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NCFM Advisors are well established licensed professionals, authors, researchers, and activists who have made significant contributions to reducing harmful gender based stereotypes; and, helping men, their children, their families, and the women who love them. Our organization is thankful for their continuing support and guidance.

Bill Ronan, LICSW
Charles Corry, Ph.D
Diane A. Sears
Edward Stephens, MD/Psychiatry
Francis Baumli, Ph.D.
Gordon Finley, Ph.D. Emeritus
Julie Brand, M.S.
Lea Perritt, PhD/Psychologist
Marc Angelucci, Esq. Emeritus
Martin Fiebert PhD/MFCC/Clinical Psychologist
Michael Conzachi, Homicide Investigator Retired
Patricia Overberg, MSW Emeritus
Phil Cook, Author/Journalist
Richard L. Davis, Criminologist
Richard F. Doyle, MRA
Richard Driscoll, PhD/Psychologist/Author
Robert R. Parker, Jr., LL.B
Tom Golden, LCSW/Author
Warren Farrell, Ph.D.


national coalition for men

One Response to Advisors

  1. Carolyn on September 27, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    I was wondering if you could help my nephew. He was living with a girl in Texas they had a daughter. The couple broke up when she was pregnant. She told him a month later that the baby died. Only to find out 2 months ago that she gave the baby boy up for adoption in Texas to a California adoption agency. The adoption agency is now trying to force him to sign papers giving up his son. But he want to be a father to his son. He wants his son back and does not want to give him up. Can your agency help him? He does not have alot of money and family can pay something but of course not alot. But it's not fair that all this time he thought his child died only to find out he is alive and in California. Please I beg you can you help him. Thanks Carolyn Norris