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The Ideologically Impaired are True Believers, They Hate Reason, In San Diego and Maybe Even the Democratic Republic of Georgia

April 29, 2011

The ideologically impaired get angry when they can't get one of their stars into a square hole.

By Carl Augustsson


With June approaching Fathers’ Day is on my mind, a day that should be about celebrating all good Dads rather than a day used to promote radical feminist propaganda as done over the last decade.

There are some countries that have no official day to celebrate anything to do with men even though it is generally men who have laid down their lives so others in those countries can live and hopefully prosper in long periods of peace. None of which means the contributions of women are not valuable, but certainly there can be no argument that more men die protecting their families, though please feel free to argue that if you must.

Yesterday I was at a grant writing workshop with roughly 30 others. Each of us stood to introduce ourselves and share with the group why we were there. The man before me was from one of San Diego Counties Indian tribes and offered fliers to a Mothers’ Day potlatch the tribe was planning. I then introduced myself. I explained I was with the National Coalition For Men, the oldest Mens rights organization in America if not the world, and we were dedicated to the removal of harmful gender based stereotypes, especially as they adversely impact men and those that love them. I turned to the man to my right and asked “Are you planning a Father’s Day potlatch too?” He said “No.” I said, “See what I mean.” The group chuckled, but they got the point.

At the break a women from a large corporate sponsored nonprofit organization sought me out. She was interested in our organization. She wanted to know how men were discriminated against.

I explained about gender discrimination in Selective Service and how it should be done away with or expanded into a program requiring all young Americans not just men to give two years to their country one way or another regardless of gender. I could see she had never thought that through.

I told her about the Woods case and NCFM volunteer attorney Marc Angelucci’ victory in the California Supreme Court that helped open domestic violence services to abused men.

She tried dragging me into a partisan political discussion about President Obama’s health care plan and the efforts of some to “destroy” (her word) existing health programs for women. I wouldn’t go there and explained NCFM is nonpartisan. However, I suggested she read the legislation and let me know if she could find a reference to prostate cancer somewhere within the 20 something references to breast cancer.

Then she dropped the 75% wage gap bomb. I told her about women having more choices than men to enter and leave the work force. I pulled a Warren Farrell observation and said, “Well, if men earn 25% more than women why would any employer hire a man?” That threw her for a small loop and she came back with, “Not managers…” Before she could finish I explained that was largely incorrect too, there is a plethora a recent research, and she should read Warren’s book “Why Men Earn More and What Can Women Do About It”.

She rejoined, “Men still have all the power, most legislators are still men.” I really hate that one. I said, “First, women get them elected, like President Obama. Second, if women have no power why is it that any legislation having to do with women usually passes with little or no opposition? And, why is it that if someone wants to introduce legislation having to do with men, other than send them to prison and take away their rights, that politicians run like a herd of frightened turkeys? Why is it there are over 250 women commissions and arguably only two for men?

We were interrupted by one of the grant writing workshop panelists who wanted to schmooze with the women since she influences gazillions of dollars in grant programs. I looked at the guy, then back at the woman, and said, “Excuse me I’ll let you two talk. He’s a great grant writer”. I don’t know him, but it sounded good and he appreciated it.

He wanted her business. To me, she typified much of what is wrong with this country, ignorance and an abiding faith in largely fabricated ideological drivel, coupled with a sense of power enabling a feeling superiority with little or no tolerance for opposing views or reality checks, especially as may relate to males.

On the way out I remembered Carl, our liaison in the Democratic Republic of Georgia. I remembered his commitment to civil rights, freedom, and his determination in pursuing his beliefs concerning treating people fairly regardless of gender. And, I remembered his one man effort to encourage the establishment of one day, just one, to celebrate the goodness of men in a country historically riddled with strife, war, and bloodshed, a country with two official days celebrating women.

People like Carl are few but they surface every now and then. They surface and do good work for the betterment of all of us. They actually put themselves at risk in doing so. They sacrifice. They actually think beyond their training. They reason. They understand fact from fiction.

People like Carl are the exact opposite of the woman from the behemoth corporate sponsored nonprofit who sit safe and protected within a movement largely based on hating an entire gender, or “sex” if you prefer, men. She, and others like her, simply believe…

Carl’s letter is below. As you can see we are fast approaching the one year anniversary. I’ve not yet heard if he got a response. Like elsewhere, suggest something to government for the betterment of boys and men and there is silence or the sound of footsteps in fast retreat.

We need more Carl’s.

July 16, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Permit me to introduce myself.  My name is Carl Augustsson.  I first had the pleasure of visiting Georgia in 2001, when I met my future wife, a Georgian, whom I married in 2005.  I have been working as a professor of both Political Science and English at Caucasus University since 2008.  I have certainly enjoyed my time here in Georgia.

I am writing to you on behalf of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM), a US-based group with chapters in a number of different countries.  I serve as NCFM’s liaison here in Georgia.  The issue which I am writing about is in regards to the lack of a holiday to honor men in the Georgian calendar, juxtaposed with the presence of not one but two holidays (Mothers’ Day March 3rd, and International Women’s Day March 8th) to honor women.  Indeed, many people in Georgia have come to notice this double-standard.  For example, parliament deputy Akaki Bobokhidze was indirectly quoted in the April 2-8, 2010 edition of Georgia Today as stating that this proves that Georgian society respects women more than men.  It is difficult to argue with such a perspective when Georgia has two official holidays to honor women and none to honor men.

However, my time here in Georgia has shown me that Georgian society in general is quite just.  It is therefore necessary for Georgia to rectify this clearly unfair double-standard.  I realize that Mothers’ Day was only recently created in Georgia so as to replace International Women’s Day, due to its connections with the Soviet Union.  While such an effort is clearly laudable, it now sadly appears as if it will not succeed, and Georgia now has two holidays for women and still none for men.  I am therefore requesting that the Georgian parliament now officially create both a Fathers’ Day and a Men’s Day.

In the case of a Men’s Day, November 19th appears to be the best option.  This is due to the fact that a number of other countries, such as Malta, Hungary, Ireland, and Trinidad and Tobago, have all adopted November 19th as International Men’s Day.  Likewise, the United Nations recognizes November 19th as being International Men’s Day.  Indeed, last year this holiday was observed for the first time in Georgia at the Lounge Bar “Tiflis View”.

As for Father’s Day, perhaps the best option would be to make the third Sunday in June Father’s Day, as that is Father’s Day in the United States.  Another good alternative would be to change the 3rd of March into Parents’ Day, as the 3rd of March as a Mothers’ Day is not a deep tradition in Georgia.

Carl Augustsson


If you are reading this and not already a member of NCFM you can become a Carl too. Join NCFM online. Become a member. Help us make a difference. Help us make the world a better place for all of u. NCFM is all about treating people fairly and celebrating the good in people regardless of gender.

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One Response to The Ideologically Impaired are True Believers, They Hate Reason, In San Diego and Maybe Even the Democratic Republic of Georgia

  1. Marc A. on May 3, 2011 at 1:55 AM

    Nice going Harry, much appreciated!

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