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Feminism? There’s something truthfully ugly about it. Who knew?

February 16, 2012


Mike Buchanan is an English author who has written two books on feminism and Feminism: The Ugly Truth, due out in paperback hopefully before June of this year.

Mike’s a supporter of NCFM, has linked our site to his; and, offered to supply us with articles or ‘thought pieces’, including extracts from his books?

Here’s the first of Mikes pieces available through NCFM, a peek preview of his new book Feminism: The Ugly Truth, extracted from the book’s upcoming paperback edition. The picture of the feminist to the left is the cover. Mike says, “some of the page numbering has gone awry during the process (of converting it the PDF you are about to read), but otherwise it looks fine.

The extracted sample includes the Table of Contents which is enlightening by itself. Additionally, there is the Forward, Introduction by Erin Pizzey, and three chapters. The chapter Feminist Theory, Building Castles in the Air, offers a rare glimpse into the strange world of WoMEN StuDIEs.

The book has been launched in e-book editions and has just come out in a Kindle edition on Amazon for $9.95. The Sony Reader version is $7.96. You can download free Sony Reader software from the same website.

Mike is interested to hearing from readers in in the “States”, meaning us colonials across the pond. So, feel to email him with comments and questions at and/or post comments on his blog (after you post one here of course).

Click here for the smple preview of FEMINISM – THE UGLY TRUTH

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