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Reproductive Rights

January 11, 2009

sperm in spaceMen’s reproductive rights include issues such as false paternity claims or paternity fraud, adoption rights, abortion, rights over frozen embryos, choice for men, etc.

The American Association of Blood Banks reports that, out of 300,000 DNA paternity tests performed annually, 30% exclude the man as the biological dad. Over 70% of paternity judgments in L.A. County are obtained by default. (“Examining Child Support Arrears in California; The Collectability Study,” 3/03, p. 16.) Many of these men are inadequately served or respond late due to language barriers, mental disabilities, fear, or mistaken belief that they do not have to respond because the child is not theirs. They often first learn of a paternity judgment when their wages are attached or their driving privileges are suspended. By then it can be too late. Even if DNA excludes them, they can still be forced to pay support, despite having families of their own to feed. Military men are particular targets of paternity fraud because of the benefits they carry.

In 2004, NCFM helped pass a law to protect paternity fraud victims (AB 252, enacting Family Code § 7646 et seq.). While this law is helpful, it is not enough. Judges still have discretion to force a man to pay even after DNA excludes him as the biological father, and many men still find themselves trapped by the existing two-year deadline to challenge a paternity judgment from the time they “knew or should have known” of it. If they are late by one day, they are locked in with no escape, and courts have no discretion to relieve them. Stronger laws and more public education are needed to combat this problem. For more, see and

Choice For Men is an attempt to bring gender equality to reproductive rights and responsibilities. Although women have far more contraceptive choices than men, men are deemed at least as responsible as women when an unwanted pregnancy occurs, but women have the entire say in whether to abort or keep the child, and have much easier access to adoption or safe-haven abandonment. As a result, when an unwanted pregnancy occurs, either by accident or when men are lied to about birth control or fertility, women can surrender their parental rights and responsibilities, while men cannot. “Choice for men,” as a matter of gender equity, would give men a certain period of time to surrender their parental rights and responsibilities.

You might want to read the story “Protecting Our Freedoms, One Way Conversation with a Hero“. Some say choice for men is no real choice at all…

For more on men’s reproductive rights, see

On Men, Women, Chivalry & Feminism

“The strength of women is their façade of weakness; the weakness of men is their facade of strength.”
– Warren Farrell, Ph.D., “The Myth of Male Power.”

“Ignoring men may be macho and politically correct, but it is costly to society.”
– Rep. David Bickford, NH

“The female institution that subordinates the needs and nature of men to those of women, while promoting special entitlements, privileges, and protections for women, is feminism (although feminists would deny that is what feminism is about). But men have their own institution: chivalry is the male institution that subordinates the needs and nature of men to those of women, while promoting special entitlements, privileges, and protections for women.”
– Pradeep Ramanathan, former V.P.

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87 Responses to Reproductive Rights

  1. Jerry on February 16, 2021 at 6:09 AM

    Men in the USA need to protest in large and loud numbers in Washington DC. Men currently have no reproductive rights. Men are treated as sub human ATM machines by the family courts. The ONLY way that men will get equal rights is to march and protest.

  2. Randy on February 27, 2019 at 12:36 PM

    I personally feel as though America’s Potential Fathers should be 100% empowered with the right to demand expressed written consent before any Doctor or PA has legal right to begin an abortion; especially when killing a man’s first baby boy! (I know, I know, the sea of feminised-fathers are too freaked out to show up nowadays; so lets just end the Father’s Written Consent provisions at the end of the “First-Trimester” or something.

    This way men will get out of paying for their “Ex’s” baby killing gig…since women would just keep the pregger situation quiet from their Men. (When they usually get either their Dad, their boyfriend or Big-Brother to pay for it, so they can keep their own cash to go shopping later that night.

    Oh, I got it…Or even better, we should apply the newly popular “Yes means Yes” jargon to Potential Fathers Right’s to stop a first Son from being killed in an abortion. If “She” don’t hear her man say “Yes” to the Abortion…and “She” does the abortion without “His” consent, it would all about arresting the Baby-Killing Mama on First-degree murder charge, where “She” will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she actually her the Biological Father say, “Yes” — good luck proving that. Throw in the new “Rape-Shield Laws” that prevent the accused woman from testifying in court and you got a “Train of Cash flowing into America’s already exploding prison system…but who cares, right? A baby killer is a baby killer, and a woman who fails to get “Yes” consent from the Presumed Father, should be locked up for life! (In with “Yes means Yes” for conception, then “Yes means Yes” for a Man to give His consent to abortion…that’ll be much more fair, then both parties have a bit of equality in the child creating process.

  3. Rebecca H on July 22, 2014 at 11:34 PM

    I’m a new mom.
    My son’s father didn’t want him from the moment I told him I was pregnant. And I don’t see how he should be forced into paying child support. I get a lot of backlash from family and friends for this point of view, but I’m completely serious. If I decided tomorrow to give my son up for adoption, I no longer have to contribute more than taxes to care of him. Why isn’t his father allowed that personal choice? Who decided I needed to dictate the rest of his life for a decision I make? I’m really happy to see there are people who aren’t completely blinded by social constrains and “norms” be able to share their views and work together on a solution.
    A few people have mentioned it and its a breath of fresh air. But what happens when my little boy grows up? Why would someone, he has chosen to not keep in his life, be able to decide his life for him? I hope my son will one day be a man that will cherish every life he creates, but I’m his mother I can wish for whatever and that doesn’t mean I get to make his choices for him. Just as I don’t think anyone else should decide whats best for him, outside of himself and the partner he chooses for his life.

    It’s so unbalanced, I have the right as a woman to terminate a pregnancy that the father might want. But when he doesn’t want his child he has no opinion or choice at all. I know two men that have lost (I know abortion is controversial, but to these guys that was their children at any week during pregnancy) out on being fathers because the women they were with decided to abort without even talking to them or even giving them a chance to be supportive. And they told the men it was because “it’s my body. Its my right” But in the event she wants this child and he doesn’t, it okay to monetarily penalize the man? With the threat of prison if he wont comply? Its ridiculous to give rights to one group of people and ignore, discriminate, and dismiss the concerns and rights of another group

    I know I don’t have insightful or helpful information I just needed to share my point of view. Its something no one Even my own father, who was a single dad and fought for 3 years to gain custody of my younger sister (he raised both us girls by himself) thinks I’m out of line with this school of thought. But it really isn’t right the inequality granted to men.

  4. dave on December 2, 2012 at 5:45 AM

    YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS…..A single, rather unattractive woman whose biological clock is ticking is so desperate to become impregnated that she chooses to entice a mentally disabled man to have sex with her in order to do so. She eventually succeeds and gives birth to child who does not even take the mentally disabled father’s last name, however he is mentioned on the birth certificate. Now, the father just happens to come from money and has resources of which she knew about and now feels entitled to for support of child. The father, not being able to fully understand what just happened accepts the request for support however never becomes active in the child’s life because the mother feels he is not fit to be a parent because of his obvious mental impairment. She withholds visitation and all attempts to have the father recognized as the other parent although she sure does appreciate that monthly check. It gets worse……The father passes and now the mother makes a claim that this child is sole heir to his sizable estate.This woman knew very well what she was doing from the very beginning which is an absolute fraud. My belief is that the court should consider that there was never a mutual intent to parent and he was deprived of his constitutional right to decide whether to father a child and consider his inability to fully understand what that meant. His mentally handicapped condition precluded his consent to fathering this child. We need laws to help prevent this from happening. How can a woman like this, who was very well aware of his limited mental capabilities and very well aware of his resources, get away with everything this man had to his name? It completely baffles me and my understanding of the rights of the mentally disabled with regard to how vulnerable he was to this woman’s agenda. Any ideas for help to this man’s remaining family would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kate on December 14, 2018 at 4:12 PM

      This sounds like the premise of John Irving’s book “The World According to Garp”.

  5. nicole on July 30, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    Ok ladies and gents I need some advice here .. I have anemia very bad where I have to take medications I had a crazy ex that laughed as he informed me that he put fertilty pills in my food and drinks on regular basis and that he got me pregnant on purpose I have a restraining order now and I want to know if I can get him for entrapment I would have had a abortion but I strongly disagree with it I love my son to death he is 2 months but I. Don’t want to deal with the abuse and neglect towards me and the child

  6. Anony on April 1, 2012 at 7:38 AM

    Best Birth Control in the World. Men. Read up.

  7. Aron on December 22, 2011 at 1:35 AM

    You know. I am tired of hearing the bullshit that women just go and abort like it's second skin. This is bullshit.

    Abortion most often takes place during health risks, rape cases, financial situations, in the case of young mothers, or if the mother is unable to get the father to be part of the baby's life. Most cases of abortion do not happen during a marriage or when a spouse is involved. Usually the couple talk about it if it is even an option.

    My god, you people are all so biased and have your facts wrong!

    • nochoice on January 5, 2012 at 9:02 PM

      Until women fight for my reproductive rights I’ll fight against theirs.

      I’m not “pro-life” I’m anti choice, I have no rights, why should I respect yours?

      I used to vote democrat, now I’ll vote for the most right wing republican bought and paid for by Big banks, foreign companies and insurance companies just to make abortion illegal.

      Hey, you femnazis started the war, I’m just fighting because I don’t have any CHOICE.

      • Aron on January 6, 2012 at 12:44 AM

        Excuse me. I am a man, not a woman. Men have reproductive rights, just so you know.

        Men do have choices. Just like men who choose to "fuck a bitch" and get her pregnant, and then haul off and leave. She is stuck with the decision.

        Honestly, all of you people are quite a bunch of losers who have nothing to bitch about and want to bitch. Men have rights, get over it.

  8. Jill Rogers on November 7, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    These laws are crazy. I've heard there are women defaulted into paternity as if they are the purported father. And, the crazy ass California courts won't free them from making child support payments as if they were the dad!

  9. Megan Gentry on June 11, 2011 at 8:23 PM

    The teachings of the Bible do not indicate that a man gives birth or rears a child. God built a woman. God gave her the ability to bear children (i.e., conceive, support their development, have accountability for, have tolerance for, to offer to her husband). What honorable person takes over the God given rights of a woman/mother to bear and rear children?

    If a woman is doing something questionable as a mother, take it upon yourself to find speak directly with her. If nothing comes of it over time enlist other family members, friends and/or acquaintanceship to help align her on the role of a woman. Removing all or part of her womanly responsibility to bear children (see i.e., examples above) s not honorable and woman will lose respect in a man for doing such.

    Men had a choice when they decide to place themselves inside a woman. The graphical image on contraceptives is truly a prime example of poor thinking and lack of accountability for one's actions, possibly on either party. What kind of example does it set for a family or future societies? Sad… really sad at best.

  10. skip on February 28, 2011 at 8:04 PM

    anyone still here?

  11. Barbara Clark on October 11, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    And another thing– the pill for women doesn’t always work. If you get sick and take antibiotics, the pill automatically stops working. If your body processes the hormones in a certain way, the pill won’t work at all. And also, if you’re a woman taking the pill, it puts you at risk for several health problems ranging from obesity to stroke to death. The pill is not always a fun solution. In fact, I refuse to do something that potentially disruptive to my body. I prefer spermacides.

    Furthermore, what’s all this that people are saying about them not trying to find a pill for men? They’ve been trying to design a pill for men for years. It’s not as easy as it looks. The pill for women was discovered completely by accident. And it’s a hormone, so it effects a LOT of a person’s body, not just their sexual organs. If men wanted a pill that just cut off their testosterone level, believe me, getting women pregnant would be the last of their worries.

    Also– they have a man pill. They’re still testing it, but if you do a google search on “contraceptive pill for men” maybe you’ll find it.

    I know there are lots of women out there who claim to be on the pill just so that they can trap a guy. It happened to my ex. It sucked. But, not every girl who gets pregnant while using the pill was just being an irresponsible nit.

    So if you want to, as one person suggested, stand right there and make sure that’s her pill she’s supposed to be taking, and make sure you watch her swallow it, go ahead. Be my guest. That still won’t guarantee you a safe ride in the end.

    (Lordy. The two things people talk most about and know least about. Contraceptives and STDs. There is more information on that stuff than just about anything else, but when I talk to people– no one ever knows anything!)

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