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NCFM Liaison Carl Augustsson “we…fight against all the ways feminism went too far…” lost love found

June 8, 2011

Feminist lies make bad laws.

By Carl Augstsson

NCFM Liaison Democratic Republic of Georgia

As the school year here draws to a close, my students have been having graded debates.  They have chosen a number of interesting subjects, such as the legalization of marijuana and the right to die.  I must say how pleased I am with their presentations.  They wanted me to state my own opinion on each of these issues.  I said I only would after the debates were over, for the want of remaining neutral.

One of the topics was male-dominated society versus gender equality.¬† Needless to say, I certainly had a strong opinion of this one!¬†¬†Though I have already told my students about NCFM (some even expressed an interest in joining), I reiterated what we stand¬†for.¬† For one thing, I emphasized that we reject the idea that there¬†ever was a “patriarchy”.¬† Instead, we¬†believe that both genders have suffered from gender roles,¬†only in different¬†ways.¬† I¬†mentioned that we both fight against¬†all the ways feminism went too far, along with the ways in which men have always suffered violence and discrimination.

I then mentioned some of the personal reasons why I got involved in the movement myself.  I have already mentioned some of them before, and no doubt many of you have similar reasons yourselves.  However, the one which resonated the most involved a personal promise I made.

Prior to meeting my wonderful wife here in Georgia, I spent 10 years without a girlfriend.  Although my luck with girls was not zero during those lonely years, it was very little.  It caused me to have a low self-esteem.  I would usually spend my Saturday nights alone in my apartment (in the various countries that I lived in throughout my 20s) with a pizza, beer, soda, chips, and a pack of cigarettes, watching the Discovery Chanel.  All the while I would tell myself how pathetic I was to be spending yet another Saturday night like this, all because I figured I had no chance of ever finding love.  I always dreamed of having a wedding day that I figured I would never get.  I vowed if I ever actually got a girlfriend, or better yet found a great girl who was willing to marry me, I would turn around and fight on behalf of all the other young men in their teens/20s who were too afraid to date because of feminist poison.  I would light candles in churches (of different denominations) in the numerous places I visited around the world, and I promised God (and I value my religious faith tremendously) that I would fight for other men in my position if I ever found love.

Five years after getting married, I finally¬†kept my word.¬†¬†I¬†realized then,¬†and I now realize¬†so much more so now, that my problem¬†was that I was scared to date because feminism had made dating a virtual minefield because all of this ridiculous sexual harassment hysteria.¬† I look back on my lonely years with sadness.¬† Whenever I watch comedy movies about high school or college students, I feel like I really missed out on a huge part of the experience, having been lonely throughout most of those years.¬† It is during these moments I become especially angry about feminism.¬† While it’s too late for me to ever have those years back (besides it all worked out for me in the end anyway), it is NOT too late for younger men.¬† No other young man should ever have to go through what I went through.¬† NO WAY!!!¬† Not if there is something I can do about it.¬† And THAT is why I fight.

My students were quite moved by my story.  They told me they like the fact that things are also so open and honest in my class when compared to typical Georgian professors.  They told me that that is the reason why my classes always fill up first, I am proud to say.

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One Response to NCFM Liaison Carl Augustsson “we…fight against all the ways feminism went too far…” lost love found

  1. Nergal on June 8, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    You didn't miss much,bud.I'd trade all the action I got in high school for the knowledge I have right now. Even if it turned out I didn't lose my virginity until I was 40, I'd definitely lose it some time, plus I'd be richer than King Midas.

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