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120516 ltr to Representatives re VAWA H.R. 4970

May 16, 2012

One Response to 120516 ltr to Representatives re VAWA H.R. 4970

  1. Bob Knows on May 17, 2012 at 9:34 AM

    This happens every time the VAWA expires. All the faux men rush out and support its renewal. Hate doesn't have to be repealed. It only needs to be not passed again. But all the false men rush to Congress and onto Men's forums insisting that "Men" support VAWA. Congress gets thousands of phone calls from manginas and pussy boys pretending to be men who support VAWA. Idiots in Congress think men support their anti-men hate legislation. Women want it. "Men" support it. So it passes.

    Any pansy arse traitor who supports renewal of the worst anti-men, anti-family hate law ever enacted should turn in his man badge, or have it removed from him by every man who calls himself a man, by every man who cares about children and families, by every man who cares about men. No real man would ever support such vile anti-men hate for any legitimate reason. He just wouldn't.

    I have already contacted my Congressc*nt and demanded that it be shelved. Every decent man would do the same.

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