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(For awards that NCFM has won, please scroll down to the bottom of this page)

NCFM issues three awards annually. These awards recognize various contributions to the movement, as follows:

  • The Award for Excellence In The Advancement Of Men’s Issues
  • The Award for Excellence In Promoting Gender Fairness In The Media
  • The Award Of Honor

THE PURPOSE OF THE NCFM AWARD SERIES – We determined no one presenting a male perspective on gender issues was being recognized or complimented. We felt that there had to be a way to publicly say, THANK YOU, in a lasting way for work that is meaningful, is more often rewarded by insults and rejection and which takes stamina, discipline, commitment and character to carry forward. We needed a way for those who were making a sacrifice to be applauded and to feel good about themselves. HERE! HERE! In the case of media, too often those who write in are critics. Media, as is the case with anyone else, needs to know that there are those who truly appreciate their work when it is truthful, goes against the tide of popular thinking and when it can genuinely be used to educate and serve a useful purpose, such as alleviating the suffering of others.

All NCFM award winners are required to accept their awards IN WRITING to complete the process. If you are active (paid or honorary) NCFM and would like to nominate someone for an award please read NCFM Award Procedures.


The Award for Excellence In The Advancement Of Men’s Issues

This award recognizes activists and activism in the area of men’s issues.

2010 Ronald K. Henry In recognition of his efforts with the Men’s Health Network, his published articles on child support and paternity fraud, and his activism in the area of domestic violence.
2009 Al Rava, Esq. In recognition of his efforts in the Unruh Act discrimination cases, as well as his victory involving Club Med, and his ongoing support of men’s rights issues.
2008 Craig A. Candelore, Esq. In recognition of his support of men’s rights and men’s rights organizations and his founding of the Men’s Legal Center in San Diego.
2007 Larry Kerkman For his successful efforts in forming the Children’s Rights Initiative for Sharing Parents Equally (CRISPE) organization and promoting its activities.
2006 David Burroughs For successful work with Congress to include some gender-neutral language in the latest incarnation of VAWA.
2005 Harry Crouch For his work on the San Diego Domestic Violence Council, his work with Fox 6 News, numerous articles on men’s issues in several newspapers, and his general activism work on behalf of men’s issues.
2004 Stanley A. Green For service to male victims of domestic violence and efforts to promote awareness of male victims.
2003 Philip W. Cook For his reporting from the Associated Press and The Professional Journalism Society. Mr Cook is also a scholarship recipient of the Radio Television News Directors Association.
2002 R-Kids, Legal Action Committee Father’s rights group in Minneapolis, MN, who challenged the constitutionality of the Battered Women’s Act of Minnesota. Accepting the award: Steve Blake, Knute Gladen, Scott Booth, Terry Nyblom, Scott Wyman, Michael Seeber, Frank Solchaga, Dave Witte, Chuck Perrin, Warren N. Higgins, Jr.
2001 Bill Kauth and Richard Tosi For founding the New Warrior Training Adventure in 1984.
2000 Roy Schenk, PhD. Has written several books on men’s issues (see our book store), has organized conferences on men’s issues, founded the first shelter devoted exclusively to battered men, filed local law suits (Madison, WI) to combat sex discrimination against men.
1999 David Shackleton Editor and publisher of Everyman Magazine (Canadian).
1998 Anne Cools (Canadian Senator) Has been most out spoken on gender issues on behalf of men. In particular are her revalations about false accusations, divorce and custody and battered men. Her web site is: Anne Cools.
1997 Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D. For his extensive work with men and boys at the local level and for his books, the most notable of which, is Knights Without Armour. You can download an interview with Aaron Kipnis by clicking here.
1996 John Leo Commentator for U.S. News and World Report – For his stance against political correctness and his targeted criticism of feminism.
1995 David Thomas Author of Not Guilty, The Case In Defense Of Men (published by William Morrow, NY, 1993). This is one of the liveliest and most readable books on the subject of contemporary gender issues facing men. It caused quite a debate in London, where it was originally published.
1994 Christina Hoff Sommers, PhD. Author of Who Stole Feminism (Simon & Schuster, NY, 1994). This pioneering work is the first well researched proof of the lies and deceptions of modern American feminism.
1993 Fred Hayward Founder and director of Men’s Rights, Inc., for his many accomplishments in advancing men’s issues. Among his accomplishments are changes in law and his appearance before the United States Supreme Court.
1992 Susan Jeffers Author Opening Our Hearts To Men.
1991 Mitsuko Shimomura Author of American Men Now, published in Japan, 1982. The first book on the American men’s movement (was never translated into English). Numerous articles in Japan on the men’s movement. Translated Men Freeing Men (1991). Senior editor at Asahi Shimbun the worlds largest circulated newspaper.
1990 Eugene August, PhD. Author of: Men’s Studies: A Selected & Annotated Interdisciplinary Bibliography. Has taught men’s studies for over 10 years.
1989 John Gordon, PhD. Author of the Myth Of The Monstrous Male And Other Feminist Fables.
1988 Asa Baber Contributing Editor at Playboy and author of the Men’s column. Baber has written a book called, Naked at the Gender Gap.
1987 Warren Farrell, PhD. Author of Why Men Are The Way They Are. Also available on cassette tape. (his later work is, Myth of Male Power). You can download an interview with Warren Farrell by clicking here.
1986 Francis Baumli, PhD. Author of Men Freeing Men.

The Award for Excellence In Promoting Gender Fairness In The Media

This award is given to a media source for presenting what, in NCFM’s opinion, represents male interests on important issues.

2010 None At the board’s discretion, this award was not issued for 2010
2009 Barbara Kay In recognition of her very well-written articles supporting men’s rights, including articles that dispute the alleged pay gap, and articles that expose the anti-male myths of the domestic violence industry.
2008 Marc H. Rudov In recognition of his book The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth; his numerous media appearances; and his regularly published column on men’s issues.
2007 Tom Leykis For his continuing support of fairness with regard to men’s issues such as paternity fraud, dating, feminism, family law, and many others, as expressed almost daily on his national radio program.
2006 Edward E. Bartlett For his successful efforts with RADAR, as well as your publications of numerous articles on men’s issues in the national media.
2005 Sherri Palmeri, Fox News reporter, San Diego For her repeated and successful efforts to cover a variety of men’s issues on Fox 6 News in San Diego.
2004 Glenn Sacks For his vast and successful efforts to promote men’s issues in the media over the years.
2003 Wendy McElroy Editor of, which is a project of The Independent Institute ( She authors a weekly column on gender issues. She has authored numerous articles and books and has established herself as a principal spokes person for a new breed of “feminism”; one that is sympathetic to the gender issues that men have. As editor of she has demonstrated an unusual ability to understand, but most of all, “articulate” men’s issues and gender (men and women) issues as well. Wendy McElroy has been featured on several panels at events sponsored by NCFM.
2002 Jeremy P. Tarcher Mr. Tarcher has been a publisher for the past 40+ years sometimes owning his own company and at other times working for others. Today he is president of Tarcher Putnam. He is responsible for the publishing of such authors as Warren Farrell, Sanford Braver, Michael Gurian, Keith Thompson, and Stuart Miller (a note to the novice: these authors are among the most important today). These authors did not just walk in the door and get recognized. They had to be fought for. Mr. Tarcher argued vehemently for them and in the process he risked his own reputation more than once.
2001 Kathleen Parker A nationally syndicated columnist appearing in over 300 newspapers. Ms Parker’s column focuses on family, children and gender. By coincidence (or is it brilliance?) she very often expresses the views and sentiments held by members of NCFM. She began her twice weekly column in 1987 as a staff writer for the Orlando Sentinel. By 1995 her column was being published nationally throughout the United States. During this time she has won many awards including: Best Columnist from the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors, First place in Division 3 of the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors and the H. L. Mencken Writing Award presented by the Baltimore Sun. Today Ms. Parker is a member of USA Today’s Board of Contributors and is the Director of the School of Written Expression at the Buckley School of Public Speaking and Persuasion.
2000 Fred Barnes, host of “The War on Boys,” This was a groundbreaking and important show about men and boys. Yet many PBS stations deliberately chose to not air it. In fact, Mr. Barnes was shown much disdain for his work. This comes as no surprise to us. It is the kind of thing NCFM has lived with for twenty years. The War On Boys is well worth purchasing for your own collection. It is available from PBS by calling (800) 752-9727. Fred Barnes is Executive Editor and Co-Founder of The Weekly Standard. Before that he was Senior Editor and White House Correspondent for The New Republic for ten years. He is host, along with Mort Kondracke, of “The Beltway Boys” on the Fox News Channel. He also appears as Chief Correspondent on the PBS series National Desk. Mr. Barnes and Bob Beckel engaged in political commentary on CBS’ This Morning from 1990 to 1999. Mr. Barnes is also moderator of the Voice of America show, Issues in the News, and hosts a weekly radio show about the media–What’s the Story? He has appeared on Nightline, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and The McNeil Lehrer NewsHour. From 1988 to 1998, he was a regular on The McLaughlin Group, where he was known for his humor and sharply worded exchanges with the other panelists.
1999 Cathy Young Ms. Young was born in Russia in 1963 and came to the United States in 1980. In 1987 she became a citizen. She received her B.A. in English at Rutgers University in 1988. In 1994 she produced the front page cover story for Insight (in the News) Magazine (August 1). The article was all about William Heherington – a man, who as of this year, as been falsely imprisoned in the State of Michigan following a bitter custody battle. Hetherington is serving a 30 term on the charge of “wife rape”. Ms. Young has been a weekly columnist for the Detroit News since 1994. She has served as contributing editor to Reason Magazine and has been a frequent contributor to The Washington Post, Newsday, Philadelphia Inquirer, Wall Street Journal, The National Review and The New Republic. She most frequently writes about Soviet affairs, education, legal affairs and gender issues. It is for her writings on gender issues that she receives the NCFM Award. Her latest book is Ceasefire: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces To Achieve True Equality (The Free Press, February 1999). Her other book is, Growing Up In Moscow, Memories of a Soviet Girlhood (Ticknor and Fields, 1989). Ms. Young is also the Vice President and co-founder of the Women’s Freedom Network.
1998 Peter Brimelow The typical article written by Peter Brimelow is about economics, stocks and business. All three relate to gender issues and Peter Brimelow, in our opinion, makes this connection better than anyone else. He brings a thoroughly researched and authoritative voice to his work when he does address gender issues. He is one of only a handful of people who have criticized affirmative action for women. Most critics dwell exclusively on race, which, in America, is an easy and acceptable target because of our racism (see, “When Quotas Replace Merit, Everybody Suffers”, Forbes Magazine, February 15,1993). This makes Mr. Brimelow balanced and it makes him brave. Mr. Brimelow’s articles that deal with gender have been few but stellar. All have appeared in the prestigious Forbes Magazine, which means that he has crafted a point of view that is credible. His style is never to make men the victim, but rather to suggest mistakes in economic policy, that if corrected, could benefit everyone. This is a style that the men’s movement needs to learn, so, in our opinion, Mr. Brimelow is a role model for expression. Brave, credible, a role model, published in a prominent business publication sums up why Mr. Brimelow has been presented with our award for promoting gender fairness in the media. Mr. Brimelow was educated at the University of Sussex, U.K., and completed his graduate work at Stanford University where he won the Fulbright Scholarship Award. He has written several books, among them: The Wall Street Gurus: How You Can Profit From Investment Newsletters and, more recently, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Diaster (paperback published by Harper Collins). His experience includes being a staff writer for the Financial Post, writing guest editorials for the Wall Street Journal and being a Contributing Editor to Barron’s New York. He is married with two children. Among those articles that NCFM recommends you read are: “Gender Politics” (Forbes, March 14, 1994), “Save The Males?” (Forbes, December 2, 1996 – in this one he interviews Warren Farrell, PhD.), “The Glass Floor” (Forbes, December 16, 1996), “Who Decides?” (Forbes, January 27, 1997 – about health care spending), “Marriage Rings and Nose Rings” (Forbes, February 10, 1997 – about getting married or remaining independent).
1997 None
1996 John Leo Commentator for US News and World Report and author of, Two Steps Ahead of the Thought Police (published by Simon and Schuster, 1994). Mr. Leo is best known for his criticisms of “politically correct” thought and behavior.(see, Who’s For A Little Tongue Violence, US News and World Report, 4/15/96). While this certainly enters into the world of men’s issues, Mr. Leo has gone farther in some essays and taken on the feminists directly. Mr. Leo’s voice is one of the very few in the mainstream to have done this. NCFM felt that he deserved this award for his courage and his willingness to go after the truth. One of his best essays appeared in the January 8 issue of US News And World Report, titled, Monday Night Political Football. As was the case with Christina Hoff Sommers, our 1994 award winner, Mr. Leo debunks the feminist inspired notion that family violence is some way correlated with the Super Bowl. Another one worth mentioning, where it took a lot of guts to go against the tide, is, “When Subtle Sexism Is A Con” (US News and World Report, February 7, 1994). In that piece he goes after feminism for misrepresenting the plight of girls in education. And he does it in an extremely straight forward manner. The kind of manner we like!
1995 John Stossel, ABC News for his documentary, Boy’s and Girls are Different. Aired, February 1995. Took the point of view that individual characteristics are more important than gender and exposed the way feminists oppose this view of fairness. John Stossel joined ABC newsmagazine “20/20” in June 1981. There, he reported on a wide variety of news and consumer affairs issues. In the following years he was responsible for a number of ABC News specials. Over the course of his career he has won 19 Emmy Awards, was honored five times for excellence in consumer reporting by the National Press Club and has won a number of specialized awards such as the one presented to him by NCFM.
1994 None
1993 “Father’s Fight Back” Appeared on the CBS Show 48 Hours last January (1993). The particular coverage being awarded showed father’s as caring and loving parents who want involvement with their children. It showed several father’s fighting for custody. One father portrayed was successful. Accepting the award on behalf of “Father’s Fight Back” was Cathy Lasiewicz, Executive Producer of 48 Hours.

The NCFM Award of Honor

For those working hard behind the scenes to benefit NCFM.

2010 John C. Woodward, Esq. In recognition of his support of the operations of NCFM and his contribution to the establishment of the NCFM Permanent Freedom Endowment. Through his interest and generosity, NCFM has a better foundation from which to sustain its mission, thereby being able to help more people in need.
2009 John Dias In recognition of his development work with NCFM’s chapter and national websites.
2008 Fred Sottile In recognition of his support for the Los Angeles chapter of NCFM, his television show Face Up To Fred, and his efforts in support of NCFM.
2007 Pradeep Ramanathan For his tireless efforts to help establish several chapters of NCFM around the country.
2006 Tom Williamson For many years of service as NCFM’s president.
2005 Ray Blumhorst For his work with numerous signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and other publicity efforts, as well as his fund-raising efforts on behalf of NCFM and its LA chapter.
2004 Peter Allemano Mr. Allemano is co-founder of our Greater New York chapter. He has shown extreme commitment to its success. Peter has also worked tirelessly helping to create activity for the chapter and has tried and succeeded in building ties with father’s rights groups in the New York area. Peter has also done public appearances on our behalf. He appeared with Marc Angelucci on the Phil Donahue Show. You can see a picture of Peter marching over the Brooklyn Bridge on NCFM’s behalf during a protest.
2003 Tom Natoli Served as NCFM’s telephone hotline counselor for nearly a decade. Tom possesses a rare knowledge of strategy in family court and has been useful to countless men across the United States. He has represented NCFM on talk shows.
2002 Kyle Knutson A tireless volunteer who has managed all of NCFM’s back room activities involving membership, renewals for Transitions, and our letter writing committee. He is also a past member of NCFM’s board of directors.
2001 Jason Leatherman Acted as assistant editor to transitions, served on our national board of directors and has been an asset to NCFM in different projects.
2000 Richard Kroeger Webmaster for our Washington, D.C. Chapter and editor of our monthly online newsletter, The NCFM Ezine Gazette. Also has maintained a web site for our ezine, which includes complete archives and the ability to search by keyword.
1999 none.
1998 Gerry Bissett Editor of Transitions: Journal of Men’s perspectives. For his work in the NCFM national newsletter.
1997 Betty Duffey For her work championing the case of William Hetherington; A man unjustly imprisoned. Bettey has served as the Chair of the William Hetherington Defense Committee and devoted tireless hours. You can review some of Betty’s work by clicking here: Wil Hetherington.
1996 Charles Fink Chales has been an outstanding member of the NCFM Long Island Chapter, where he served as Treasurer. He also ran an NCFM national hot line for men for three years. Additionally, he was active giving testimony to public bodies on the issue of fathers and children in divorce. You can sample one of Mr. Fink’s appearances at our Public Hearing Room.
1995 Naomi Penner Who has been active in NCFM since 1980. Naomi has organized numerous events on our behalf throughout the years and has donated the office telephone we use. She has also appeared on radio and television as an NCFM spokesman.
1994 Patrick Graham For several years Patrick has been in charge of creating and mailing NCFM’s renewal letters and flyers. For more than five years Patrick has served as a state representative spokesman. Most of what Pat has done has been at his own expense. He has proven himself to be dedicated and reliable.
1993 Rod Britten & John Macchietto Rod Britten received our award because of his tireless dedication in maintaining membership and other records, without which NCFM could not survive. Rod has carried out his duties at his own expense and completely without complaint for more than eight years. Rod is also an active volunteer helping Denver’s inner city homeless. John Macchietto received our award because of tireless effort to be productive within NCFM. He was elected treasurer for one year. Served as editor of Transitions for almost four years and has promoted NCFM on various university campuses whenever he got the chance.
1992 Ian Wilson Because of his work on the Gender Bias Committee and his research on men’s health. Ian has also been a generous financial contributor and took over as NCFM Treasurer under very difficult circumstances. Crisis In Men’s Health.
1991 Jon Ryan Because of his work on the Gender Bias Committee and the research he published under our banner. Gender and Injustice.

Awards Won by NCFM

In January 2000 NCFM was given this award by the Encylopedia Britannica at “ is contacting you because our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability”.

The Staff at
National Coalition of Free Men is rated by the Lycos search facility as one of the top 5% of home pages on the Internet (primarily for content). This is the Lycos top honor at Point Communications. Lycos randomly reviews sites on the Internet and publishes its findings (1995).
Links 2 Go is an internet directory that carefully selects sites for a wide range of topics. No one can apply for a listing as would normally be the case with other search engines. NFCM has been named among the top 50 for Men’s Issues and has been given the The Links 2 Go Key Resource Award.
Warrior Soul Resource Center Award. At the time of this award, New Warrior was a member of the Mythopoetic wing of the men’s movement. This award was given on January 31, 1999. As of this date (March 2002) Warrior Soul no longer has an active link.

If you are active (paid or honorary) NCFM and would like to nominate someone for an award please read NCFM Award Procedures.

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