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Lea Perritt, PhD/Psychologist

Lexington, Kentucky
Email: leaperritt at msn dot com
Telephone: 859-253-9810

Dr. Perritt was introduced several years ago to NCFM by a friend. Since then Dr. Perritt has been an active NCFM member and is Co-founder and Board Member of the Kentucky/Tennessee chapter.

Dr. Perritt is a native of Akron, Ohio.  She left Akron at age 17 to attend college in Athens, Ohio at Ohio University. After graduation she worked as a social worker in welfare programs and psychiatric hospitals. Then she moved to Lexington, Kentucky where her first spouse was pursuing his doctorate in business administration. She was working as a rehabilitation counselor then and completed her Masters and Doctorate in Psychology. Dr. Perritt held several positions at the university including Director of Continuing Education in Allied Health and Director of Research and Marketing for a tele-course program. As a professor she taught Ethics and Psychology for students pursuing degrees in various health professions. Her prior areas of research have been Ethics and Patient Education for the elderly. Dr. Perritt still supervises Psychology students part-time.  She is currently in private practice working with most populations and consulting with people with Social Security disability issues. Her most recent research has been related to men and depression, domestic violence, and child custody; and, she conducts seminars or makes presentations on related issues.  Click anywhere on this line to visit Dr. Perritt’s Facebook Page.

Dr. Perritt will provide a free initial consultation to NCFM members.

One Response to Lea Perritt, PhD/Psychologist

  1. Doris Ann Charlton on June 17, 2020 at 9:23 PM

    Hi Lea, it`s Sarah. How have you been in this long while? We are doing fine here and how are you all doing/ Please contact me at


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