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The Honorable Man

May 17, 2011

From Man to Modern Man - in touch with himself and no where to go after defeating himself.

By Tim Goldich (author of, Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics. Available now on, $24.95).

If men have the power and women are the victims, then men, the one with the power, must be the victimizers and powerless women must be the innocent victims. Believing that men have the power and women are the victims, we will believe that men are Bad and women are Good. How will the honorable man cope within this ManBad/WomanGood (MB/WG) belief system?

The honorable man “knows” (has been taught that) masculinity is the source of sexism, oppression, criminality, violence, and all things bad. Yet the honorable man needs to experience himself as honorable. How then will he retain the sense of personal honor he needs to have when he “knows” himself to be a member of the Bad sex? By what other means will the honorable man distinguish himself from the vast sea of ignoble men except by aligning himself with the feminine, fighting for goodness and fairness against evil masculine forces that only victimize and dominate, wage war and despoil the earth? In fighting “the good fight,” the honorable man retrieves his personal honor out from the morass of evil masculinity.

In turning against his own kind the honorable man believes he is rejecting the low dictates of self-interest in favor of the higher cause of equality and justice—a highly honorable stance to take. While women dedicate themselves to the interests of sisterhood, honorable men disavow loyalty to their own kind, now decried under the umbrella term, “male chauvinism.”

The honorable man does not shirk accountability. He “knows” (has been taught that) All Fault is Male and he is not about to evade his guilt. Because the honorable man owns his guilt and fault as a matter of pride, the honorable man rejects evidence that would mitigate his guilt and fault. It is through strict unflinching ownership of his guilt that the honorable man earns his honor. So he embraces the truths of feminism but rejects the truths of masculism as if these truths threatened to strip him of his honor.

The honorable man “knows” (has been taught that) powerful men pay powerless women 74 cents on the dollar just because they are women. Men who would present evidence to the contrary are assumed to be self-serving evaders of well-earned guilt. More contemptible even than those men who would exploit women are those men who would deny it! The honorable man “knows” (has been taught that) domestic violence = evil men beating up innocent women. Men who would present a more balanced picture are judged in the worst way. The honorable man will leave it to lesser men, men who fail to take Full Responsibility, to hide behind “excuses.” The honorable man knows his masculinity to be the source of all things bad and believes it proper that masculinity be punished accordingly.

The honorable man is a chivalrous man. His code of honor demands that he protect the “gentle sex,” whom he assumes to be generally more virtuous than himself. He “knows” (has been taught that) feminism is the voice of women so he protects women/feminism as if they were one and the same. He will leave it to lesser men—weak, shameful, self-serving men—to critique the voice of women. The honorable man dutifully accepts the moral authority and admonitions of his moral superiors.

The honorable man is a masculine man. Who needs compassion when you’re “tough as nails”? Men don’t need empathy; men need what they always need—a good swift kick in the pants. The honorable man can’t abide the complaints of men. Men who would protest are “whiners” to be regarded with contempt.

Toward men, the honorable man directs accountability without compassion, never realizing how ruthless that is. He respects his fellow man, but he is too invested in “toughening up” his fellow man to think in terms of loving his fellow man. Toward women he directs compassion without accountability, never realizing how infantilizing that is. He loves women, but the gift of accountability is something he keeps strictly for himself. Compelled and determined to take Full Responsibility, he denies Woman her half of the power and her half of the adult accountability that goes with it.

Neither the feminist nor the honorable man, want either FemalePower or MaleVictimization revealed. Neither the feminist nor the honorable man want to see women held accountable. Neither the feminist nor the honorable man can abide male complaint.

The honorable man is indeed honorable, but all too often he is something else as well. He is the perfect feminist patsy. He is the manipulated male personified. Cultural misandry has the honorable man experiencing himself as the rare exceptional man but, in truth, he is the common man.

So long as he believes men have the power and women are the victims, he believes that men have no business protesting and women deserve every advantage they’re given. Though the MP/FV paradigm leads Man down a path to diminishment, it simultaneously guilt-trips him into rejecting any truths that would refute it! Man passively watches his own decline without lifting a finger. Man fully accepts his undisputed status as less-than in beauty, desirability, morality, grace, refinement, goodness, parenting . . . he accepts his over-representation in imprisonment, homelessness, battlefields, hard/hazardous labor . . . he accepts the male bashing, he even accepts having his children taken from him; and still Man goes along with it when Woman demands that he keep pouring from his glass half “full” into her glass half “empty” because that is “fair.” His belief system renders him helpless against feminist machinations and precludes mobilizing on his own behalf even though he suffers comparison with Woman in nearly every measure of wellbeing. Through feminism, Woman has constructed the perfect male conundrum and escape-proof ideological trap—a means by which Woman works her power to disparage and diminish Man, all under the guise of having no power.

The New Warrior community is comprised of honorable men. They are particularly dedicated to personal accountability and the dictates of chivalry and political correctness. When it comes to truths from the politicized male perspective, their shields are at the ready. Masculist truths do not penetrate and the teachings of feminism go unquestioned.[1] Approximately 40,000 men have been initiated into the New Warrior community. Only a fraction remain actively connected; nevertheless, New Warriors is, to my knowledge, the largest and strongest men’s organization in the U.S.

The founders, sensing the decline and degradation of men, founded New Warriors with the mission to “Reclaim the sacred masculine in our time.” But feminism has done its magic upon this community and thus far, all efforts to elicit support toward fulfillment of a politicized men’s movement have failed.

No matter what ruin a drug wreaks, how will addicts respond to that which threatens to take their drug away from them? While Man rejects the victim that Woman grasps with both hands, Woman rejects the shame that Man grasps with both hands. I’m not surprised women and men are hostile toward masculist truths. Introducing balance and fairness into gender ideology would deprive Woman of the victim to which she’s addicted and it would deprive Man of the shame to which he’s addicted.

[1] In fact, I attended one workshop and know of others in which the teachings of feminism were taught right there in the Chicago New Warrior men’s center. Needless to say, the teachings of masculism are rejected outright.

14 Responses to The Honorable Man

  1. A Harvard Man on May 18, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    What kind of disgusting, perverted lesbian wrote this ? You are delusional and silly !!! I am not a sexist, I am a PROUD INDIVIDUALIST ! I believe in good and bad, smart and dumb, and the author is clearly a stupid woman who is a MAN HATER. GROW UP AND DEAL WITH YOUR OWN "PERSONAL" PROBLEMS IN PRIVATE. You probably think that military men are "Bad", but in the REAL world where NORMAL people live, is full of REAL MEN WITH HONOR.
    You embarrass yourself. Feminism… HA ha ha ha !!! What a joke, American women are the laughing stock of the world !!! You whine that you want men to be feminized, while you try your damnedest to maculate yourselves. I just laugh !!!

  2. EEM on March 9, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    From what Tim says in his commentary, this New Warrior Group is a big bunch of 'Manginas'. Figure out what that means. Time to stop pulling the verbal punches here. There are too many men out there who fall on the sword in order to 'protect' women; they assault and intimidate other men, they invalidate other men, they blindly obey the feminist doctrine & dogma…because deep down inside they've been taught that having balls is bad and a penis is evil. Look, I'm not a proponent/supporter of beer guzzling men sitting around a bar bad-mouthing women and spanking the waitress on the ass. Its asinine behavior and being an asshole gets us nowhere. We should treat everyone with respect and stand up for ourselves at the same time. Being anti-asshole doesn't mean you have to be a MANGINA. Men & women should always all the time everywhere be held to the same legal, economic, societal & cultural standards. Period. Its 2012 and women want equality, they have full equality in every aspect of life then.

  3. Truth on February 23, 2012 at 5:30 AM

    Part IV: When the solutions are simple, it’s easy to see the corruption that was involved in the way the laws are set up and where this one sidedness emanates from. First an honorable man shouldn’t have to defend himself from his wife/girlfriend…but when he does have to, (as I’ve had to having been married to a wife with anger issues) he shouldn’t get arrested for defending himself. This inability to defend oneself is a fundamentally corrupt law which promotes a police state and gets people into court which is all about money. Get people into court, create friction between them, raise tempers, anger, walls and then capitalize off of the fighting that ensues in court….it’s corrupt and the beliefs that are set up feed this money hungry, self serving system. “Honorable” people should be serving in our courts…they are not. “Honorable” people should be serving as our representatives…they are largely not. Those two groups of people right there set the tone and it is a corrupt, self serving tone where doing what’s right….is optional and seldom achieved.

  4. Truth on February 23, 2012 at 5:29 AM

    Part III: This is the corruption that drives the victimization of men….your government has done this to men and all the bottom feeder, attorneys, women’s rights, violence against women, etc…make out very well keeping this going. The CEO’s of these “non profits all have over $100,000.00 salaries so I’m sure they don’t do what they do out of the “goodness” of their hearts. The violence against women’s groups get funding for the “kind work” from our federal government.

  5. Truth on February 23, 2012 at 5:26 AM

    PART II: The whole man bad/women good industry is about money making and NOTHING ELSE. Our legal system/government set these values for their own profit. Do people know what Title IV-D is? It’s a Federal program that gives matching fund kick backs to states for EVERY child support dollar that is given to a single custodial parent that a state has on its books. So basically, they’ve tailored the game so that in divorce, they take the kids off the Dad (Dad’s are bad), give them to the mother (Mothers are good), extort money through high child support payments, and the state gets 3, maybe 4 times that amount back from the Federal government. So if you pay $2,000.00 a month in Child Support, your state can get back anywhere from $6,000.00 to $8,000.00 a month.

  6. Truth on February 23, 2012 at 5:24 AM

    There is so much to say about this whole pit men against women thing but one thing that everyone seems to ALWAYS forget is the MONEY made in supporting the beliefs that men are bad, women are good. Yes Megan I do believe an honorable man places God in his life, but what about the woman…why is SHE allowing the man to follow his instincts to procreate? Everyone knows men are more sexual than women, but to think that it's just a man’s responsibility is dishonorable. It takes two as they say.

  7. Todd on February 3, 2012 at 5:57 AM

    Why don’t families provide the same cautions to their sons about abusive girls and women who will try to take advantage of them, control and abuse them?
    Families need to teach their sons about the dangers of abusive women just like we teach our daughters about the dangers of abusive men. We need to teach our boys to respect themselves and develop healthy boundaries—even if it’s a woman who is violating them. We need to teach boys that it’s healthy and right to walk (or run) away from girls and women who are disrespectful, cruel, indifferent, demanding, controlling, demeaning, manipulative, opportunistic, possessive, jealous, emotionally dishonest, unempathic, abusive, crazy and/or predatory.
    We need to teach our boys, just like we teach our girls, that it’s not okay for a loved one or anyone to lay their hands upon you in violence; that it’s wrong to be taken advantage of financially (i.e., he earns all of the money and she spends it all while running up debt and refusing to work); we need to teach them the warning signs and symptoms of abuse and that’s there’s no shame in admitting they’re in an abusive relationship and that men, just like women, don’t owe their abuser a damned thing except a view of their backsides walking away from them and, in some cases, a trip to the local jailhouse. We need to teach our boys that tolerating abuse from a woman doesn’t make them “men;” it makes them victims and suckers for buying into the bull that abuse isn’t abuse when the perpetrator is a female.
    We need to provide boys and young men the same information and supports we provide girls and women. Predators come in all shapes, sizes and sexes and we need to teach our children, girls and boys, how to avoid and protect themselves from manipulative, abusive predators. We also need to stop normalizing predatory behaviors in females exhibited in high-conflict and personality-disordered types as normal and/or acceptable female behavior. These behaviors are not normal. It’s just as bad and pathological when women exhibit abusive behaviors and they should receive the same public censure, condemnation, ostracism, court fines and jail time as male abusers.

  8. Megan Gentry on June 11, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    The honorable man places God first in his life. He does not place himself in a position of creating a pregnant woman out of wedlock. Once married an honorable man takes the vow to his wife as the second most important thing in his life. A woman rarely wants her man doing things that do not fall into agreement with the commitment to each other and their offspring, unless he has dishonored her or the family. The relationship is a joint agreement with a set of guidelines (richer or poor, in sickness and in health, etc.). His and/or her employment is not what makes them honorable. It is a tool to establishes financial security. In closing, an honorable man is a Godly man who dedicates himself to his wife and family in a positive manner.

    • EEM on March 9, 2012 at 10:05 PM

      Jibberish Megan. Your statement is clearly pro-woman and smells of male subjugation. Quasi-excerpts from the Bible to subjugate and bind a man to relgious/divine rules, yet, where is the woman's vow to the man? Where is the woman's accountability & responsibility? How is it that a man gets a woman pregnant out of wedlock? Did she not willingly participate? Did they BOTH not get pregnant? Then when pregnant, its all up to the woman to decide if she will have the child or not, whether to stay with the man or not, and whether he will pay child support or not. You're not living in the 1950's anymore dear. Women are just as responsible as men and should be held just as accountable and to the exact same standards that men are.

    • Mad Dog Mike64806 on May 15, 2012 at 12:42 AM

      I have only met about three truly honorable women in my life. I am talking about women that honor and respect their fathers and husbands. when people use the words MAN-UP they are generally talking about a man opening up his wallet to a woman or worse fighting and/or dying for her. women rarely make such commetments to men.well even if they did the law and society makes this form of honor and respect for men politiclly incorrect and frowns apon it. if you don't believe me lookaround on Fathers day and you will see what I mean.this article is very true and the mere fact that you can't or won't present a discription of an honorable woman means that for some reason they don't exist. I am calling for all men to really MAN-UP and close your wallets and kill this chivilry crap and stand up for your rights and demand female accountabillity, and responsibility.

  9. Steven DeLuca on June 1, 2011 at 8:32 PM

    Males brought up not to cry, whine, complain, sit silently while their sons are trashed. Too many men have so much pain and loss bottled up that they are afraid that the first word would break the dam. Few men will risk that.

    Often I share the lyrics from a John Mayer song because it reflects the public attitude. "Fathers be good to your daughters… mothers be good to your daughters too" And what is the one throw away line for our boys. "Boys you can break, see how much they can take" and that's just what we do. Many break and end up in our jails or on the streets. Many others, damaged, make it to the top. The ones at the top feminist tell us are there because of patriarchy. The ones at the bottom, well, men are just pigs. In both cases male aggression that can be used for good and creativity ends up damaging. Males at the "top" working 60 hour weeks are missing too much of life with family, friends, reading, working out… but we see them as $ucce$$ful.

  10. Clover on May 19, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    The psychology of modern males is right there in black and white, the pathetic mutiation of humanity that it is.

    And David Green nailed it in his comment, these are in fact not honorable men. They surrendered their honor to female barbarians long ago.

    What can be done. What can be done. It seems so hopeless..

  11. David Green on May 18, 2011 at 8:32 AM

    What you are describing are dishonorable males {as opposed to honorable} who have allowed women to pervert male honor into suiting their purpose.

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