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“Dear Woman” as man I am to blame for everything you ever did wrong. I aplogize.

June 24, 2011

…yup, that’s what these guys say in one of the strangest videos I’ve ever seen. These guys make Congressman Wiener look like the stud he always wanted to be, even with his cloths on.

Porky Pig, Silvester, Elmer Fud, Bugs and the whole Looney Tunes crew combined make more sense than the male apologists from the Conscious Man . They blame men for all the ills ever to befall women. They even apologize for dead guys.  They feel “sorrow” for…for — well, for more things than can be listed here in any reasonable amount of time.

That said, these questionably conscious men have a “Manifesto for Conscious Men” which is somehow connected to the earth, animalism, superstition, intuition, and wisdom of the feminist heart.

Hi Girls! It's us. Big Bad Men. We repent! We apologize for our penises. Click on this picture for a message...

First, contemporary feminists don’t have hearts. They are ideological auto-matrons goose-stepping us all toward oblivion. These wackos are connected by ways of knowing that leave no room for things like wisdom. They are “Fe-ME-ists” who take no responsibility for anything that goes wrong and are only concerned with themselves. They shame, blame, and guilt trip everyone into believing the most absurd things, like the swill upchucked by the questionably conscious men in the original surrealistic mangina-monologue “Dear Woman”. Click on the picture on the left if you have a strong stomach or a pint of Rolaids.

You got'a love these guys!

The guys from Conscious Man drew out the best in Will Farrell and friends in another version of  “Dear Women” . I’m not comfortable calling it a parody. Parodies by definition stretch absurdity to laughable limits. Yet, the original “Dear Woman” exceeds the limits of absurdity in otherwise unimaginable ways. Perhaps Farrell and friends work is more like a grounding– a bringing back of reality from the disillusions of the looney-tunes at (un)conscious man.  Give Will a click of your mouse to see his version.

And, Conscious Men, here’s a message from the Happy Misogynist that can help on your journey to enlightenment and manhood: . Enjoy!

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3 Responses to “Dear Woman” as man I am to blame for everything you ever did wrong. I aplogize.

  1. Training Dog Calgary on June 10, 2014 at 5:20 AM

    Really this article contains huge amount of information. I think it would be helpful for all. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Ron on July 29, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    It's sad really, Its a shame that these gentlemen have drunk so much of the Duluth Kool Aid that they feel it's better to be a castrated puppy to the Feminist movement, than to take pride in their masculinity, and revel in all that is good about being a man.
    These gentlemen show how modern society is failing men and boys, how we are being molded into the feminist ideal of the perfect man…androgynous, metro-sexual, a kept man.
    It seems the closer you get to being a woman, the better the man you will be. This makes no sense to me at all.

  3. S DeLuca on July 17, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    Made me sick to think that after decades of male bashing that men have rolled over like trained dogs or feminist doormats – to end up teaching young people that men are pigs and women are angels. Luckily those who are far better writers than I protest. Check out the following response online, you can find "the rest of the story" – FIND THE FOLLOWING ONLINE, READ IT ALL, SHARE WITH OTHERS:

    Honoring Men: A Manifesto for Conscious Women by Mary Allen & John Cole
    June 21st, 2011

    Last fall, Arjuna Ardagh and Gay Hendricks shared the Manifesto for the Conscious Man on Facebook and then, more recently, a video, called “Dear Woman.” Arjuna also posted The Art of Worshiping Women at the Huffington Post. These pieces triggered strong reactions in many, ranging from appreciation to anger and everything in between.

    The intention was clearly to honor women. And, many women felt acknowledged, and appreciated the collective apology from men. Yet, it was also inadvertently dishonoring, and even insulting, to many men, including my husband John.

    We could say men have just as much to be honored for, and women have just as much to apologize for. Maybe even more.

    I invite you to read the posts above and below.

    In any regard, we decided to balance out the story here.

    While John wrote the first draft, together we shaped it into “The Manifesto for the Conscious Woman.” We submitted this to the Huffington Post in December 2010, but they felt it was too “edgy” and “not a fit” for their audience. We’re now sharing the Manifesto at my Everyday Inner Peace blog, because one of the biggest keys to inner peace is recognizing and acknowledging reality “as it is.” We may like reality or we may be repulsed by reality. Regardless, “seeing clearly” is where sanity begins.

    To all the men in the world, I truly honor you.

    And for all the ways my sisters and I have caused you suffering, hardship or pain, I offer up a collective apology, as Arjuna and Gay offered to women some time ago.

    And to my dear sisters, please recognize the format of “A Manifesto for the Conscious Woman” is simply a mirror of Arjuna and Gay’s “A Manifesto for Conscious Men.” Just as Arjuna and Gay didn’t intend to dishonor or insult men, we’re not either. [DO FIND THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ONLINE]

    Here’s to our collective healing between genders. There is clearly a lot of pain we’ve inflicted both ways.

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