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Unseen Injustice – drummed out of the United Stated for wanting to see his children…

March 26, 2012

Unseen Injustice

In today’s world of political correctness and empowerment of women, the rights and freedoms of men have been downgraded to the point that they are now considered a second class citizen in the eyes of the US civil court system. The unforeseen consequence that resulted is the breakup of the American family, and children who no longer receive the guidance and love of their fathers.

My children have been subjected to seeing their father being threatened by the police on many occasions because their mother wants total and unconditional control of the family for personal gain. The police, both on and off duty, serve as the enforcers for the women’s rights movement. They are told horrific stories by women that wish to punish their spouses. The result is children witnessing their fathers taken away to jail and forbidden to return home in the power struggle.

Even when evidence is taken to court proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that the women are lying, the men are still charged with false crimes. When it is finally over, the lucky men have the false charges dropped, but nothing is done to the women that filed the false police reports and endangered their children’s safety.

I know these things are hard to believe in the Great America, but it has happened to me on numerous occasions. I have video and audio evidence that my ex has brought men to threaten me when I am holding my children. This resulted in me getting arrested and the charges were not dropped until the judge was shown the tapes in his office. These cases rarely get to court but are decided in closed door sessions with only the attorneys and judge present. Even after the evidence has proven the woman had lied about the false charges, she is never charged with a crime. Because of this, she is empowered to repeat the same offense again and again, all the while the children and men suffer.

After 7 years of court battles, having my children taken from be by threatening police and subsequently hidden by their mothers, I was again threatened on a midnight call by the police at my home. I was woken up to be told I did not have the right to go to Washington DC and demand justice. I was also told I would be arrested and possibly disappear if I tried.

Because of the threat of violence by women and the police, many men have had no choice but to run and leave America.  Many are like me, an illegal alien in a foreign land with no hope of ever seeing my children and living in a constant threat of being imprisoned or worse.

If this sounds outrageous, look at the facts you see around you. America is encouraging civilians of the world to protest against unjust regimes, but when it occurs in America, they are arrested or dispersed. When men bring evidence against the powerful women’s right movement and their supporting politicians, they are threatened with imprisonment or worse. I know, it has happened to me.

The ones most affected by this unfortunate system are the children. They see their fathers abused, threatened, and taken away for no reason other than the word of a woman. No wonder so many children no longer respect the so called law enforcers and are now criminals.

With the American civil courts and police being the enforcers on the side of women in each home, nothing but injustice is occurring. Believing one side, the females’, is unjust and un-American. The excuse that women have, that they been abused by men for centuries and it is now their turn for power is illegal. Holding the modern father responsible for crimes and injustices by men of the past is not only wrong, but is destroying our country. By reducing men’s rights to a second class level because of what others have done in the past is doing nothing but creating new victims.

America was created by people that left regimes that were falsely imprisoning and punishing them for crimes they did not commit. America has become what it was created to avoid. This has made the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with regards to many men, null and void. Political correctness and the power of special interest groups now rule the land.

To my children for whom I have not seen for 4 years, Patricia and Joe, I am continuing the nonviolent campaign for your freedom and our right to live and be together, without the threats of the police or by the women’s rights movement removing you for illegal and unjust reasons. I love you with all my heart and painfully miss you.

The American Political Refugee

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2 Responses to Unseen Injustice – drummed out of the United Stated for wanting to see his children…

  1. Abe C. Fathers on April 28, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    Women are not being accountable for their lying to the police or in the courts. My ex-wife was actually fined my court costs by the court, she did not ever pay me for it and then later forced me to give up this fine for court costs. This is only part of my story. The court did not give me any scheduled time with my children and failed to recognize the parental alienation that was being done with my children by their mother. It all started in January 2005 and is still a problem 7 years later. I have shared my story in a book to hopefully help inform others involved with this unfair system of divorce to recognize that changes are needed for men and the non-custodial parent. My book is available at

  2. Fred Sottile on March 28, 2012 at 7:57 AM

    I do not know who authored this excellent narrative, but I thank him.
    This story has been written more than 1,000 times over by those seeking recognition.
    The story has been put on You Tube and shouted in front of court houses.
    Judges, cops and prosecutors all know the truth.
    Women all know the truth.
    But children, children are mostly just damaged.
    Responsibility for that goes to the perpetrators of the crime.
    Congratulations to that sadistic cartel and its successful disregard and violence against children.
    I hope you are proud.

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