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The following commercial services endorse, recommend and link to National Coalition of Free Men as a public service:


  • Whether it is grief from divorce, death or the loss of a job, crisis brings grief. If you are hurting for any reason, NCFM strongly recommends that you consult this home page: CRISIS.
  • The Orchid Cancer Appeal A Website to promote awareness of prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
  • For general information about men’s health you can go to the Men’s Health home page. The research presented is derived from Will Courtenay’s research at the University of California at Berkeley. Professional consulting services are also available.
  • The Men’s Health Network provides education about men’s health issues and on occasion acts in a lobbying capacity.
  • BPD Central – How happy are you and/or your loved ones? Do you often feel irritable or know someone who does? Are you abused or do you know someone who is? Often the problem is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). This is something you should learn about.

DIVORCE and Fathers’ Rights/Childrens’ Rights:

  • Download the NCFM Beginner’s Guide To Divorce. Contains additional resources you won’t find here or on any other resource list. Contains definitions and suggestions. It runs about 20 pages. We tried to keep it short. Also, visit our Book Store for suggested readings available on-line.
  • DADS VOICES Support for divorced fathers’ rights to joint child custody. Features online support groups for separated and divorced dads, second wives.
  • DADS DIVORCE – for divorced and divorcing dads seeking to maximize their role in their children’s lives. The site includes an extensive divorce guide, expert answers to visitor questions, an on-line chat room, legal statues, judge ratings, on-line referrals (based on State or zip-code) and more. Several nights a week their online chat room is hosted by a live attorney.
  • AMERICAN COALITION FOR FATHERS AND CHILDREN – Has nuts and bolts case law and other material for divorcing fathers.
  • DEAN HUGHSON is a man with a lot of knowledge and feeling for those going through divorce and separation. He has created the DIVORCE PAGE. He can help you find sources for research on the Internet.
  • MEN’S DEFENSE ASSOCIATION (in operation since 1972). The MDA publishes the Liberator monthly and can make attorney referrals [and lists similar organizations] throughout the nation [and in other countries]. The Liberator is a good source of [often] Conservative thought on many different issues facing men. Click here: MDA – Men’s Defense Association.


  • Kids-Right.Org provides a list of people who act as counselors in various states and provinces. Each has volunteered to be contacted by email.
  • For a potpourri of resources, including men’s and father’s organizations, visit . Listings are by state.





  • Fathers 4 Justice. In 2003 this group became the primer group for creating non-violent demonstrations that tied London into knots. Go to their web site and read about their campaign and how you can support it. In the United States email:


  • Promoting Responsible Fatherhood – This site is concerned with divorce and family issues facing men. The site originates in Switzerland, but the web site is in three languages: GERMAN, FRENCH and ENGLISH. This site also has an excellent international directory.


Searching for the right place to do legal research on the Internet is a very time consuming venture. We will recommend different or additional resources as we find out about them.

  • LAW CRAWLER. This resource is a specialized search engine on the web devoted to the law.


  • ALLEGATIONS: TRUE OR NOT? Attorney Barbara Johnson specializes in defending men falsely accused of sex crimes in the Boston area. Advice can be purchased through her web site.


  • CHANGING MEN’S COLLECTION – This is the web page for the Changing Men’s Collection maintained by the library at Michigan State University. The Changing Men’s Collection is the historic gathering of artifacts from the men’s movement around the world.
  • AMERICAN MEN’S STUDIES ASSOCIATION – A body of academics concerned with teaching gender issues at the high school and college level. The AMSA makes available a complete list of men’s studies courses at the university level, holds conferences and publishes research. As of 2004 the AMSA began including the divergent views of Men’s Rights activists and Feminist Men in one conference. NCFM and “Feminist Men” have substantially different and conflicting outlooks.


  • NEW HAMPSHIRE COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF MEN – This is the first agency in the United States, established by a government, to look at social issues as they affect men and boys (fist established in the summer of 2002). The Commission decommissioned along with several other state commissions in 2013.
  • GAMES WOMEN PLAY. This site is a distillation of the wisdom based on the dating and “relationship” experience a lot of other men have had with women. It’s the sort of stuff that any guy going into the dating scene needs to know, especially younger guys.

MEN’S ACTIVISM – Men’s Rights, News and Info – This is a premier

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