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By simply using the search box above you have access to hundreds of the best scholarly and legal documents addressing problems men have now. Articles were collected from the best in relevant fields as well as members own research. For example “Child Custody”. If you have contributions to our library or complaints email copies or URL to Library. Below are classic articles from our history.

If Men Have All Of The Power, How Come Women Make The Rules? By Jack Kammer, author of “Good Will Towards Men.” This is an electronic book that is being offered for FREE. It is about female power. Women like to pretend that they have no power so they avoid being held accountable for how they use it. And men should not pretend that everything is fine when it isn’t. Some opening thoughts: Why is it that so many women believe that only men are sexist? Said one prospective publisher about this book, “The contempt this book would inspire among the women in-house would be immense. I’ll let one of my male competitors be the one who get pummeled.” This kind of attitude has prevailed before, and was a reason why one of George Gilder’s books did not get reissued. Francis Baumli encountered it when he tried to find a publisher for Men Freeing Men. Even Warren Farrell has been censored.

Battered Men and Family Violence, by Tom Williamson. It will surprise most people to know that men comprise roughly one half of all of the spouse abuse victims in the United States. International studies show that this is true throughout most of the world. Studies have been conducted regularly since 1975. Yet the media and the politicians ignore this. The reason is political. Beyond delving into the situation this paper will give you some resources and tell you how to gather research for free.

The Nature of Male and Female Relationships, by Paul S. Szymanski. Almost everybody has thought about this topic. The question is, can anybody get it right or is the topic too complicated? This is one man’s attempt at answering this question (in just 30 pages). We invite you to read this paper and then to join the dialogue.

Feminism Exposed: Our Blindness To Feminine Evil. David Shackleton, editor of, Everyman: A Men’s Journal (no longer published, noted here 6/20/2011).

Mr Shackleton uses a “Mythopoetic” framework (drawing from Jungian psychology) to advance the thesis that feminism is evil and that one can not distinguish between so-called branches of feminism in making this charge. What is earth-shattering about this, is that some men’s rights activists, in particular, have advocated cooperation with so-called “equalist” feminists in rejecting “Marxist” feminists or “gender” feminists (a term coined by Christina Hoff Sommers in her best seller, “Who Stole Feminism”). Recent research does seem to suggest that we should change our cultural attitudes toward females where crime, violence and anti-social behaviors are concerned (see the listings in the NCFM Book Store). Nevertheless, are there no virtuous feminists?

Sexual Harassment on the Job: A New perspective for Employers. This article provides a new in depth analysis of sexual harassment. It describes how employers can curb harassment with an equality-based approach. It also warns male employees about the current pitfalls of sexual harassment policy that can entrap them. If the advice in this article is followed, it will enable male and female employees to increase their respect for each other through a greater understanding of each other. This article was prepared by Jerry Boggs, who writes occasionally about men’s issues for Transitions and the Detroit newspapers.

A Comparison of Different Situations by Race and Gender. This paper reports facts which help to disclose the condition of young male blacks. This information was gathered from many sources and focuses primarily on the 1965/90 time period. For purposes of comparison, facts disclosing the condition of black females, white females and white males have been supplied when they were available. The facts are grouped under four general classifications: education, employment, personal well being, and family experience. The facts are presented without comment (together with the source of the facts) and therefore speak for themselves. Author: Frank Zepezauer, columnist/researcher for the Liberator.

Are Fathers Really Necessary? The answer is yes. This article details the research on what fathers provide to children and the family. It also provides a discussion of the attitudes held toward fatherhood historically and later through the eyes of feminism. Author: Walter G. Vaux.

Frequently Asked Questions About Circumcision – Two experts have put together a special guide to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about circumcision. Examples are: Isn’t circumcision part of Jewish religious heritage?, Isn’t it more complicated to care for an uncircumcised penis?, What problems can occur after the initial surgery?, Isn’t female circumcision worse than male circumcision?

Circumcision: The Pros and Cons. Should parents circumcise young male infants? Two points of view are expressed, but it is the position of the author that no one’s body should be cut, or otherwise altered, unless they are a consenting adult. WARNING: Some may find the graphic nature of this article very disturbing. Originally published, Journeymen Magazine, Fall 1992. Author: Wendy Hughes.

Beginner’s Guide To Divorce For Men: What is mediation, what is negotiation, what is joint custody, how to shop for an attorney, do I need an attorney, can I get custody of my children, how can I save money, where can I get coaching and advice, where can I get help if I am falsely accused of child abuse, what books should I read to conduct my case in the best way. These questions and more are touched upon in this short document.

Interview With Warren Farrell, Ph.D. Warren Farrell is the best known men’s issues author today in the United States. He has authored three books, the latest of which is the Myth Of Male Power. Farrell has an interesting history, having started out as a “feminist” who gradually came to see that feminism was not something that brought balance to gender equality issues. Even though he supports a liberal philosophy, his articulation of the male condition has won him acclaim from such notable conservatives as Rush Limbaugh and Patrick Buchannan. This interview first appeared in the September/October 1993 issue of Transitions: Journal of Men’s Perspectives. Author: John Macchietto, Ph.D.

Interview with Arron and Elizabeth Kipnis. If men and women are to reconcile in this age of gender wars under feminism there is a lot of work to be done.  “A recent survey showed that in women’s studies courses around the country, diversity of opinion is less tolerated than in any other courses on campus,” says Arron Kipnis, PhD., author of Knights Without Armor in this interview. In contrast, men need to open up more about themselves. Arron and his wife Elizabeth have developed a group practice designed to bring about greater understanding between the sexes so that men and women can form alliances to help overcome each others’ problems. Says Arron, “The greatest tragedy of the war between the sexes is women’s and men’s attempts to make each other smaller… Rather we should be trying to make each other greater, bigger…” This interview first appeared in the May/June 1997 issue of Everyman. Author, Steven Svoboda, Esq.

Social Work In The Cross Fire. Why don’t men seek help from therapy as often as women and what does it take to get men involved? There are many forms of “therapy.” Among these are psychotherapy, counseling, support groups and outreach programs. All have elements in common: They work with the mind, and, in doing so, each form addresses mental conflict, a void in ones life and/or changes in attitude. How does Social Work approach these problems and is it an appropriate discipline from which men should seek help? Originally published in: Men Healing Shame, edited by Schenk, Roy, PhD., Everingham, John, PhD., Springer Publishing Company, NY, 1995. Author: Tom Williamson.

One Hundred Cases Of Unfounded Child Sexual Abuse: A Survey and Recommendations. One hundred questionnaires were completed by persons who had been falsely charged with child sexual abuse. Almost all falsely charged persons experienced family breakdown, loss of employment, deterioration of physical or emotional health, and/or welfare dependency. All reported little sympathy and no victim welfare services in their community. It is argued that persons found not guilty as determined by the study are a victim type because of the trial induced trauma and therefore require social services. Recommendations are made toward prevention of their victimization and trauma. This article originally appeared in, “Issues In Child Abuse Accusations” Vol 1, #1, 1989. Author: LeRoy Schultz, Ph.D.

Testimony before the Texas State Gender Bias In The Courts Task Force. More than half of the states in the USA have held public hearings on gender bias in the courts. They have been very resistant to hearing from men. Only one task force, so far, has invited a men’s organization to speak about the broad range of issues affecting men in the courts. ).

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