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NCFM Thanked by D.A. Who Removes Sex Biased DV “Facts” from Police Training Video

July 1, 2009

NCFM’s San Diego Chapter, though NCFM President Harry Crouch, recently succeeded in getting the San Diego District Attorney to remove false, gender-biased material from their new police training video on domestic violence, such as the myth that domestic violence is primarily male-on-female and is a leading cause of death for women.  The story, including a letter from the District Attorney thanking NCFM, is chronicled at

Excerpt: “[NCFM] after being asked to review a new police training video sent a letter to the San Diego District Attorney showing that the video contained wrong and gender biased information, that is it was biased against men and perpetuated information detrimental to the community and police.  Assistant District Attorney Patrick McGrath found that there were unverifiable statistics and agreed to have the video appropriately edited and re issued. He will be asking that the nine San Diego County police departments and Sheriff’s Office replace the first version with the second on departmental Intranets as well as for use in other trainings. . . . We believe this is the first time a law enforcement agency within the United States agreed that information contained in a domestic violence police training video was wrong and took affirmative and costly steps to correct it. . . . .”

The District Attorney’s letter thanking NCFM can be viewed directly at

Thank you Harry Crouch, the San Diego District Attorney, and all others who participated!

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