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Emasculated Labour straps itself to the mast of childcare – while male unemployment goes up and up

February 21, 2012


By Kathy Gyngel

“Labour’s pledge ‘to get woman back to work’ is classic case of doublethink.”

Male joblessness: In 1971 the number of adult men in work stood at 81 per cent. Today it has dropped to 63 per cent

It doesn’t seem long ago that it was the Conservatives worrying about what their big idea should be. The credit crunch relieved them of that. You might have thought that Labour would be grateful for the fact that they don’t exactly need one. The Coalition’s failure to stem debt and to catalyse growth should be enough for any opposition to capitalise on. Manna indeed from heaven; but apparently it is not.

So it’s back to the future for Labour. Once again it plans to put childcare and ‘equality’ at the heart of its manifesto. Two of its honorary feminists, Liam Byrne and Stephen Twigg, announced that early childcare is to be a priority for the next election. As if it hadn’t been before.

For in Labour’s feminised economic worldview, women ‘being kept out of’ the workplace by exorbitant childcare costs is the problem of the day. Despite the recession, the imploding eurozone and the quagmire of debt Labour left us in, it is the ‘tailing off’ of rising female employment, that unaffordable childcare is causing…

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One Response to Emasculated Labour straps itself to the mast of childcare – while male unemployment goes up and up

  1. Antony Parisi on February 23, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    Feminatzis are working very hard into brainwashing young guys into pussywipped morons !!!! O. come on .. you no need a hot meal after hard day of work !! Just go to Magdonalds ,they have salads now . You no need a good sex , she is not in the mood ,dont be so selfish !! just masturbate . O …so what if this is not you chiled ,come on … pay for it ..Dont you love her ?? !! You no need to be a police oficer ,you score better on the test but we need women too ,come on.. you try next year agaen ,so what if she is fat and cant run ,thats why we invented the Taser Guns so fat women can be cops . O…come on ha .ha ,ha o come on … Im sick and tired !!! Im not goint to war for this stupid country !! Thats for sure !!

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