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Today’s feminist are all about ME; or FeMEism.

April 6, 2012

feministBy Steve DeLuca,

I am asking you to read this and to help bring attention to how feminists use several of months a year to trash men and bring attention to themselves and now have usurped another month by crowding out April as ”Child Abuse Prevention Month” for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Women’s groups across American evidently decided that although women have fewer injuries and deaths than children from “family violence” and that although women are more able to protect themselves, no matter, we need another month of male bashing each year to benefit women with more and more special programs for health, education and welfare, and we need more billions in cash even if it comes at the expense of children’s live.    With that decision consciously made, the are pushing those that need our protection the most, children, off center stage to once again put the spot light on “men behaving badly” with  “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”   SAAM – a man’s name.

Why after forty years of male bashing do we need another month targeting men? Well, because when it comes to feminist PORNO, they “get off” on horrific lies and myths about men as beasts; they never can get enough.  Targeting black men as beasts lead to over 4,000 black men being beaten, tortured and hung in America and not just because they were black.  Black women were not treated this was, all the victims were men. WE continue to see the racism but not the sexism.  Once you paint black men as beast, and “innocent white women in danger” then it was just another step to get those chivalrous men to kill their black brothers for that “lil’ ol pat on the head” for being “good men” protecting women from those bad men.  I see that same need of men today, say whatever you want of us, trash our forefathers and brainwash our sons, but just give me that pat on the head, hand me the “Honey Do” list, and watch me march for women’s causes. Hundreds of black men at a minimum, to thousands  innocent men were then stripped, tortured, castrated, burned, while the good white men and women looked on… and to be fair,  some saw through those horrific acts, but were afraid to speak up, or act, because, most people are cowards compared to the few who  control the rest.  It’s always been so.

All propaganda that leads to degrading others and then violence towards them depends on profiling of some sort.   Japanese were caricatured as monkey, like blacks and like the Jews.  Jews sacrificed Christian babies the Nazi’s claimed. Black men can’t control themselves around righteous white women the KKK taught.  Whites hid their crimes and acted superior to do far more violence than a few angry black men were doing.   The KKK taught that blacks were  “Less Evolved” and today we hear feminist women discussing male beasts (includes blacks) as “less evolved” rapacious, don’t care about their children; abusers all.   “Men are just rapists and that’s all they are” says feminist icon, Marilyn French as many feminist cheer her work.  We have had many men getting out of prison the last few years, often black, almost always poor, and with lower class white men also, blamed for rapes that they didn’t commit.  Once you convince others that women don’t lie and are always good, all it takes is a white woman busted for having sex with a black men to weigh out, his life, her reputation, and he is a dead man.   Many women have lied about sex and violence for too many reasons to go into here, but in American such lies are emotionally and financially profitable.    And with hundreds of millions of female votes possible traded for a few billion dollars from the government, well, it is what it is.   A woman claims rape, it must be rape, end of story.   If women say women don’t lie, it must be so.  If NOW and the AAUW claim 1 in 4 women are sexually violated, then women get angry, shamed men bravely step forth to protect “innocent women” from all those bad men.  Linda Fairstein (sp) said of 4,000 rape charges in New York, half simply didn’t happen and she’s a feminist and she was fighting crimes of rape in New York when she said it.  She is not a misogynist.   And during her time men were forced to admit guilt, by the cops, to rapes that they didn’t commit.  Innocent men are in our prisons, black and white.  Almost a million men have been raped in prison some claim.   Innocent black men were tortured and hung.  Innocent men today go to prison for life, often beaten and raped, sometimes killed.  Will we never learn?  And now April is just one more month to trash men while ignoring women’s lies and acts of violence.

Child abuse must be hidden from the public because it’s a crime committed mostly my mothers. Five children die a day from abuse and neglect, 1,500 deaths a year, and more deaths than women killed by men.   It’s mostly women maiming, scalding, drowning, beating and killing and it’s mostly our sons that suffer from women’s violence.  More children are dying than women, children can’t run away, we need to protect them and IF WE DO, then we will see men AND women less likely to abuse, injure or kill their adult partners or strangers on the street. Men marching in high heels, by the time a child have been beaten for years by others, and grow to be a whack case; does anyone believe watching this march will have him taking up macramé, or hang gliding instead of acts of violence towards the weaker men, women or children he comes into contact with? And for those who haven’t gotten off their butts yet to learn the facts, women beaten and abuse often take their violence out on others too in ways as gruesome as any man.

For political reasons and fund raising feminists must hide women’s violence and exaggerate male violence.  (Give any group a few billion dollars and no accountability as we did with the “Violence Against Women [ONLY] Act” give them the power to control the flow of information to educators, the police, cops and courts, and watch the corruption begin.  Women’s groups have so ruthlessly tossed aside the truth and put the spotlight on women’s needs for so long that even children are being lost along the way.   That was my modestly long message to you until I decided to toss in some notes from an article I am working on that you might find useful if you too are sick and tired of watching men in high heels marching to teach or children that men are beasts.

“Women ‘in particular’ need to stop gender profiling” I wrote after I saw the last safe-house notice that “men in particular” need to come out to support Sexual Assault Awareness month, to march a mile in women’s shoes, high heels at that, to show what:  remorse, guilt, sympathy, solidarity with the same gender that has been bashing men for decades and refuses to even consider putting on men’s combat or work books to walk even a block in men’s shoes?  Forty years of male bashing and they added another month of men as oppressors while they, again, as always, hide women’s violence.

If you think women can’t be as violent as men then Goggle “Sylvia Marie Likens.”  Killed by Gertrude Baniszewski after months of torture.  Goggle “Elisa Izquierdo” a girl on the cover of “Time or Newsweek” years ago, I have written about he before.  These two acts of horrific acts of violence are as bad as anything any rapists or homicidal male has done and there are many others.  What Maddy’s mom did to hear was worse than her rape, and it was sexual. What my grandmother did to me and my twin sister, at preschool age, was worse than adult rape, adults know what’s happening isn’t their fault.  Children only know the terror and confusion and sometimes blame themselves. (More about Maddy later)

“Feminism has much to answer for denigrating men…” – Rebecca Walker, daughter of Alice Walker, author of “The Color Purple.”  Daphne Patai, feminist teacher, author, dedicated “Heterophia” “To the men in my life … who made it impossible for me to abide grotesque caricatures of manhood, even when asserted by feminists.”
Reading last week’s news,  H.D.S. Greenway, columnist for the Boston Globe, Sunday April 1, 2012 the heading is “Going down with the ship” and the subheading “A century after the Titanic, has women-and-children-first, ‘courtesy’ vanished?”

Courtesy!  Has this person never been in mortal danger?  Are we getting gender information from those who have sat on their butts in school as children and then on their butts in offices using perfect grammar to get a job with as a journalist when they don’t have a clue  about the difference between the ultimate sacrifice and mere good manners?  How does anyone write that  by offering your seat on the life boat it’s about the same as offering an older person a seat on the bus; a courtesy.  Here ya’ go mam, I realize you are 78 years old and I am 22 and the way you are wheezing you might not even survive the life boat for a few hours, but I am going to stay here, perish slowly in the dark, turbulent, icy water, to be eventually eaten by sea life with no place for my kin to visit with flowers, but hey, you have a vagina and I don’t so…. have a nice trip?   And, oh, by the way, if you think of me remember me as ever so polite and courteous.

Well thank you young man, I guess your mama and papa taught you to have proper manners. And by the way, it’s raining, and cold, can I have your coat and umbrella too. Thanks, such a good boy you are, well brought up, Ta Ta

I have been working on the April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month article for many days.  So angry am I.  And it’s going badly.  1,500 children die a year from child abuse and the most likely abuser is the mother and these BITCHES   are going to ignore what was done in 1983 by Health and Human Services – making a month for preventing child abuse… and these BITCHES are going to push April as “Child Abuse Prevention Month” aside, and we let them do it?  Abuse and neglect of three million children a year of which tens of thousands will become adults that will attack their partners, and their children sigh horrible acts of violence, and oh, by the way, ”testosterone poisoning” has nothing to do with it and yet we let them sell that to our children.  THAT TOO IS CHILD ABUSE.  .

Around 2001 women’s groups started SAAM as they began to worry that people might not buy what they were selling: That 24/7 any violence to adult partners and children always must be portrayed as male.  The fear was that when people notice a few thousand more cases of moms beating children than fathers, selling ‘testosterone poisoning’ was going to be a hard sell.  Once that door was opened Goddess knows what people might notice next:   What if they noticed that a few thousand more lesbians were reporting DV problems compared to gay men?  And Goddess forbid that they ever get a copy of Martin Fiebert’s 200 studies showing that women are more likely to initiate violence and not that much more likely to die or be injured in family violence situation than men.    (Did you know that in 1983, twice as many males were killed by female intimates in Detroit than women were killed by male intimates?  Guess there must have been a bad outbreak of “estrogen poisoning” in Detroit. )

So feminists and women’s groups supporting feminists, and the men that like to “YES DEAR” anything that NOW or the AAUW claims about those with the unfortunate and brutal owners of the “Y” chromosome —- had to bury April as “Child Abuse ‘Prevention’ Month” and replace something that would benefit all of us with something that only benefits sexist bigots “Sexual Assault Awareness Month” starting in 2001.  I mentioned accountability before above and related to the Film “As Good As It Gets”

Secretary asks Jack Nicholson, “How do you write women so well?”

Nicholson, “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.”

Men started walking a mile in high heels teaching our children by the tens of thousands around the country, as this farce grows with each passing year,  and by using an image they will never forget –   that men are pigs and women angels.  Did this help?  Did rapists get the message that men are pigs and stop raping?  Is anyone noticing that there is no follow up, ever?    From 2000 to 20005 the FBI reported a 5% increase in rape to around 100,000 around the country during those same five years.  That means 5,000 more women were raped.  Does this mean the march caused more rapes?  Maybe not but with 5,000 more victims did that cause feminists to reconsider? (They didn’t notice, or, they don’t care)    Did they think that perhaps we should go back to -child abuse prevention instead.  After all, women beating a million or more boys might be something to look at as part of the cycle of violence that leads to several thousand acting out as rapists… I am just say ‘in’. The article I am writing has way too much information related to these issues and I just want to share with you hoping you can use some to protest the removal of child abuse which likely would stop most adult violence.  Hardly anything would do more good than preventing child abuse.

I live in a world where feminist will not think anything of a woman slapping a man or kicking him in the balls and they laugh when a man gets his dick cut off… but those very same women will call a man pushing a woman “an assault” – Patting a woman on the butt is a sexual assault and girls that like to kick guys in the balls in our school, ha ha, that’s just a joke, it’s just male sex organs they don’t count.  It wasn’t even against the law in some states a few years ago for women to have sex with boys and today few notice the long term affects on boys  mental health related to sexual assault and insulting  physical assaults when he was young   A lower class guy flirting with an upper class female  is sexual aggression,  or  “unwanted sexual attention” to be lumped in with real  sexual assaults and real rapes, to get the 1 in 4 number to trash men and to justify “gender profiling” with such ridiculous forums as men in high heels.   Jack Nicholson said in an interview once that men would wear green pointy ears if women asked them to and claim to be “their own man” all the while.

When I see and “feel” those things, when I know how most men are, good, loving, protective, compassionate, self-sacrificing, and then when I watch feminist teach our children the opposite, I burn inside.  And then a journalists sees  men giving up their lives 100 years ago, (and asked to again when Sully Sullenbergs plane crashed on the water)  as a “courtesy”  it just pisses me off and flames shoot from my fingers to my keyboard and… So it goes and then you are stuck with long email that you likely delete by now before you get this far, Steven going off again, I don’t blame you.

Meanwhile, I think to myself, “Will somebody slap that writer and explain that a slap is to battery what offering a seat on the bus is to giving up your life?”   I get criticized; have been for decades, for trying to straighten out brain dead idiots writing about gender.  I used to call much of what feminists claimed incorrectly to be a myth but after a few years, it’s either a lie or total incompetence so why do they get to dominate the discussion?  Why are men and women not speaking out?

I am writing to the paper to “rat on” the local safe house, again.  Ten years ago I wrote to them (certified mail, still have the receipt)  telling them that it’s easy to find out that the claim:  “More birth defects are caused by battery by the husband  ‘than all other causes combined ‘” was total bullshit, –  man talk, that I of course softened up with sissy words hoping they would pay attention.  Ten years later they still run that claim through the women running our local  paper when all they, or the press would have to do,  is call the Center for Disease Control to learn that “no, sistah’s, it’s not number one, and it’s certainly not more than all other causes combined, because it’s not on the fucking list – dip shit” (Those are the words in my head that I can’t send to the paper but after lying about my gender for years… what do you expect me to think when those harsh words are closer to what I  “feel” when I see men lining up eagerly to get their photo in the paper, smiling women all around, to teach our children that 1 in 4 women is the victim of sexual assault.

Women can and does fight back, then can leave, just as some men do. And many men and women are trapped.  But if women can be cops and military then gear up if you are with a bad man and get out.  Kids can’t leave.  A big woman (today the average is 5 ft 5 inches and 140 lbs with many much larger than that  can dominate small children and teens … toss them across a room, burn babies in microwaves,  heat scissors and burn a son’s tongue and then cut some of the tongue off, and that’s just what’s been in the paper lately… Buy the time people become aware of a child’s abuse,  sometimes many years of it, they are already screwed… many will never be well adjusted as adult no matter how much therapy they get.  What’s most common to both male and female prisoners is years of child abuse.

A few more than a 1,000 women died in the early 70’s from DV and few less than a thousand men were killed too.  In the 80’s male deaths were about 75% and years later even fewer, Women’s death rates (keep in mind that the 70’s were when safe houses were set up to “save women’s lives” and that billions have been spent to do just that)  and yet women’s death rates are consistently around 1,200 give or take a few.   Testosterone levels have dropped the last few years so why haven’t women’s death rates improved along with the billions of dollars in funding to save women’s lives only.   What if safe houses were places men in violent situations could go where they were believed without question and supported and given the home and kids and financial assistance just as we have done for women.  Maybe that would have helped save women’s lives.

Meanwhile children are dying at 5 a day from abuse and neglect, about 1,500 a year and 3 million cases of abuse are reported and yet we are putting the focus on helping women first?   That hasn’t helped much in 40 years.  Let’s stop child abuse and see what happens.

It’s bad enough that men feel the need to “sacrifice” their lives to protect women and children as men do, working themselves to death, but to hear this “journalist” call males willing to die to save women and children “a courtesy”  – and while women ignore the millions of men working soul killing jobs as if that’s just what men are for…. and then when a man pats  a woman on the butt it is  lumped in with rape, to get 1 in 4 women are victims of SAAM  to sell that to the public while during that march more children are being abused and more are dying… to see women intentionally take the most vulnerable, children, kick them off the stage, to always keep men’s faces as the face of violence, to lie to do it, to see them get away with it, to then protest and be the only fucking voice in my town to say a word, to get trashed for it with patronizing comments by idiots… I SHOULD just give it up.  Almost 50 years of protest and then to see the one event CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION that could greatly reduce adult problems including child abuse, homicides and rape, to see that event shoved behind women’s selfishness and lies… to see women, the biggest lobbying group (with their votes they get billions of dollar to sell lies} smugly smiling as men line up like dancing bears ever so proud of being good boys for that pat on the head from Big Sister…  as both women and men teach our sons and daughters that men are pigs and women innocent pawns…Add that to my PTSD issues from child abuse and army violence, … well, it’s a miracle that I don’t just toss fire bombs or set myself ablaze like the monks do and it’s no wonder that so many men just give up, pick up a gun, and shoot into a crowd.  (And no, I am not going to start shooting or firebombing anyone so doesn’t have me investigated if you are some feminist reading this by accident).  I work out my anger over the years by working with teens and prisoners, teaching women self-defense, and writing crap that I hate to write because it’s so borderline nuts at times…

We allow our sons to be beaten and humiliated, toss them on the street and say make it or die, and then when a few “go off” we all blame testosterone poisoning and ignore the hundreds of acts of child abuse and humiliation a million of our sons are subjected to not just by angry mothers, but by angry feminists later in their lives telling then that only their gender is violent… when those angry men know better.

Elizabeth Ryan of Fort Bragg wrote a letter to the editor if the Advocate 2005 encouraging me to read police and sheriffs logs to get an accurate picture of male violence.   Anyone that relies on one source needs to study science.  The Bureau of Justice 1993 to 1999 looking at partner violence with same sex couples found 13,740 were male victims and 16, 900 were female victims.   The   U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Bureau, 1996 found “17,590 children were physically abused by men, 21,757 were abused by women.  Anyone relying on one source of information about something as important as rape, child abuse, DV, is an idiot.  If she hated women she could look at the two sets of stats above and conclude that women are more violent, period. And not those women spend more time with kids or that women are more likely to ask for help. Is she a dumb bitch?  I would guess so but that’s my prejudice. She might just be naive, brainwashed, or, she could be one of them, lying because it’s so profitable for women and girls.

Sorry to go on, I feel frustrated and angry and I am preaching to the choir, again.  Be patient, the rant is running down.  I worked with abused children, I saw my siblings including my twin badly abused.  I worked with abused prisoners.  I have secondary scars from that and I don’t want to protect boys only or men only, I simply want to stop all child abuse and I know that stopping child abuse will help stop all adult crimes of violence including feminists trying to put even more of my gender in prison than are already there and I wonder if anyone with any power has a clue about all of this. I have sat with crying women raped a friend or two, an X wife. I have watched men try to hide their abuse behind a bottle of booze or drugs, and end it with suicide.  It’s too much, it adds up.

If you think women can’t be as violent as men then Goggle “Sylvia Marie Likens.”  Killed by Gertrude Baniszewski after months of torture.  Goggle  “Elisa Izquierdo” Even if you don’t care that most child abuse is from mothers towards sons, once you realize that more children are killed by abuse and neglect 1,500 a year, mostly at women’s hands, then you will reconsider removing  Child Abuse Prevention Month for a program about “awareness” of sexual abuse of women.  After all, if October as DV awareness month and Valentine’s day as “V-day” as Violence against women, and March as “Women’s history month including both men’s violence and abuse of women along with “The many ways women have impacted our lives” without once addressing how 3 million cases of child abuse a year, with five deaths a day, impacts us, it’s doubtful that another month of male bashing is really needed to make us aware of “male violence”.  Perhaps instead of one more year of men by the thousands marching a mile in women’s shoes (shoes) we can have women march a block in men’s combat boots or work boots, to both celebrate men for the high death rates in work and war, so women don’t have to do those jobs, as well as addressing the tens of thousands of boys and girls badly beaten by mothers.

Read the “Madeline Morehouse Rape”  story. It’s my understanding that When the 21 year-old rapist saw her by her door way and forced his way in, beating her and raping her she became one of the 1 in 4 women raped  or sexually assaulted.  Most of those “sexually assaulted” were victims of unwanted sexual attention, not assault.  Her story is one of the real rapes, a horrible experience for her and for many others.  Madeline got to her gun before he escaped, she missed a few shots, the gun jammed, he didn’t know it, and he waited while she dialed 911.  Women’s groups made her heroic and cited that rapist as one more “testosterone poisoned man”   … she was a hero; she prevented other women from being raped.  She did as an adult what she could not do as a child; she made the rapist pay.

There is a “rest of the story”, her mother like my grandmother was never charged for abusing us, including sexually when we were children.  These two women and the woman that sexually abused Antoine Fisher, (Denzel Washington directed a film by the same name) when he was a boy, and the women that sexually abused Irving Stone, the writer, the baby sitter that abused a man I employ for labor, the mother of a six year-old boy in the book “Guilty by Reason of Insanity” have never paid for their sexual and physical abuse of children. They are not a statistic on a police blotter or safe house wall.  We pretend such women don’t exist or are so rare it really doesn’t matter but to those of us victimized, it altered the courses of our lives.  Years of anger, sadness and nightmares followed.  None of our stories are part of a parade.   We watch the parade of men teaching children that women don’t do such things and we feel victimized again.

It took me 50 years to discuss my abuse and five more to write about it.  I have gone to local college programs for Sexual Assault Awareness Month a few years ago and I couldn’t speak of my abuse.  On my way out, after I mentioned that men and children are also sexually abuse by women and got a few raised eyebrows, I was asked if I would wear a lavender pin in support of women abused sexually. Sure, I will.  That’s what men do.  We protect women and children and we don’t band together to discuss our abuse and to lecture women and confront them.  We don’t call the police to report DV because often, when we do, we are arrested as part of the “Gender Profiling” training by the DV Industry and we lose our homes and are not there to protect our children. We feel responsible for our own abuse and if our mothers abused us we think we have it coming and in our shame we don’t want macho cops to see us with our scars and especially with fear or tears.  That’s not what men do and in our silence… women rule.

Of course I will wear that ribbon to protect women.  Not out of chivalry or politeness but because I love my daughter and I loved the two of the women who had been raped and because even without my own sexual abuse I would have, like most men do, cared and been protective.  But I am sick of bitches controlling the discussion and of men lining up to perform for the applause of women or giving women billion$ of dollars to sell shame to men and boys.  I feel the same about NOW as I do the KKK, men are losing children to really bad women, and men are going to jail for crimes that the didn’t comment because the women of NOW, and the AAUW and Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and Press Obama and VP Biden are like those people from the movie the Matrix, … totally blinded and believing that they know the truth.

If we don’t confront women about the lies about men, if we have four months a year bashing men, we are abusing our children by teaching girls to fear men and boys to feel guilt and shame about being men.   And I know you know it but so many people don’t and hiding out as a do – like many disabled vets do, where else can I vent like this unless it’s with YOU

Do we need one more male bashing program like SAAM – NO, and we don’t need those other programs either.  Rape and homicide rates are still far too high despite the billions and billions women’s groups have spent targeting male violence only.  Isn’t it time our children saw men and women marching together to stop all violence?  Wouldn’t that make adult violence less likely between genders; if we saw each other as partners instead of as victims and victimizers?   Wouldn’t that lead to healthier boys and girls rather than teaching boys to grow up with “male shame” and girls to want revenge on men as feminist have taught for decades?  The White House and the Boston Globe and New York Times are clueless about gender.  They rubber stamp the lies.  It’s like the “whack a mole” game, you stop one lie and they start two more.  Why are there not more of us fighting back?  I know you are.  I couldn’t keep going without you.  And I wonder how you are able to keep going, for years some of you.  And seeing that gives me hope and if not for hope I would quit.



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3 Responses to Today’s feminist are all about ME; or FeMEism.

  1. Madeline Morehouse on December 2, 2017 at 10:45 AM

    I did not give permission for my name to be used in this article by Steve DeLuca. In regard to me, he is embellishing on the truth to give credit to what he wants to say. I have asked him in the past to cease and desist.

  2. A Good Man on April 20, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    Agree'd we need to organize better.

  3. Mad Dog Mike38321 on April 6, 2012 at 11:23 PM

    As long as men remain silent and refuse to speak up for themselves, and others women will continue to walk all over us.

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