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4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
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Awareness and Conversation is the solution!

5.0 rating
September 5, 2019

I am a 35 year old male who is half Spanish (Cuban) and half Caucasian (Italian, German English). Being open to research, history and different opinions, I now see the world with more perspective. Understanding the full spectrum of society and how women, men and people come together to make things work.

Growing up in the 90’s and living in a society that looked down on men was not completely understood at the time and it certainly took a toll on me. We all want a society that is fair and equal, and I still think we can get there, but we have work to do! As Christina Hoff Sommers, so perfectly stated, “The rise of women, however long overdue, does not require the fall of men.

Allan Candelore

Child Support Agency

5.0 rating
June 26, 2019

The child support agency (which is known as Title IV-D) is very powerful and it has well funded from the federal government. in 2015, this industry is worth about $28.2 billion and it is expected to grow $34B in 2020.
The agency is able to contract the judges and lawyers to keep the fraud in place for years. Father have to keep fighting.

Child Support Made

Nice Post

4.0 rating
March 28, 2019

Amazing article …… Thanks for sharing this …. and keep it up!!
Game Lover –


Fantastic.. so glad men are standing up for themselves during this "i hate men" time.

5.0 rating
February 25, 2019

Great website. I was very interested in the selective service case, being that I just went to the post office to pick up a registration form for my son today. After all, its the law. Ladies, you wanted equal, you got it. No whiney crybabies please.

linda Smithenstuch loves men!

Excellent site

5.0 rating
January 20, 2019

Protecting men from the current onslaught of man-hating women is of the utmost importance. PC culture is #1 enemy of mankind.
Anyone else offended by the current Sprint commercial. Mom pants? White male being bashed for not having his arse exposed for prison rape. mmmmm…

Mary the PC Culture Slayer

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