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Channel 9 News mentions NCFM’s defense of dad jailed for his daughter’s failure to pass GED test

May 14, 2008


California Group Defends Fairfield Father


By: Alyssa Bunn

A California group has been speaking out on behalf of a Fairfield father who was punished after his adult daughter failed to get her GED.
The California Alliance for Families and Children has called for Butler County judge David Niehaus to be removed from the case for sentencing Brian Gegner to six months in jail.
The National Coalition of Free Men has also gotten involved in the case.  The group examines cases it considers to be sex discrimination.
Judge Niehaus said Gegner should be punished because his daughter, Brittany Gegner, was a juvenile in his custody when she skipped school and didn’t graduate.
Now, Brittany is 18 years old and is living with her mother.  She still has not received her GED.
Brittany and her mother both said that they should be to blame, not Gegner.
A new hearing connected to the case has been scheduled for Friday morning.

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