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European Union’s first men’s health report reveals dismal status of male deaths

September 29, 2011

According to a article in Men’s Health Forum, data from a massive study reported in the State of Men’s Health in Europe, shows that European men’s health is dismal compared to European women.

MHF listed the key findings from the Report’s press release:

  • Although men are living longer that ever before, the current decline in births means that there will be a huge reduction of men of working age across the EU-27 in the coming decades.
  • Over 50% of premature deaths amongst men are avoidable.
  • Men are less likely than women to engage in routine or preventative health checks.
  • Even though there have been big reductions in cardiovascular morbidity and death amongst men, Cardio-Vascular disease is still one of the biggest risks to health and the principle cause of death in the older population.
  • Among men, prostate cancer has become the most diagnosed cancer in Europe.
  • Testicular cancer, despite effective treatment, still remains the first cause of cancer death among young males (20-35 years).
  • Men’s depression and other mental health problems are under detected and under treated in all European countries. This is partly due to men being less likely to seek help.

“The European Men’s Health Forum is warning that unless a fundamental change is made in the whole approach taken to men’s health, the EU will suffer both socially and economically.”

The Report shows twice as many men of working age (16-64) die as women with some 630,000 male and 300,000 female deaths across the EU27 countries in this age group.

The EMHF will be following up with more articles about the Report’s findings.

At least Europe figured out there may be good reasons to find out about the health of their men.

Don’t look to the White House or Congress for anything similar. Both are obsessed with catering to the women elected-power elite (WE-PE) and don’t care about the health of men in America.

If funds were appropriated for such a study in the United States, be assured the funds would be given to a women’s organization. The organization will profusely assure us of objective results then the results will be fabricated to prop up the crumbling politically correct ideology of male disenfranchisement.

Regardless, here’s a short solution list:

  1. Conduct outreach and education programs encouraging men to employ preventive measures like regular health checkups.
  2. Allocate funds to research men’s health issues.
  3. Fund public screening and health education programs similar to those funded for women.

You might suggest something like that to your local legislators. Who knows, maybe one of them will hear you.

You can read more about the EU Report here:

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One Response to European Union’s first men’s health report reveals dismal status of male deaths

  1. Chris on January 29, 2012 at 7:40 AM

    Will the NCFM please bring this European report to notice of local and state bodies. There is no reason to believe that men's health in the US is any different to European men. We should be demanding that " Offices of Men's Health "be created since there are already offices of Women's Health in most jurisdictions.
    Credible evidence such as in this report cannot be ignored by the departments of health any longer.

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