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USA Today prints NCFM-LA letter on Harvard’s women-only gym hours

March 6, 2008
(Photo – No boys allowed: Though turned away from Harvard’s gym during the new women-only hours, Muslim Kareem Shuman said he was sympathetic to the policy. / By Elise Amendola, AP)

Closing Harvard gym to men is discriminatory, unfair

Marc E. Angelucci, president, Los Angeles Chapter, National Coalition of Free Men – Los Angeles
Why is Harvard University creating special gym hours for women but not for men? Muslim men often cover up in the presence of women to honor hijab, as well. Muslim men have as much reason as Muslim women to be uncomfortable with seeing the opposite sex in revealing gym clothing (“Harvard gym accommodates Muslim women,” News, Wednesday).

Exercising in the same gym is going to cause distractions for both men and women. There is no reason why Harvard cannot create similar men-only hours.
I hope that male students will fight and even sue to force Harvard to extend the same gym benefits to men.

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