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NCFM Sends Letter Confronting Amanda McCormick’s Hypocritical Support of Violence Against Men

September 23, 2009

NO LESS than 35% of domestic violence victims are men. So why does virtually all domestic violence industry money go to women?

In 9/09, a male victim of domestic violence reported to NCFM that on 9/14/09 he attended the Washington State Domestic Violence Coalition conference and was extremely offended when the keynote speaker, Amanda McCormick of Praxis International, said some men “deserve to be beaten.”  NCFM sent Praxis the following and will make additional complaints, and we encourage others to take action as well.;;

Dear Praxis International,

We are informed that your speaker, Amanda McCormick, recently said with a grin, “I think I know a lot of men who deserve to be beaten” during her keynote address at the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence on September 14, 2009.

Banners on the wall said, “There is no excuse for domestic violence” and similar slogans.

Are you aware that she said this?  And do you think that was acceptable?

Can you imagine someone saying “I know alot of women who deserve to be beaten” at any time, especially at an anti domestic violence conference?

Several conference participants have privately expressed disgust with Amanda McCormick’s anti-male rhetoric.  Some protested in their evaluations.

We are writing to ask for your response as to whether you are aware of this, whether you think it is acceptable, and whether you intend to take any action about this.  Please get back to us.  Thank you in advance for your hopeful cooperation in this regard.

Marc E. Angelucci, Esq.
Board Member
National Coalition For Men

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