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What does your vagina smell like?

February 6, 2012


By Steven Deluca

“What does your vagina smell like”  was/is a serious question asked by “some” feminists of other women.

The answers have a pattern.  It’s like people telling you about their past lives.  No one ever says, my 30th generation back consisted of street beggars and pedophiles and – evidently, despite commercials to the contrary, the answer to “What does you vagina smell like?” is never the dark side of a swamp.

OF COURSE you wonder where I am going with this.

A couple of years ago after a Vagina Monologues performance in the Santa Rosa area a feminist, female journalist wrote about how cool it was that women were reclaiming their vaginas (something like that, I guess some women lost theirs, not sure about that)  because men had made women feel bad about having vaginas.  Who knew?  Most of the men I know wouldn’t pay  much attention to most women if they didn’t have a vagina and some of those men act as if having a vagina entitles you to about just every free pass life has to offer.  .  (And no, that old joke about “if women didn’t have a vagina there would be a bounty on them isn’t where I am going with this either)

After a couple of letters in the press and online, and reports from the play about women chanting CUNT, CUNT, CUNT as a way of showing respect and admiration for their vaginas the journalist wrote another article about how women’s bodies are trashed in the media.

And OF COURSE I wrote to her telling her that if any high school boy called a girl a cunt, in private or in the hallways or in the classroom you can bet 100 to 1 he would be sent to the principal’s office to get the talk about “respecting women” and how he needed to be reeducated, apologize, pay penance somehow, and learn what boys gotta learn.  You never ever use the precious area between girl’s legs as an insult.

He goes back to class, the girls whisper about what he said, and two or three say “What a dick” and no one, but no one, says a word.  It’s not noticed.  A calling boys and men dick, or dick head, is OK because a dick is just a dick but a cunt is a vagina.  Or something like that?

So I wrote to her saying”Your name wouldn’t be ‘DICK’ would it?”  a line from a movie where Steve Martin says that line (Roxanne) I told her that there are many movies where women hit guys in the balls for laughs.  Whoopi Goldberg did two at once.  A bulldog got one guys balls.  Bowling balls and golf balls and posts sticking up from the ground and sports accidents played for laughs.  Let’s degrade men sexually, ha ha ha.

Of course feminist don’t see those things as sexually dehumanizing to people that are “dicks”

Then I reminded her of the movie PULP FICTION  where a vagina is called Holy of Holies and Scent of a Woman where it’s portal to heaven, and so on.

Did I think showing her these things would change her mind.  No, she is a hard core feminist and loves being seen as the victim and men as pigs.  Her audience loves it too.

My therapist knows I like art and told me that on the local business walls and windows the Vagina Monologue is being represented by art.  I went to see some.  Giant flowers as vaginas, sculptures that looked like vaginas.  I asked my therapist later if she had a female client that had been sexually abused by a man when she was a girl would she send them to see phallic art if men had such programs.  She got the point.

See the photo above – let’s not say “female ego” but consider two things.  Would any business have put up images of a penis where children would walk by and see them?  Would they put up poems by men praising their penis or asking how it smells?

How it possible is that feminists can believe the things they say when it’s so obvious that they have their nose so far up each other’s “personal space” that they can’t possible see anything passed each other’s belly buttons.

How does one smell ones vagina? Most men who have “been around the block” a time or two know that vaginas don’t all smell like a field of flowers.  Do they smell each other’s and share the news.  Do they spread their legs and bend as far as they can and sniff long and hard like a wolf on the prowl… just curious, blow the odor  up with a hair dryer, I’m just sayin’  – there is something a bit, dare I say “fishy” about all this.  (Rumor has it that those who have been up close and personal have found that from one woman to another it can be the best of times and worst of times.

I just want us to add this piece of history to the record so that when our great, great grand children want to know the facts … feminists can’t just hide this stuff like they did about the women 40 to 100 years ago.  WE need to make a scrap book of such things.  When it all falls down – we can show our grand kids part of the reason why.

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4 Responses to What does your vagina smell like?

  1. hihithere on May 27, 2017 at 1:46 PM

    you just smell it.

  2. Anonymous on June 1, 2012 at 3:21 AM

    "I’m just sayin’ – there is something a bit, dare I say “fishy” about all this"

    I thought the NCFM was a long-standing and fairly reputable organization but I guess it's actually being run by fifteen year-old boys.

  3. Arden on February 13, 2012 at 5:16 PM

    …rotting fish and burnt toast.

  4. Zorro on February 6, 2012 at 9:06 PM

    If anyone wants to correct the many typos, spelling errors, punctuation, and re-post this, go for it. It's just one of those things I don't always notice until it's posted and I am sure I miss some simply because…

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