.

Pearson, Patrica WHEN SHE WAS BAD: VIOLENT WOMEN AND THE MYTH OF INNOCENCE (Viking Press, NJ, 1997). Alarmed by the number of violent women who later claim their behavior was accidental or caused by abuse? Patricia Pearson, a crime journalist who has written for Harper’s and other magazines, decided to study current notions of female aggression and uncovered some stunning statistics. Women commit the majority of child homicides in the United States; an equal or greater share of severe physical child abuse; an equal rate of spousal assault; about a quarter of child sexual molestations; and a large proportion of elder abuse… The rate at which infants are murdered by women in the U.S. is higher than the rate at which women are murdered by men. Pearson is particularly disgusted with the FBI tenet that “there are no female serial killers”.

When She Was Bad considers two different issues: (1) how we see violent women–that we either excuse their behavior with a “syndrome defense” such as battered woman syndrome, or else see them as the passive partners of violent men; (2) how we see aggression itself–that we perceive it as physical and blatant, thus missing the ways in which women more commonly use verbal assaults and indirect strategies. NOTE: The graphic shown is not part of the book jacket or any promotion by the publisher.

Mayer, Adele WOMEN SEX OFFENDERS: TREATMENT AND DYNAMICS (Learning Publications, Inc., 5351 Gulf Drive, PO Box 1338, Holmes Beach, FL 34218, 1992 telephone (941) 778-6651). This book is important for a number of reasons: It is easy to understand and is short. Only 92 pages of text. It is thoroughly documented so that the reader can embark on further research of their own. It comes with a glossary of terms. It recognizes that males can be sexually victimized and even raped. It maps out who female victimizers are and explains what victims should do. Victims, especially male victims, should know that they are not alone. There has been little funding for and academic interest in male victims of sexual abuse, especially by females.

Kammer, Jack, GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN: WOMEN TALK CANDIDLY ABOUT THE BALANCE OF POWER BETWEEN THE SEXES (St. Martin’s Press, NY 1994). This book consists of interviews with 22 well known and prominent women in journalism, industry, education and social services. The consensus is that men, today, are getting screwed by the excesses of feminism. This is an extremely well written book that articulates men’s issues from a uniquely female point of view. All manner of topics are covered including affirmative action, battered husbands, expectations of the male, etc.

Schenk, Roy, PhD., Everingham, John, PhD., MEN HEALING SHAME (1995, Springer Publishing Company, NY) – The most recent edition of this book is available on CD only from the publisher. $16.95 includes shipping in the USA. Write: MPC-BEP Press, PO Box 259141, Madison, WI 53725.

The power that women exercise in society is that of moral superiors of men. The result for men are feelings of shame and guilt. Men Healing Shame explores the social and cultural causes of shame in men’s lives. Men Healing Shame is an anthology that contains the works of prominent psychologists and such men’s movement spokesmen as Robert Bly, Tom Williamson, Francis Baumli, PhD., and Jack Kammer.

Amneus, Daniel, Ph.D., THE GARBAGE GENERATION. (1990, Primrose Press, 2131 South Primrose Ave., Alhambra, CA 91803). This book was written by an “avowed” conservative and often leaves “liberals” with their mouth open. Unlike liberals, Amneus talks in terms of maintaining a system of sex discrimination (as do all conservatives). Unlike other conservatives, he insists that we hold women to certain standards, where, if the standards were violated, there would be consequences (legal or otherwise).

Amneus argues that society must control female sexuality and that it has a greater stake in doing so than in controlling male sexuality. He maintains that the breakdown in traditional family results from uncontrolled female sexuality. He shows, further, how the break down of the traditional family has contributed to drugs, crime, lack of productivity and the decline of education. The preservation of the traditional family is the solution to many of our social problems and the way to insure it is to 1)- Guarantee father custody if a marriage breaks up and 2)- To place societal controls on female sexuality. In other words, a woman’s body is not her own. The research and documentation is spell-binding. He includes over 70 pages of annotated references.

Another argument for patriarchy is a book by Robert Lindsey; Cheney, Jr., called, “SUFFERING PATRIARCHY: An Analytical Exploration into the Promise of the Forbidden Planet” (University Press, New York, 1999). This book can be read online for free. Just click on the title.

Bly, Robert, IRON JOHN: A BOOK ABOUT MEN. (1990, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Inc., New York, NY). This book uses the fairy tale of Iron John as a frame work for explaining: 1)- The roots of male experience, 2)- Contemporary social change and the reasons why men have only played a passive role in it, 3)- Societal disintegration resulting from the passivity of the male and 4)- The path men must take in order to restore a balance to the ecological nature of our social relationships. Bly also draws on psychology and literature as well as an abundance of other mythological tales to make his points. IT WORKS. The book is the first about men to make it to the New York Times best sellers list. Note, however, that the book is written in a cryptic fashion.

Cook, Philip W., ABUSED MEN: THE HIDDEN SIDE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (1997, Greenwood/Praeger Publishing, Westport, CT). This is the first book ever published about men physically abused by women in a relationship. It has drawn praise from a diverse spectrum of readers from popular advice columnists to some of the nations leading domestic violence researchers. The book contains essential information about all types of domestic violence based on unbiased data. There is a self-help chapter for men currently caught in the domestic violence trap, as well as information helpful to men who have experienced the problem in a prior relationship. It is a necessary resource for all who seek to change public attitudes.

Lynch R., Frederick, INVISIBLE VICTIMS: THE CRISIS OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION (Praeger, New York, 1991). How did affirmative action begin and what has been its consequences on males (both white and black)? Why has there been no backlash to this type of government policy? What has been the role of media? What is the new “McCarthyism”? These and other questions are answered. This is “must reading” for anyone interested in both economic and social issues affecting America. Also, follow up this reading with the February 15, 1993 issue of Forbes Magazine, WHEN QUOTAS REPLACE MERRIT, EVERYBODY SUFFERS, by NCFM 1998 award winner, Peter Brimelow.

Roberts, Paul Craig; Stratton, Lawrence M.; THE NEW COLOR LINE: HOW QUOTAS AND PRIVILEGE DESTROY DEMOCRACY (Regnery Publishing Company, Washington, D.C., 1995). Despite its title, this book is not about race, although race and gender play a role. This book is about politics. It is the history of the 1964 and 1991 Civil Rights Acts and the history of Affirmative Action. It is an important book in that it demonstrates how one form of racism and sexism was simply substituted for another in an America heavily influenced by Socialism. Please note that while racial issues are important, they are outside the mandate of NCFM. NCFM addresses the way *gender* issues affect men and boys.

Mazzeo, Rob; A MAN’S VIEWPOINT: VIEWING GENDER ISSUES THROUGH MEN’S EYES (Viewpoint Publishing, Providence, RI., March 1998). Rob Mazzeo a well versed broadcast journalist in the current events of gender issues makes the argument for equality for men. He looks at the way feminism has vilified men and how they have used this vilification to their own legislative advantage. If you are looking for the truth about wage gaps between men and women you will find the documentation here. A multitude of topics are covered including: sexual harassment, affirmative action, special laws benefiting only women, understanding male rage, military issues, media bias and more.

Vilar, Esther, THE MANIPULATED MAN (Pinter and Martin, Ltd., 6 Effra Parade, London SW2 1PS, England, 1998). Esther Vilar is back after nearly 25 years of silence. Vilar wrote one of the most scathing criticisms of feminism and a defense for men back in 1971. The original book, Der dressierte Mann, was translated into english in 1972. The translation included an additional chapter which singled out the American male as being the most manipulated in the western world. Vilar’s work is well known to hardcore advocates of men’s rights and has been something of a collectors item, bringing a premium price in secondhand book stores.

Pinter and Martin has decided to re-release the book. This is a window of opportunity that should not be passed up. There is no telling for how long this work will again be available. This work is NOT available from and has to be purchased direct from the publisher through the mail.

Songs for Parents of Missing Children” was written and recorded by a father whose parental rights were abrogated by the gender-biased family court system. The songs alternate between vehement and poignant, yet each one is rendered intensely; the direct result of the artist having personally lived each song in real life.

Readers looking for books and other material on divorce should go to our Divorce Book Store.

NOTE: In the considered opinion of NCFM, the three most important books on this list are: Men Freeing Men, The Myth Of Male Power and the Hazards of Being Male (in no particular order).

In the past there has been a lot of resistance on the part of publishers to produce anything that did not promote the feminist line. This situation was true for all authors whether male or female. Within the past few years some of this has started to change. We credit Robert Bly with opening these doors. Still, book shelves are not filled with works about men that talk from a purely masculine perspective. While a few authors are starting to gain prominence, many works have had to be privately published or have had to be salvaged by private individuals who wanted to preserve them. We want to thank for making as many works available as they have and for making available their Associates program to organizations like us.

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