Criminal Sentencing

April 15, 2011

Research has repeatedly shown that men get higher criminal sentences than women even when all other factors are accounted for.

See also, Seattle Times, “State courts unfair to men, minorities, UW study suggests,”

This confirms prior data showing men receive higher sentences than women for the same crime even when age, race, priors, family situation, and other factors are accounted for, and that “gender differences, favoring women, are more often found than race differences, favoring whites.” (Crime and Delinquency, 1989, v 35, pp 136-168.)  A study published in Justice Quarterly in 1986 found that, for the same felony, being male increased the chances of incarceration by 165% (being black increased the chance 19%).
The gender of the victim matters as well.  A drunk driver will receive an average of a 3-year higher sentence for killing a female than for killing a male (compared to a 2-year higher sentence for killing a white instead of a black). (“Unconventional Wisdom,” Washington Post, Sept. 7, 2000.)

Researchers Edward Glaeser (Harvard) and Bruce Sacerdote (Dartmouth) examined 2,800 homicide cases randomly drawn from 33 urban counties by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and found killing a female instead of a male increased sentences by 40.6% (compared to 26.8% for killing a white instead of a black).

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13 Responses to Criminal Sentencing

  1. Chase Cullen on January 16, 2014 at 7:27 PM

    Been there and done that,

    My Daughter was born while I was in Basic Training to become a Cavalry Scout in the Army, never before had I been so full of pride and motivation to succeed. Upon finishing however, I found that joint custody isn’t exactly what it sounds like. I wanted to meet her, hold her, to do that Daddy thing where you let them know that nothing will ever hurt them. But out of no where came some sort of manifested fear that I was violent supposedly. Her mother wouldn’t let me see her, had her taken out of town when I came into town, fear and desperation easily set in when you find out someone is running away from you with your Child. The police informed me that it was a sheriff matter, the Sheriff argued that the police were responsible for enforcing the custody agreement…in the end I spent 7,000 in retainer fees alone and never even made it to court. In debt, broke and burdened with child support payments I mobilized for my first tour to Iraq in 2004 with only a picture of my Daughter. 12 months later in 2005, coming home safely gave me renewed determination to be the Daddy that my Daughter needed. I finished my term, got my first lease on a house and was starting a promising job at a new correctional facility and things looked bright. It was only when I received my first paycheck that I fell back into the despair that had followed me to Iraq. After all my normal deductions, 50% was taken by the Attorney General’s office. During the deployment the wage garnishments stopped suddenly after roughly 3 months, young and naive I assumed all would be taken care of as it had been each time the Child support division had garnished my wages. (In Texas we aren’t allowed to pay, it’s auto-deducted through court order) A quick phone call revealed that I owed almost $7,000 in backed child support. After purchasing a cheap car and moving to my new home I had no savings to speak of, so the generous offer from the Attorney General’s office to review my case in 6-8 weeks wasn’t enough to say the least. I swallowed my pride and went to work and informed my employer that I could not stay, I explained why while trying not to cry…a grown Man and combat veteran crying in front of a civilian employer from embarrassment…ridiculous I know. I closed my lease with a hefty penalty, shut off my utilities with 3 more, packed up and left with all my new debt and went to my Father’s home with my tail between my legs. I worked off the debt slowly but surely and in 2007 I re-enlisted for Active Army, my debt was fully paid in 2009. During that year my Daughter’s Mother called me and asked if I wanted to see her…unsure of what changed I jumped at the chance and met my Daughter for the first time when she was 6 years old. Seeing her changed my life almost as much as the fact that she had no clue who I was and was obviously afraid of me. I spent the next 3 years seeing her as often as I could while child support payments continued to rise with my promotions and today she and I have a distant but solidified relationship. Regardless of the circumstances though, there is no excuse in my world for the years I didn’t have with her and I will never be able to tell her that I was there for her growing up because I wasn’t and it was my fault. In a Man’s world you are not excused from anything just because someone stood in your way and there is no excuse for me, I humbly accept the failure and strive to be better from the lessons I learned while making mistakes. This is the plight of Men, one that we accept with dignity and honor without complaint or grievance simply because we are Men.

    • Sympathizer on May 15, 2016 at 11:00 PM

      that’s fucked man

      • Sympathizer on May 15, 2016 at 11:02 PM

        also good on ya for bein alive ya fuckin legend

  2. jculhane2001 on May 26, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    dabrazz6667 please contact me, I am authoring a book on this very issue with an extremely similar story of a young naval man, now a “cyberstalker.” Your information would be very very welcome in the book we are writing. Thank you – Joseph Culhane

  3. dabrazz6667 on March 20, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    I’ve been divorced from my ex-wife now since 2004. She still will do anything to try and get me in trouble. 2 years ago she just stopped letting me see our children. I put up with it for a while but finally got fed up and called the sheriff’s department like your supposed to to report that she was not abiding by the court order for visitation. Do you know what they told me? We can’t help you, you will need to hire an attorney and take it to court. Now if this situation was turned around the other way and I was not letting my ex-wife see the children like the court order allows the sheriffs would have been here on my front lawn 5 minutes later and they would have hauled me off to jail. So another 2 months go by so I finally contacted her and simply asked her: Why are you doing this? We have never had problems with visitation before. She stated she was afraid of me. Uh…we have been divorced since 2004. Never not one incident. I simply replied for her not to be ridiculous, that I were going to hurt her or kill her or something stupid like that don’t you think I would have done it a long a time ago. She hung up on me. The very next morning guess who was banging on my door. And they came deep. Like I was some sort of mass murderer or something. I got arrested and charged with Terrorist Threatening and get this….even convicted. So what was that exact crime did I commit? Terrorist Threatening in the “Past Tense”. I don’t have a time machine. The system is crooked and there is no Justice in the so called Justice System. The prosecutor’s offices all over this country are ran mostly by women, “man haters”, who jump all over this kind of stuff. I’m still totally upset about this one. She finally got me and would not hesitate to do it again if she thought she could get away with it. What a mess, And then before sentencing I was told to take the “plea deal” that the prosecutor was offering or else they were going to go for the maximum sentence. And then what is even more ridiculous is that when you go before the Judge he asks you if anyone coerced me into accepting this plea deal!!! He knows what goes on….they had already decided what they were going to do before I ever even stepped into that court room. I ended up being locked up for 8 months. Never been in trouble in my whole life. 10 year Army Airborne Infantry Soldier with an honorable discharge and decorated combat Veteran. Now I’m a “Terrorist”. Psycho Chick Magnet…that’s what I am. Totally destroyed my life.

    • dabrazz6667 on March 20, 2013 at 9:36 AM

      And I am not the only man this happens to. This happens every day in every court room across our country. And it is just going to keep getting worse. All a woman has to do is pick up the phone and call and say she is being abused or whatever and the boys are going to come get you and you are going to be arrested. If you get lucky and have a good Judge he will see through it. If you gotta a Judge that does not give a “doodoo” then you are screwed.

    • jculhane2001 on May 26, 2013 at 3:25 PM

      I am an author working on a book about a young naval man who fell into the same situation with his girlfriend who got pregnant. Before it was all said and done, his naval career was destroyed, he ended up in federal prison “convicted” or better yet, coerced, similar to the man’s story above, of cyberstalking with the intent to harass as his plea bargain He is now on parole and she holds the end of his very short leash – one slip, and he’s back in prison. She holds the leash, she holds their son, and she holds the power backed up by our criminal justice system, if that’s what we’d like to call it. I would welcome more stories like this that I could use in our book. My email is My author website on Facebook is Joseph Patrick Culhane. The young man I’m writing about is Michael Lutz, his story hit the Los Angeles Times and CNN. Please contact me with your story.

  4. chris on October 8, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    Why do politicians never talk about these issues? We are constantly being told that men basically run the country, so why dont they talk about all the problems men (and women) face?
    Whats really going on

    • dabrazz6667 on March 20, 2013 at 9:42 AM

      Whats really going on you ask? Women are really running this country.

  5. Tony on March 11, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    I feel that much of the programs to help felons are such a waste of time and tax payers money . It seems if we want these men to be productive we have to put them in places where they have atleast a chance to live here .Over 95% of the prison populations is men and much of the homeless population consist of males. It seems that what many of these men need is to have their minds reconditioned to believe that it is okay to just be poor and crawl before you can walk but if we make it where men can not atleast crawl how can they walk if we work over time to prevent these men from not just living in thier communities but even having the ability to work . I like many men could have got numerous women pregnant very easily and lived a life using a women to just get by . But I have become like many men unable to live here not so much due to the wages or high price of housing but due to my inability to access Fair Housign Units that remain empty all over America. We need to realize that felons are not just one or two million people we are a population that is in the tens of millions just in America .

  6. Chris on March 11, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    I feel a great book for MRAs to read is a book called The Masculine Journey By :Robert Hicks.

  7. Robert on March 11, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    The ulr above take a moment to load due sometimes .

  8. Robert on March 11, 2012 at 10:18 AM

    I can testify to that . I have been real lucky since my family new people and helped me but many minorities are flushed down the pipes of the system pushed into corners with no help and no escape I feel that much of this stems from mans quest to be men and also due to a lack of support .

    While many declare education is the way out how many poor blacks ,latinos or whites with drug charges from the younger years can go to school . Vey few the majority of Americans utlize the Pell Grant to go to school and without it many people today in America would of never made it to the point they are at now.
    We tell our men that we want to rehabilatate them we have them by the thousands fighing wild fires in California ,cleaning our streets ,cutting our grass like slaves but when these men apply for a job to even be a volunteer fire fighter or even a street cleaner for the city they are denied jobs .

    We expect our men to be men but how can they when they can not work and even stand on their own to feet .Its no wonder I'm gay.

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