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NCFM on the national TV show “The Secret Lives of Women”

December 1, 2009

NCFM member David Woods, who was the lead plaintiff in the Woods v. Horton victory for battered men, is appearing with his attorney, NCFM member Marc Angelucci, on the national TV show “The Secret Lives on Women” on the WE channel on 12/1/09 and again on 12/22 and 12/29.  The episode is called “Husband Beaters.”

Husband Beaters Tuesday, December 1 at 10pm | 9c
In America, the term “Domestic Abuse” is typically associated with a victimized woman mercilessly beaten by an overbearing ogre of a husband. The fact is however, that more than a third of all DA cases feature males as victims, and even that number is considered low due to the relatively low reporting of these cases by men who are ashamed and afraid to do so. The stories in SLOW: Husband Beaters will provide an inside look at Domestic Abuse done to men from a variety of perspectives and shed light on a very dark and violent corner of America.
Upcoming Air Dates:
Tuesday, December 1 at 10pm | 9c
Tuesday, December 22 at 3am | 2c
Tuesday, December 29 at 3am | 2c

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