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What Month Is It On Your Feminist Calendar?

April 13, 2011

Hasn't "Fathers Day" been usurped by "V-Day"?

By Ray Blumhorst

Can anyone guess what month April is on the feminist calendar?

Wrong, “Women’s History Month” was last month (March)! Wrong again, “Stalking
Awareness Month” was January. No, no, no, it’s not “Domestic Violence
Awareness Month,” that was October. Oh for gosh sakes, NO, February was “Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.” April is “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.” Please try to memorize those. There will be a quiz in your Women’s Studies 101 class tomorrow.

Of course, on the Feminist calendar, every month is “Male Witch-Hunting Month.”

In keeping with “Male Witch-Hunting Month” (every month), the Obama administration has just issued new Title IX guidelines (making it easier to find students culpable), when handling claims of sexual harassment (including sexual assault) against students (mostly male) in disciplinary proceedings.

Paul Elam at “A Voice for Men,” reports: “According to the letter, from now on, to be in compliance with Title IX, all disciplinary proceedings involving claims of sexual harassment (which includes claims of rape and sexual assault) ”must use a preponderance of the evidence standard,” as opposed to the “clear and convincing evidence” standard (evidence of a high probability that the offense occurred) currently used by many schools.”

In other words, the standard of proof just got lowered substantially. You watch, two years from now it will be lowered again, then again, until little or no proof is required.

Below is a generic response from one NCFM member, that addresses some of the effects of the institutionalized “Male Witch-Hunting,” that goes on in America every month:

If people knew they would actually be held accountable for making false accusations they would pretty much stop. The present systjem prefers lies instead of accountability. Persecution of innocents is standard fair.

“False accusations of domestic violence, or rape, against men by women are common. The flimsiest of false accusations by a woman can cause a man’s arrest. False accusations can be devastating to a man’s self-worth and his career. Such false accusations are a crime, and also domestic violence, or sexual assault, yet police and prosecutors almost never prosecute false accusers.

Domestic violence and rape will never end as long as the whole truth about it is misrepresented to comply with feminist ideology. As long as false accusers of domestic violence and rape are not prosecuted, domestic violence and rape law will have no integrity as shown in “Los Misdandry“.

The time to end the misandric plague of “Male Witch-Hunting” is NOW!

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3 Responses to What Month Is It On Your Feminist Calendar?

  1. James on April 15, 2011 at 1:52 AM

    6541 554

  2. Mark on April 14, 2011 at 8:28 AM

    False accusation is big business! Police are paid to arrest the accused. Attorneys are paid to prosecute and defend the accused. Judges are paid to try the accused in court. Discouraging false accusers will put a lot of people out of work!

  3. Connie Brauer on April 13, 2011 at 9:56 PM

    I'm gob smacked that this is allowed! This is gender racism. This must stop.

    Can anyone sue the calendar people?

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