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U. S. Combat Vet Attacked By Anti-Family Judge

July 25, 2012

Judge Pezzetti

This Soldier Served Our Country. Now He Needs Your Support

By Eric Ross, PhD, Acting President of NCFM Greater NY Chapter, Investigative Reporter, National Writers’ Syndicate

In 2011 Sgt. Casey Gray was called to Active Duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Unfortunately, he was already in the midst of a “battle” − his child custody case in Oakland County, Pontiac, Michigan. In February 2011, the Hon. Elizabeth Pezzetti, presiding over his case, said in court that she would never give custody to the father because he was a soldier in the US Army.

While deployed, Sergeant Gray was severly injured and evacuated to Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio, Texas. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, 6 skull fractures, numerous other fratures, bilateral bony hamstring avulsions and many other injuries.

Mrs. Zehel, the mother of his two daughters, was flown to BAMC with the children, so the kids could visit with their father. While in the Army Medical Center, Mrs Zehel assaulted the severely injured soldier; she was asked to leave the facility and was transported back to Michigan.

Subsequently, Judge Elizabeth Pezzetti was presented with evidence of the assault, a suicide attempt by Mrs. Zehel, and her use of anti-depressant  medication. Sergeant Gray begged the court, for his children’s sake to have custody of them, to provide medical and psychological assistance to Mrs. Zehel.

Judge PezzettiSergeant Gray is a combat veteran who has fought to protect the US since 1999.  Not only did Family Court Judge Pezzetti violate his due process rights, she is punishing a good father for fighting to be with his daughters. Judge Pezetti rejected the expert testimony by the Army’s psychologists – through  abuse of discretion and in violation of the Constitutional rights of children and parents, the loving father is not even afforded the right to visit his daughters.

Furthermore, Judge Pezzetti’s Child Support order virtually condemns Sgt. Gray to slow death by starvation: She ordered nearly $1600 a month in Child support for his two daughters, in addition to him already paying  $800 a month for his six year old son. Coming out of his meager $2800 paycheck, this leaves him $400/month to support himself, while paying $2400. “Honorable” Pezzetti also authorized a debt judgment against him of over $9,000 in back child support.

This father served our country. Show Your Support for the Soldier.  Sign his Petition:



NCFM supports  H. R. 4201 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to provide for the protection of child custody arrangements for parents who are members of the Armed Forces

NCFM supports the Parental Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution, which will allow parents to direct the upbringing of their children, protected from federal interference and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Parental Rights Amendment was first proposed during the 110th Congress as House Joint Resolution 97 in July 2008, but no action was taken. In the current 112th Congress (2011-2012) the Parental Rights Amendment was proposed by Rep. John Flemming  (R-LA) on January 3, 2011, as H.J. Res. 3. In late may 2012 it had 17 cosponsors. It was assigned to the Constitution subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Trent Franks, chairman of the subcommittee, was a proponent of this Amendment in the last Congress.

Casey’s Father set up a Legal Defense fund Via PAYPAL, Please help Casey fight the Michigan Court System so his daughters can see their Dad.

All donations over and above Legal defense will be Donated to the Wounded Warriors Program!!

Make Donations to PAYPAL:


Judge Pezzetti

Judge Pezzetti

Judge Pezzetti

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83 Responses to U. S. Combat Vet Attacked By Anti-Family Judge

  1. #fkcaseygray on November 27, 2017 at 6:19 PM

    CASEY GRAY IS A FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Victor Hutcherson on November 13, 2017 at 8:47 PM

    It has been officially confirmed, Casey Gray is a fraud and liar. He embellished his service and was never in a crash. FOIA from the Army is very clear. Casey had committed fraud and needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent

  3. pureliberal on June 9, 2013 at 1:15 PM

    While I do not I do not know Casey, I do know the deranged Judge Pezzetti up close and personal.

    Pezzetti is best described as a bigoted judicial criminal who uses her courtroom to aid and abet the schemes of her personal friends and political cronies. The truth, the law and the Constitution of the Untied States means nothing to the miscreant “Mad Dog” Pezzetti.

    After all, what can be said about a corrupt judge who used her court to aid and abet a multi-million dollar, criminal cover-up of sex offenders and pedophiles by extremely dangerous public school officials in Oakland County?

    • adgray on June 14, 2013 at 3:37 PM

      This is really interesting; could you go into some detail for us? We need to all stick together to bring this deranged woman to her knees!

  4. Dani P. on November 6, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    I appreciate your kind words. In a perfect world indeed,although with God all things are possible and I am praying for each of them to come together and be able to communicate in a way benefitial to the children. I KNOW they can! It was a pleasure speaking with you as well. Thank you for your continued support.
    Dani P.

  5. Louie on November 5, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    Casey Stay Strong and know that the Lord will guide you through this. Without Him you have nothing, with Him you already have everything and you have already won this battle. You must commit to the Lord.

    By Gods’s Power I know you will get through this. It will not be painless and it wont be quick. but God will use this mess for good. Please don’t be foolish or naive, and don’t despair. With God’s Help I know you will get through this.

    I’m praying for you…

    • adgray on November 5, 2012 at 3:49 PM

      Thanks for the support Louie, This is what Casey needs now, not more greif from the family!! God Bless you and all that have supported Casey through these hard times!

  6. Caroline on November 5, 2012 at 10:14 AM

    I think both sides should come together and work things out for the children. Don’t let the judge stand in the way. Work it out among father and mother and it will be best for the children. Praying all works out for the best.

  7. Emily on November 5, 2012 at 9:49 AM

    It is sad that anyone has to go through all of this. Maybe we should just pray for the situation to be rectified and maybe we should give it to God. That is what I am going to do. There is no sense in shoving all this hate at each other. It is sad and a huge reason why our country is in decline. Very sad. Prayers for these babies and their parents to give them the best life, the life they deserve.

  8. Dani P. on November 5, 2012 at 8:28 AM

    So after much thought – and reading all these hateful things I finally want to say something.

    Just to say who I am before I am attacked and accused of being someone I am not; I am not hiding my identity, I don’t care who knows who I am. My name is Danielle and I have been dating Casey for over a year now. However I am not biased against Nikki, and I refuse to say anything ugly or hateful because it’s not my place and that’s not what I am here for. Before you all assume that Casey has left out his past, he has not he has been upfront and honest with all that has happened, but I am not one to judge either of them.

    Bringing both Nikki & Casey’s mistakes to light will not make anything better for the girls. I truly believe that Nikki is a wonderful mother, but I also KNOW that Casey is an amazing father. I have seen him with them. He glows when he is with his daughters like I have never seen, and I have been there the last two times he has seen them in September 2011 and March 2012. Yes, that is the last time he saw them, 7 months ago. He sets a great example to his girls, and his son, whom he has 50% custody with. Nikki and Casey may have had a bad past, bad relationship, fights, and arguments but I know from spending enough time with them that he refuses to allow his son Preston to see any anything that might slightly be considered fighting or arguing. He will NOT subject him to that.

    However Nikki and Casey are different people NOW than they were when they were together. But that’s not what this is about; this is about Kapri and Kennedi! To say that a child is better off without their father is just down right disgusting. I would never keep my children from their father no matter how angry I was. When you take away 2 of the 3 things Casey lives for, being his children Preston, Kapri and Kennedi, EXPECT a fight! He wanted nothing more to make that relationship work, and it didn’t. Have any of you all had Casey call you at 3am in tears because he misses his daughters and he can’t sleep, time and time again. This awful man that you all are bashing does have a heart. He would have given the world to Nikki and loved her deeply, a love so deep one day I might have. He wanted nothing more than to be a family and show his girls an example of love – but it didn’t work out that way- regardless of whose “fault”, No finger pointing, we are not in high school. It takes two to make a relationship work and both of them weren’t able to- bottom line.

    It also takes two to be parents; parents meaning a MOTHER and FATHER. To make things worse, he not only lost hope of a family with Nikki, and his daughters, he lost contact with his daughters entirely. And if any of you for a moment would not fight like a pit bull and make all attempts to fight to get them- you are lying. So maybe his approach isn’t the best? It’s not our place to decide, but I also know that Nikki’s approach, by not allowing any communication doesn’t help either.
    All we see is Casey on here responding and defending himself tooth and nail, while Nikki sits back with her daughters at the end of every day and tucks them into bed. She has her daughters, why should she fight? He doesn’t even have the opportunity to tell him he loves them or see their beautiful faces, so he is going to battle until he gets to have some sort of relationship with them at all. However it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Casey and Nikki have both been through traumatic experiences which have created this obvious trust issues. Of course they are having a difficult time coming together for the children, I am confident there is a lot of hurt, anger, and hate. All outside opinions and influences don’t help! Nikki and Casey need to come together in mediation and just figure all this out. Don’t tell me this isn’t possible because this is what it resorted to when I went through the same custody situation.

    Not only will there be no outside influences the mediator is not for or against either side. They are merely there to help two people who can’t communicate come to a reasonable agreement. They don’t even have to be in the same room, not only is this smart, financially it cost way less than paying thousands of dollars to lawyers and court fees. All this money that could be going to the children. We know that Nikki has legal aide/assistance so money is not an issue for her, but this money could be going towards the children that is wasted on countless hours of court fees, and lawyer fees. It could be going to the flights, hotel, car rental, and visits with Casey’s daughters in Michigan.

    As far as the “support” goes financially, I bet it is hard to go off x amount of dollars a month…I am quite certain that child support alone is not enough support for Nikki to survive and support two children, but that’s not what it meant for, it is support, not an income, and it does not replace having to work. Casey no longer has to support Nikki as a stay at home mom.

    I am a mother who did not ask for child support, and agreed to 50/50 custody. This made me work harder to get on my feet knowing there was no safety net beneath me. It also is because both of us are just as deserving of our children as the other, and it’s not fair to take that away from their father. A judge told me to quit going to college, get a job, find a home and figure it out. Mind you this was after my ex-husband had taken every source of money I had away from me, and I started with NOTHING. I found a job, moved out within 45 days and graduated college months later. All while juggling school, kids, and a part time job. It is possible.

    We mothers cannot play the victim in failed relationships. All of these people on here are making her look like a victim and Casey the bad guy. Neither one of them are victims or the bad guy. I wanted nothing more than to stay at home and take care of my children but that was not an option. We mothers/fathers have the ability to make something of ourselves regardless of our past and we have the ability to show our children that we are mature enough to put our differences with our children’s fathers/mothers, and let them have a relationship with them. It is NOT easy to do, but it is crucial for the children, for the mother and father to communicate. Kids thrive off seeing their parents communicate.

    People change and people learn, we all do. Who are you people on here commenting to say that someone can’t? It is not up to you to decide and dictate what kind of person Casey and Nikki are. That’s Gods job.

    All of you on here should be praying to God and lifting all the parties involved (Casey, Nikki, Kapri, Kennedi and Preston the brother who NEVER gets to see his sisters) and everyone else that is affected. This situation affects more than just the children.

    Let’s get our focus off what “he said” or “she said” and just PRAY. Pray that two young, hurt, scared, confused parents can come together and co-parent with their children best interest at heart. We all know that Casey and Nikki both have the kids best interest at heart but we all need to pray that God can translate this with their actions.

    • Allison Curti on November 5, 2012 at 11:20 AM

      Beautiful words from someone who knows what they are talking about – the love for a child. Casey, I do not know you, have never met you but through Danielle have heard your story. I do not know the gory details of he said she said, nor do I need to. One thing I do know is that girls need their daddies. I also know that relationships are complicated and it seems as if a whole ton of people are complicating a relationship between you and your x-wife as well as your girls. Deep breath. Situations like this never get resolved by fighting. They usually get worse. Of course you are angry, these are your girls. And you are missing them grow up. Do the best you can. Write, call and do your best to see them. One day they will know what they need to know and that is that their daddy loves them. Of course I think you should fight for some time with your girls! (But, fighting all these people on here is a waste of time. It does NOTHING to help your situation. It gets you nowhere, but angrier. I would not even read it. It can not help your heart or your moral. And always remember to consider the source. If we could all just talk to each other like normal, empathetic human being, caring about each other, situations like this might be easier. Kindness matters always! I think Danielle is right, I think a mediator could help. Casey, I will pray for you, for your healing and for your situation. I will also pray for your girls. Prayer is the ONE thing we KNOW will help. Thank you Casey for your service and your sacrifice. Good luck with your girls!

      • Allison Curti on November 5, 2012 at 11:21 AM

        By the way Casey, I admire your desire to fight. So many Dads would walk away. That is why we have a problem with deadbeats in our country. Many do not take the time, money or effort to fight for their children.

    • Harry Crouch on November 6, 2012 at 6:32 AM


      I wish everyone involved in a custody dispute could read what you have written above. You are exactly right…in a perfect world that is. Regardless, if everyone involved in a custody dispute could read what you have written, perhaps their lives, the lives of their children, and the lives of those who love them would be better off. Sounds of sanity through the tempest of family disruption should always prevail,
      as you have here. Nice job. It’s a pleasure to have spoken with you even briefly…

      Harry Crouch
      President, NCFM

      • Dani P. on November 6, 2012 at 7:50 AM

        I appreciate your kind words. In a perfect world indeed, although with God all things are possible and I am praying for each of them to come together and be able to communicate in a way beneficial to the children. I KNOW they can! It was a pleasure speaking with you as well. Thank you for your continued support.
        Dani P

  9. Pamela on November 4, 2012 at 12:53 PM

    So tyhis is so sick! You truly have issues that need to be addressed! My name is Pamela and i was writing on Donnas behalf, and my spelling should be the last of you worries! Grow up! And i KNOW theres so many times the police were called that it hard for you to keep track! But it wasnt her in Michigan, Nikki was still living with you CRAZY ASS in Ca. and we were here in Mi. And yes your mother did tell Donna to call the police, and at the same time we could tell she was as afraid of you as Nikki was ans is till the day. I’ll keep it real short and to the point< because I am not afraid of you! You have been a mental case from the day i ever herd your name! Ive been friends with the family for years. And was sickned every time i herd your name, it was never good. Then when Nikki got the strength to leave you and come back to Mi. you showed up here because you were not done with her yet. You then began to stalk her and her parents/grandparents! And how dare you, get on here acting like you love your kids and you need help?! And how dare you talk about something so hurtfull, when you talk about her mother, brother and what she has been through. (And just for the record, her brother is her brother and if he was just a half brother what would that have to do with any of this?!) You would never get it because you have no heart! Your sick and everyone who knows you KNOWS! I am glad that you have spoke some of the things you have, because it gives people a chance to see who you really are. They always say, "just let them talk and the truth will come out". Those beautill little girls are so much better off without you, you are a sick person and using this type of avenue just goes to show, you will say and do anything to get to Nikki! And you are the one who should get some help ans stop the lie's! Leave this poor girl alone! And you and your family never had plans made with Nikki to come to visit, so im not sure where that came from? Just one thing after another, how sad!

    • Casey on November 4, 2012 at 1:12 PM

      Thanks for the comical relief. It’s really not just the spelling, but your general behavior. You are right the truth is coming out. Why are you commenting for Donna? Is she too “drugged up” to do it on her own?

      Nikki cannot lie forever. You are upset and so is she that this is all coming to light.

      I am sure that it is difficult to keep up with all the lies.

    • adgray on November 4, 2012 at 1:13 PM

      Pamela, if you are…..are you off on some exoticnew drug? You know nothing about the current situation, as I am the grandparent the had plans to visit the girls…..matter of fact four of us had plans on visiting sometime this month….only to be told by Nikki that its not a good time as ussual!! You people are so disfunctional, I am really beginning to worry about the welfate of my grandkids, due to all the involvement from unidentified people…..Go away, and so that you all know…..Casey never asked for a penny….I personally open the accounts and asked myself….Casey has no access to any of the funds collected to help in this case… could all you lunitics take a pill….this will all be worked out in time….sad to say at the expense of those beautiful little girls…..but people…just remember that some day, they will know who has lied to them!! and as Nikki found out……its not always a pretty site!! Have a great day!!

  10. Danielle on November 3, 2012 at 5:34 AM

    Hello to all of you.

    I would like to tell everyone a little bit about who I am before posting, to keep people from going commando on me.
    My name is Danielle and I am educated in Social Work procedure and Family Law. I am a court appointed child advocate for the Michigan State CASA. I was also Nikki Zehels neighbor during 2010-2011

    Let me start with the author of this article, the article itself and the website it was published on.

    U. S. Combat Vet Attacked By Anti-Family Judge
    By Eric Ross, PhD, Acting President of NCFM Greater NY Chapter, Investigative Reporter, National Writers’ Syndicate
    Well Doctor, your article is quite comical for a man of your alleged stature. Claiming to be an investigative reporter with such a distasteful article like this is humorous. You failed to investigate any of the allegations made. You failed to seek any truth in what you wrote. You, Sir, slandered a member of the Michigan State Bar, residing on a Circuit Court Bench with no evidence of your claims. However, being a member of the National Writers Syndicate explains it all. The National Writers Syndicate, for those who don’t know, is a website dedicated to a bunch of PAYING uneducated people writing a bunch uneducated bullshit. Anyone who pays the membership fee is given permission to publish any fabricated, distasteful, story of lies they want. I have read some of your articles “Doctor”, and it seems that you yourself are very anti-woman. Blaming everything on the uneducated judges and the whores who make false allegations and the lawyers who don’t know the constitution and fail to represent their clients properly.
    You’re not an advocate for mens rights against discrimination, you’re a feminist asshole who uses bullshit credentials to bash woman and the justice system without any knowledge whatsoever. Your an activist against woman and the law. You promote the endowment of narcissistic abusers while claiming equality. The NCFM claims to know a lot of things but fails to know the law, and fails to properly investigate the scum they stand up for. Michigan does not have a National Coalition for Men chapter. The information the author of this discriminative organization received wasn’t written in truth from an investigative stand point, it was received from someone who PAYED for a membership and submitted it to him asking that the story be published.

    I read a lot of misinformed, uneducated people voicing their opinions regarding what they thought were constitutional and civil rights violations. I read a lot of misinterpretations of Michigan Law, Statute, and Legislate. I see a lot of people dislike the judge who ruled in this case, thinking that her interpretations, and knowledge of state and federal laws and guidelines are lacking. Her competency to properly rule in a custody proceeding questioned and thought of as unjust, while stating that her alleged lack of family law experience hinders her ability to be bias.

    I am going to properly break down this pile of bullshit and false accusations and I am going to let you all know what the law is regarding custody.

    Lie #1 In February 2011, the Hon. Elizabeth Pezzetti, presiding over his case, said in court that she would never give custody to the father because he was a soldier in the US Army.
    This is discrimination and If this was actually said by a circuit court judge then that would’ve been grounds for mistrial, and a new judge would’ve been assigned.

    Lie #2 Subsequently, Judge Elizabeth Pezzetti was presented with evidence of the assault, a suicide attempt by Mrs. Zehel, and her use of anti-depressant medication. Sergeant Gray begged the court, for his children’s sake to have custody of them, to provide medical and psychological assistance to Mrs. Zehel.
    The information given as evidence of supposed suicide was a confidential conversation between a patient and her counselor in regards to the pain of an abused woman. A suicide attempt was never admitted or threatened. This information was HACKED from Ms. Zehels personal email and therefore THROWN OUT as evidence due to it being illegally obtained. And also the email had no valid standing in trial due to the fact the email was dated many years prior to having children. And the use of anti depressants is not against the law and doesn’t result in the loss of parental rights.

    Lie #3 Not only did Family Court Judge Pezzetti violate his due process rights, she is punishing a good father for fighting to be with his daughters.
    His right to due process was not violated. All of his natural and legal rights were upheld. His testimony was heard and evidence examined. However, the judge felt that the right of the children outweighed the right of the parent.

    Lie # 4 Furthermore, Judge Pezzetti’s Child Support order virtually condemns Sgt. Gray to slow death by starvation: She ordered nearly $1600 a month in Child support for his two daughters, in addition to him already paying $800 a month for his six year old son. Coming out of his meager $2800 paycheck
    Michigan must fallow the child support formula when ordering court ordered support. Its based on income, bills and a support order for another child isnt factored in. A judge cannot just make up their own amount of support. They must fallow the formula.

    Lie #5 The judge ordered that I must pay a $2500 registration fee to a confinement facility and take a class on how to interact within the confinement facility with daughters.
    That is a shotty way to say that the judge ordered you take a parenting class and have supervised visits. Which is very common when a person is unable to contain their anger during trial.

    A judge can’t just make up their own laws and regulations. A circuit court judge has to make decisions based on the law and how it is interpreted BASED ON THE US SUPREME COURT RULE. If they don’t and decide to become rogue judges, as you say, out to get people, they would have quite a rap sheet of overturned rulings. When that happens they will be investigated and if wrong doing is done, then they will be handled with accordingly. It is foolish to say that this judge was uneducated in family law therefore not qualified to proceed over a custody hearing. I hate to burst your bubble, but the rule of the family court is common sense law, common law, and statutory law. The reasons your motions won’t be heard, is because there was no err in the courts findings. The world is not out to get the father who wants to see his kids. The world is keeping the kids safe from a man who can show no self control in a court room. The termination of parental rights in the state of Michigan is not something that can be done on a biased opinion. It has to be seriously considered because the law doesn’t want to “bastardize” children. It is not only based on the unfitness of a parent, it is also based on the 12 factors of “the best interest of the child” which are clearly stated in the child custody act. Legally admissible evidence must be used to establish the factual basis of parental unfitness sufficient to warrant termination of parental rights. Proofs must be clear and convincing beyond a reasonable doubt. If something was wrong with how your case was handled, an appellant court would’ve gladly overturned the ruling. Since no one wants to hear your case, is proof in itself that the justice system properly handled the case and there is no need for a new trial.

    I’m not here judging anyone, just letting all you non-Michigan residents aware of how Michigan handles the law. And everyone should know that Nikki did allow Casey to see the children while he was here, his temper and need to control is what keeps him away, not her.

    • Casey on November 3, 2012 at 11:28 AM

      Danielle it is interesting that you bring up a lot of lies and try to reinforce your garbage by compounding them with more lies. You were never a neighbor of Nikki’s. You have tried to fill your rant with feminist BS to bash Mr Ross and discredit him. If you were so “we’ll informed” and fill the position you claim to then why haven’t you read the transcripts and put the truth instead of trying to add more lies in support of the mother? I will give a few examples of where you have shared false information because I want answer back to your “novel of BS”.

      Your Lie #1 is completely false and we have transcripts to prove so. Judge Pezzetti was asked to recuse herself because of this and refused to do so. She WILL be found guilty of lying and be punished by the Judicial Tenure Board in time. Just because she has a friend that is a co chair there isn’t going to protect her forever.

      Your lie #2 Your whole argument is BS. Nikki was pregnant with Kapri when I came home to find her overdosing on medication and naked in a empty bathtub saying she wanted to kill herself. She admitted this in court. There were emails to verify this. If you would like to see the emails please request the evidence though the court, it was accepted and logged into evidence. Nikki also testified it was true and factual. There was no HACKED email, and there was no evidence thrown out. Please verify by checking transcripts. The document was of Nikki requesting refills of psychotropic medication after she testified in court she never had seen a therapist or taken medication!

      Your lie #3. Judge Pezzetti did infact violate my Federal SCRA rights several times. In fact her staff attorney was contacted by the JAG office and advised to consider complying before the matter ended up in Federal Court. She was compelled by her staff to comply on one occasion but then subsequently continued the violations. In fact if you knew so much about this case you would know that Judge Pezzetti closed the case only after a complaint was lodged against her in May of 2012 with the Judicial Tenure Board. She did so in retaliation to the grievance being filed. Judge Pezzetti never allowed for final arguments I the case because there was so much evidence against Mrs Zehel. You are sadly misinformed in your life and this case.

      Your lie #4 while you are correct there is a formula to help base the child support off of Judge Pezzetti refused to acknowledge that I had another child and support for him. She further went to max out my state allowed required support and then added to that $485 a month for child care that Was already paid for by the US military. She then added medical fees which are also already paid for by the military. Which mrs Zehel continues to commit fraud by refusing to use TRICARE and instead using state medical assistance. If this wasn’t enough Judge Pezzetti the added 11,000 in back child support and child care that was not authorized. It was proven in court mrs Zehel had committed fraud and lied. You attempt to cover this up is fleeting. The HHS is conducting an investigation into Mrs Zehel and her fraud, she will soon be a felon!

      Your lie #5. There was no anger during trial. There was common sense as you say it. I was a father being taken advantage of by a feminist judge and I voiced my concerns.
      Anyone in the situation would do the same. Except you of course. You would be happy with it because it fits within your feminist cause to help violate men’s rights.

      Your final lie is that Nikki allowed me to see the children. That is a lie. Nikki has been taking the children across state lines and preventing me from seeing them since Lapri was first born. You are a liar and just because you are capable of articulating yourself doesn’t fool anyone.

      I have another fact you should know since you know so much.

      Ask Nikki about a three hour phone conversation she had with me in May of 2012. This is after the judge made her opinion and ruling. Nikki called me crying and telling me that she was still in love with me and wanted to work on things. She stated that “Joe” her current boyfriend and proposed to her but she didn’t love him, she still loved me. She said that he was only a financial security blanket but not somebody that made her happy. She went on to tell me that she had let this get out of control and her lawyer had forced her to lie and that she was afraid because her lawyer told her she could be held in contempt if she allows me to see my children. She also reinforced this with my mother. Nikki is a confused woman who has been through a lot emotionally damaging situations as a child. She has the potential to do the right thing. It is people like you that try to use her for your own cause and manipulate her. It is truly a sad situation. You are one of the peoe who use children as PAWNS in a game. The truth will come out and justice is going to come. Wait and see.

      As for your unprofessionalism towards Mr Ross. You owe him an apology. You have let your own personal feminist beliefs cloud your judgement and are angry that he is standing against you and people of your nature. He is a solid professional assisting others in need.

      You are the Joke Danielle!

      Your lie #6.

      • Danielle on November 3, 2012 at 2:10 PM

        Casey, first off I was a neighbor of Nikki’s. My husbands mother lived across the street from Nikki’s family for 30 years. The summer of 2010 when you both started your nonsense my family and I were staying with my mother-in-law while waiting for the closing on our home.

        I am the farthest thing from a feminist Casey. I work for the best interest of the children. I have stood beside many qualified, fit, stable men during their court proceedings. I have testified AGAINST many many women on behalf of many fathers. I am not for the man or the woman, I am for the child, and who is better to provide stability and structure. I have been the main testimony in cases JUST LIKE YOURS on the fathers side. I do not for one second think that a child belongs with a mother just because.. a child needs safety, and I’m sorry Casey but your actions have proved unsatisfactory. If they are unable to conduct themselves appropriately during a time when outstanding conductivity is absolutely imperative, then I feel no sympathy in whatever happens to them for lack of self control.
        So please, do not call me a discriminatory man hater. Let me say it again I DO NOT CARE WHAT GENDER YOU ARE, MY VOTE IS FOR THE CHILD.

        Casey, in my opinion you are coming off as a text book narcissist. I do not know you well enough to say that that is what you really are, I am just saying that is how you are appearing. Your “thing” is to attack anyone who has something to say. If it’s not PRO Casey then you’re on it like a pit bull, attacking in anyway possible. You called me a liar, yet I stated no lies, nor false allegations whatsoever. I was clearly stating the facts of the Michigan law underneath your cockeyed claims.

        1. You claim I was never Nikki’s neighbor?? Casey, you sat on my front porch the day you came in from California. We accepted you into our home and gave you nothing but respect.
        2. I did bash and discredit Eric Ross. His article was distasteful and to by honest, the whole “image” of the article wasn’t about you missing your girls, it was of sympathy. The headline picture should’ve been one of you and the girls, not a picture of you after your incident. Another FACT, no one gives a shit that you fought for our country, who the hell are you? There’s many others JUST LIKE YOU. You didn’t lose your girls because of you military status so shame on you for trying to use the military as a shield to hide the real you.
        3. If any of your allegations had an ounce of truth then the appellant court would have ruled in your favor Casey. I sit in court all day, I am fully aware of proper protocol, you can’t bullshit me. Just because someone acts for a judge to recuse themselves doesn’t mean they will get what they want and I’m sorry but that isn’t grounds for discipline against the judge. When did you make your claim with the Tenure Commission? I looked for it and didn’t see any complaints filed against Judge Pezzetto. Also, if a complaint was filed then it must have been dismissed. Complaint investigations do not take very long. Which one of your SCRA rights were violated?? Only two apply and neither were violated. You were granted adjournments and there was no judgement made against you while deployed, you were here. The JAG office has no standing in circuit court because custody battles is not considered a military matter. JAG officers CANNOT AND WILL NOT represent any military personnel in court ON A NON MILITARY LEGAL ISSUE. Casey, you can fool the “judicially incompetent” people but I’m an officer of the court.

        I could go back and forth with you all night. But you and I both know you cannot fool me. If your claims are warranted then by all means Casey, provide me with your evidence and if you are right I will file your motions for you. Isn’t that the reason you are seeking funding and donations??

        • Casey on November 3, 2012 at 2:37 PM

          I did claim you are a liar and you are.

          You claim to be some impartial party and for the best interest of the kids. You are a joke. You use lies and deception to try to sway people.

          If you are so high and mighty and want the best for the children then I will gladly meet with you when we come to Michigan. I in the mean time will even provide you with evidence from both sides.

          Regardless of who you are you have been swayed to the false beliefs that the Zehel household has fed you. I am of the opinion you are not even who you say you are though.

          Please call me and we can discuss this my phone number is

          Skype address


          I have nothing to hide and have NEVER lied about anything.

          I will provide all transcripts you request and all motions filed.
          I as a father have been cheated.

          If you are as unbiased and seeking the TRUTH as you say you are then contact me and I will give you both sides of the story.

          I am not perfect. I never will be. Neither is Nikki. But it is people like you who perpetuate false information and try to use it to your advantage.

          As for your attack on my military service. You should be ashamed of yourself.
          The reason my service is included is because Judge Pezzetti and Nikki’s lawyer have attacked my credibility and even tried to claim I was not a service member. I have served honorably and I still do. I choose to do so, so that people like you can be afforded to have a public opinion no matter how you use it, even to slander my service. How dare you make a comment “nobody cares”, people do care, and people are tired of respectless, self indulging citizens like yourself slandering the military and promoting yourself.

          My friends have lost their lives, I came close to losing mine and we have done it all for your freedoms, including your freedom of speech.

          I do defend my case like a bulldog because I love my daughters. I am a good father, a good man, and a soldier.

          When YOU, whoever you are want to discuss the truth and find out from facts you let me know. I do not have an ego and I am no narcissist as you try to claim. I a man who loves his children and will fight to get them back.

          • Casey on November 3, 2012 at 3:30 PM

            Another thing that you have falsely claimed albeit a very small point. I have never been in your home, I was never welcomed anywhere by you. The only two homes I have been in there are Barbara and John Zehels house and Darrell Zehels home.

            John Zehel is one of the most respectable men I have met from the Zehel family. He is a caring man and does indeed love his grandchildren.

            Darrell or Dubby as you call him was also once a good man in my book, but that has changed.

            Dubby, Barbara, and Janice all refused to come to the birth of Kennedi in the Royal Oak hospital because they were too egotistical to put their differences aside. I have a text message from Darrell, I requested that he bring the family to the hospital because Nikki needed them. His response was ” we will not be coming, Nikki chose you as a family, we are no longer her family”.

            The honorable Zehel family has abandon Nikki many times, which I just cannot understand. She has made mistakes and she is dramatic at times, but she is still family and they should have been there when she needed them, they were not, I was.

            I have disdain for them for good reason, but I never tried to have Nikki avoid or keep the girls from them. I also promoted forgiveness and bringing the family together. I can even forward a whole album of family pictures that the family and I had taken in this so called “bad” time. This family is full of lies and deceit and it is nothing new. I believe it started with the murder suicide of the kids parents and the family has never let it go.

            There are many many stories I could tell of abuse, neglect and
            Perversion by this family but I will save it for a more private audience.

            If and when you or anyone else is ready to
            Discuss this and get to the facts I am more than willing to
            Participate and offer ” FACTS”.

        • Skydive Stick on November 4, 2012 at 9:42 AM

          Where to start:

          1) First let me tell you about Casey Gray….where to start where to start? How about I start with this:
          I am a 90% disabled Veteran that served with Casey in Naval Special Warfare. As broken as my body is right now, I would gladly pack my warbag, slap on a parachute and a lot of armament and parachute in anywhere to do what Casey has done many times: served this glorious Country of ours. Casey is the epitomy of honor, courage and committment and did as most of us tried to do: serve our country so that Trolls such as one that decided to comment her bra-burning, man-hating opinion to try and convince others that what she says is gospel.

          2) As a single father, who grew up as most of us do, in a dysfunctional home filled with an alcoholic and abusive father and a mother who loved to play mindgames. My brother an I were so very proud of the fact that we raised our children the total opposite as we were raised. We did not have to beat our children, we did not have to drink ourselves into happiness and we did not have to bash our ex-wife’s because we were bitter. Did we go without? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Absolutely. My ex-wife would make my son call me by my first name when at her house. Healthy? Hmmmm

          The court awarded her x-amount of money per month and 50/50 custody. But, the ex-wife, as classy as she was, stated to me, many times: “do you think you can take him this weekend so I can have a life?” to which I responded “I will take him every day so you can have a life” and I did. This women then proceeded to tell me that that had to stop because the courts would look at that as more than 50% custody and the money would stop….yup, so the money would stop. I even told her that I would keep paying her regardless if I had whole custody. She did not want to take the chance of losing any money. So my son paid for that.

          3)Casey is an incredible individual that has a heart of gold and a soul of a warrior. The comments made above regarding hiding true identities in fear of Casey using his “special forces” skills to provide payback or retaliation is absolutely absurd and could only come from a place that probably did not serve their country and if they did, probably sat behind a desk and ensured that they were nowhere where a bullet or rpg could be near them. Just because Casey served his country in an area where most COULD not serve, WOULD not serve because they did not have the backbone or nerve, or SHOULD not serve because they would have ran at the first firefight, ratted out his own personnel to save his butt or faked an injury to get out of a mission. That to me is a true, no spine, no ethics and someone that I hope to goodness Karma finds quickly.

          4) The assumption that all men are a certain type (which by the way, stating “I am not one to judge or I am not judging anyone…..and then returning by judging that person does not make things better) and the belief that a man cannot raise a family WITHOUT A CANCER OF A MOTHER involved is ludicris at the least. There are men out there that are not just sperm donors. There are men out there that give up everything for their family and there are men out there that raise their children in hopes that they have a better life than they did. Having a man-hating judge, that uses her position on the bench to ensure that ALL MEN pay for all of the “broken hearts” that she had to receive because once a man got to knew her, the true her, probably broke up with her, so now she is in a position for revenge… against every man that is attempting to do the right thing for his family.

          This is a sad, sad case and what is even the saddest is Dannielle who took it upon herself (at least that is the name that she is using) to post such acidic garbage to try and make that Judge look honorable and Casey to look like the “typical” deadbeat dad. That is sad. That troll-like attempt only shows yet another opinion from someone that tries to hide the truth because then they look very small, make accusations and statements without first doing the research to ensure the information is correct and not just emotional pander and shows her true colors of being a man-basher/hater. I know, I know I am sure she will post to this stating “I am married, how could I be a man-hater” and to that I actually laugh heartily. Why? Because she would not be the FIRST female to be in a marriage and hate all of man-kind. Pity really, for any man that had to come into contact with her.

          The worst part is that if she is in a position of looking out for children then she will be in a position to ensure the mother gets anything/everything that she needs and the men will have to move mountains to just be able to see his children. Sound familiar? Almost like the judge? Tow-peas in a pod? This is a very sad case indeed and to know that people like this exist only to ensure they make good-men’s lives a living nightmare truly shows how low society, parenting (or the lack thereof) and honesty has stooped in our world. So very sad.

          AS mentioned, Casey is a solid individual, regardless of what he has been trained to do in combat, he would never injure, harm or retaliate against anyone that has an opinion against him. For those that come onto this site, which is to help Casey in his battle and attempt to dishonor his name and his cause without the facts only shows how truly cancerous you truly are and you will be judged at the end by the big-guy upstairs. No matter how much you are convinced that you are good person, at the end, you will have to own the damage you participated in and then you will ask for pity. You, are, a, pity.

          • trident5 on November 4, 2012 at 10:57 PM

            That’s not the Casey I remember. He was always shady, not one guy I ever knew would trust that backstabber. I’m sure his kids would be better off thinking that he died than having him in their lives. He is a sociopath and reading these posts it looks like he gets it from his dad. Both of you need to grow up.

            DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THEM. Even if Casey’s dad controls whatever donations come in, I bet they are spending it on beer.

            • Casey Gray on November 5, 2012 at 12:44 AM

              You people sink to a new low every time. I would love to know who this person pretending to know me is. You don’t even leave a real name and add derogatory comments. Please be a man and identify yourself. You obviously don’t know me because you would know that I don’t even drink, more less beer, I am allergic to celiac genius.

              Please contact me personally if you know me so well.


            • adgray on November 5, 2012 at 5:28 AM

              Casey, there is a reason they hide behind fake names, it’s because there is no integrity, arguing these points here does no good, as they are like cockroaches, coming out of every crack, they have no idea who we are, or what we stand for, these girls are the ones suffering through this, and will find the truth one day, as Nikki did……only difference is, there will be a loving family here to accept them!! They will not have to accept a diisfunctioal family as their mother has!!

  11. adgray on November 2, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    Yes Sir Bob, you are so intelligent, like you thing #1 we including Casey dont know who you are….#2 that you would continue this lie, because from your comments, its evident that you have no, and I mean NO viable information to add, other that your fear, which has been planted in your mind by Nikki, a young woman, mother of my grandchildren, and manipulating individual who you olny know that which she decides to let you know….I my self witnessed a young woman the day my son was medivacted into San Antonio, was there after only bringing the girls to see their daddy, after she forced Casey to place money into her account, before she would come let those kids be with their father, when none of us knew whether or not he would even live through this tradgidy, only to become so outraged ad a man that couldnt even sit up in bed by himself, to jump on him and physically assult him and further his injuries….Oh I bet she didnt tell you this story….that the military police had to physically remove her from the base and send her back to Detroit, Yup what a family…..I am just saying enough is enough and even though you have not enough integrity to Identify yourself as family, can sit there and make statements like you make…..Well believe me your not accomplishing anything in your attempt to keep Casey from getting the donation he needs to do the necessary thing….so why dont you and the rest of your digruntled family move along!! This will be my last post as I have no intention in getting involved in anything except seeing that Casey has his legal Rights, and we as Grandparents get ours as far as visitation..I wish Nikki would try and sue us…..I would love to do nothing more than discredit more of her lies, and believe me, the Military Police on Base in San Antonio have the records to back our stories!! Have a nice Day!!

    • Bob banana on November 3, 2012 at 9:59 AM

      I am not trying to discredit what happened in San Antonio, as I was not there and do not know. But I have seen the written threats via email and text. You may think I am family, you may assume you know who I am. It doesn’t really matter. You just need to remember, all of these family members, the daughters aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, all of them are the ones that are raising these girls. With the horrible things you are posting on here about them, how can you expect these girls to grow up respecting the Grey side of the family? They will learn that you are distasteful, crude, petty people who have no shame or decency, willing to drag them through the mud. They will see their mommy crying and learn to hate the ones that made her do so.

      • Casey on November 3, 2012 at 11:38 AM

        Bob if you are so concerned about family and life and know the Zehels so well yu should ask them how the last time they attempted to conceal children from a fathers side of the family. Nikki’s deplorable grandmother kept Nikki and her brother Darrell from Darrell’s side of the family because of stupidity and anger. Nikki and Darrell now have a relationship with that family after over 20 years and they finally get to be a family. Nothing you do or the Zehel family does will keep the children away from me there father . The girls will learn the truth another the twisted Zehel family and its history. They are the ones effected by these lies and deceit. The truth WILL all come out!

  12. adgray on November 2, 2012 at 11:15 AM

    Folks, this is nonsense, but as to the post by Pamela….Pamela is Nikki’s Aunt Donna, and you can see why all the attempts to hide their identities go for them, the father they take this lie, the worse they get at covering up the truth, LMAO…Kinda like Obama and the Bengazi issue……the more you lie…..the harder it will bite you in the butt!!

    • Bob banana on November 2, 2012 at 11:23 AM

      Yes, this is all lies. Count your blessings that Nikki isn’t suing you for slander, or libel. Whichever shoe fits. And why do they hide their identity? Because they don’t want a trained soldier attacking them or threatening them like he does to Nikki. . How immature is this going to get?

      • Casey on November 2, 2012 at 11:31 AM

        Bob. It’s interesting that you weigh your opinions and add false information. Nikki comes from a broken family. Her brothers father shot and killed her mother after learning of am affair which Nikki was created from. Nikki has plenty of issues she has dealt with including an admitted suicide attempt and psychotropic medication while pregnant. Her aunt Donna is a drug addict who actually kicked Nikki and kids out of grandmothers home. Nikis own brother blamed Nikki for causimg her grandmother to have a stroke. This is a twisted family and justice will eventually prevail. There are no lies here. There will be no lawsuit because this is all proven factual information. You can try to deceive people online with fake names and false accounts but there is proof in the documentation.

  13. Bob banana on November 2, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    From my understanding this soldier is afforded 1 day a month of visitation which he has not ever utilized. That combined with kicking both ms. Zehel and the children out on the streets in california, tracking her whereabouts and threatening her, planting virus’s on her phone to delete all contacts, verbal assaults on her grandparents, and constant emotional abuse (and yes I have seen the emails he has written) kind of makes me wonder who this article is talking about. Or is it common for fiction to be portrayed as truth. Did this author also write Abraham Lincoln, vampire slayer? Also attacking the grammar vs. the statements really shows a lack of credibility. Also, the article fails to mention degrading and violent arguments performed in front of the girls.

    • Casey on November 2, 2012 at 12:00 PM

      Once again you portray false information. There is not one day a month I can see my daughters. The judge ordered that I must pay a $2500 registration fee to a confinement facility and take a class on how to interact within the confinement facility with daughters. Do you think that it is healthy for my two daughters to be escorted by a guard into a prison like facility and sit in an empty room while being watched? Absolutely not. I not a criminal, I am not a felon, I have never been arrested one time. I hold multiple security clearances, have always been employed and have been a great father and was very supportive of Nikki. In fact I have 50% custody of my Son Preston here in California. If i am such a bad guy why is it that i have custody, clearances and even still a job? Every time you (her family) abandon her I was there to help her. Nikki needs help, I was with her when she got some of it, she needs a therapist and she needs her family to stop damaging her. I will not subject our children to a prison like environment. I do however have a court order for Skype four days a week. It would be nice if Nikki would abide by this and allow me to see my children. She is ruining their lives and keeping me away intentionally. She refuses to follow the court order. She is making poor decisions and if publishing her poor decisions is the only way to get my daughters back then I am ok with that.

  14. adgray on November 2, 2012 at 11:08 AM

    So….Donna, yup I know how you are, why would you get on here and lie like this, you know that when Robin told you to call the police, it wasnt to arrest Casey, it was because you were so worried that Nikki wouldnt answer the phone you called Robin and was told if you were so worried to call the police and have them do a welfare check…..whith nothing said about an arrest…..we know you are Nikki’s Aunt, and we now know that your family will lie no matter what the facts are, you are Trash lady…and you will be judged one day…..what a drama queen you are!!

    • Bob banana on November 2, 2012 at 11:18 AM

      How can you call her trash and then say she will be judged? Does judging not apply to us all? Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone. The court is trying to protect innocent little girls, neither Nikki or Casey matter, nor do petty insults. Grow up, quit pointing fingers, and come together to raise these girls.

      • Casey on November 2, 2012 at 11:46 AM

        How can you say come together to raise the girls? That is the whole point of the article and the petition. The mother and her family have kept these girls from their father and his family and used lies to convince an Anti-Father, Anti- military, feminist judge to give her custody, all illegally and being challenged. Nikki has the power to stop this and to let these girls have a father. The lies and drama need to stop. Beginning with you Bob!

  15. Pamela on November 2, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    So is this the same Mother/Grandmother,that told me to call the police on her son (while living in CA) for the safety of Nikki and your grandaughter Kapri? and begging me not to tell your son it was your suggestion!!! Apperntly your afraid of your sons actions as well as Nikki is?! And for those of you who would not no me I am Nikki’s sister and do have first hand knowledge of the abouse Nikki has suffered through this whole relationship with Casey

    • Casey on November 2, 2012 at 9:18 AM

      There are a few problems with your statement. First and foremost Nikki doesn’t have a sister! She only has a half brother, and his name is Darrell, they have the same mother but not the same father. Second, not really sure who Pamela is but you definitely are not Nikki’s sister. Why do you come on this site spreading false information and try using pseudonyms? Identify yourself please.


      It is “know”, not “no”

      • Common Sense on November 2, 2012 at 11:16 AM

        The comment made was not by Mr. Grays mother, but nice assumption.

    • Casey on November 2, 2012 at 2:21 PM

      Donna Zehel (Pamala) this is to address your false claim. You did in fact speak to my mother Robin and she did tell you to call please if needed. The problem is the back story… You were at our house in Birmingham and calling the police to report that Nikki was possibly dead and you wanted them to break into my home. What you didn’t know was that Nikki had run away from you and your family because you threatened her after a fight over your grandmother. Nikki flew to Texas to stay with my mother and my family. She did not contact you and was in fact fearful of you. The Birmingham police made a report of a”deranged middle aged woman” trying to force entry into a home in Birmingham. You were advised to leave by the Police and there was no action taken by the police. You need to stop spreading half rumors and tell the whole story. Thank you.

    • Grammar Police obviously on November 4, 2012 at 10:06 AM

      Holy goodness, first learn to write/spell english:
      “..and your grandaughter Kapri? AND begging….” really?
      “Apperntly” WHat?
      “apperntly your afraid…” Are you kidding me? YOUR-No, no no. How about You’re? or even YOU ARE….. but you prefer your don’t you?
      “…as well as Nikki is?! AND” What, what?
      “..not no” huh? Did you mean NOT KNOW?
      “..of the abouse” what is an ABOUSE?

      How can anyone take you seriously if you cannot spell or come out with decent sentences? By the way Microsoft word has instant spellcheck so there is no excuse, just pure ignorance

  16. common sense on November 1, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    Mr. Gray is NOT a scumbag of a father, or person. Ms. Zehel obviously wouldn’t have had not ONE– but TWO children with this man if he was a threat to THEIR children.

    No matter what the judge says Ms. Zehel has the ability to give THEIR children parenting time with their father Mr. Gray, however she will not even abide by this. How hard is it to put your feelings for each other aside and just let your children have a relationship with their father? Just because a woman is a mother doesn’t automatically qualify her as more fit to have custody, and decide if your children have a relationship with their father.

    As a WOMAN who has been divorced with children and gone to court for custody, it is not the children’s fault that we had a failed married, their FATHER deserves to be in their life, just as much as I do.
    Difference is I refuse to let my personal feelings towards their father dictate what their relationship will be with them, and agreed to 50/50 custody.

    I have seen Mr. Gray with his children and it is beautiful. He is an amazing father, no matter what the Judge or anyone else thinks. If anyone saw him interact with them they would see the bond that they have, and these children deserve to know their father. Notice nowhere in this entire case does it mention him ever harming his children, or them being in a dangerous situation. If that were the case do you think that Ms. Zehel would have agreed to let Mr. Gray fly to Michigan, and the children on a plane to California for two weeks (unsupervised) last summer. If they were in such grave danger, a mother would not do this.

    Let’s get over ourselves, grow up and let the man that was just as much a part in creating those children as their mother, have a relationship with them. Period

  17. adgray on November 1, 2012 at 2:49 PM

    And Ashley, you live there with Nikki, and have no idea what she is doing or what plans were in the process, Yes you must be one ignorant woman, to claimn to be so close to Nikki, and not know that we all had planned to fly to Detroit and spend some time with our Grand Daughters…Casey is right, you should try as we do and stay the hell out of their relationship, whatever that may be, and Nikki may be able to put a life together that would be prosperous for here and the grand daughters!! I figured there was a third person influencing this situation, but to date have not been advised, but now we know!! I will be praying for Nikki and the girls, and that you take your long nose and stick somewhere it belongs instead of Nikki’s life!!

  18. adgray on November 1, 2012 at 2:40 PM

    Well I can say that the times I have seen the two together, Nikki was was out of hand, and we all agree that the kids are paying the price, and that is due to the Injustuces place of the public by this so call Judge Pezzetti……No court should have the auth to take away time from a father or mother, which by the way is God Given……The Judge needs to be brought back to earth, and taken out of her High Society Saddle!!

  19. adgray on October 31, 2012 at 7:33 AM

    aat, it is evident that yoou know nothing about what you speak, as I have witnessed the faults of both Nikki and Casey, Not to say that Either ar exactly right, you must and I am sure are probably Nikki’s counsel, and I would expect nothing more from an individual who is paid by the State of Michigan to Slander the integrity of our young people who serve….and in fact all you know about Casey is what Mrs Zehel as allowed you to know…..You arent aware of all the disqusting facts of Nikki, not allowing My self as a grandfather to visit with the kids, I was informed this morning that a planned trip to Michigan to visit my grandbabies has to be canceled, because Mrs Zehel finds that its not an optimal time for her!! And as fro Casy and his status in the Militay, The only porpuse is to let the public know of the injustices, this socalled Judge (Pezzetti) places on our young men in the military, and her record stands on its own!!

    • aat on November 1, 2012 at 9:48 AM

      I just wanted to say, that I do agree with you that Casey nor Ms. Zehel have been perfect in this situation. I just know what I have witnessed things personally to weigh heavily towards one side over the other. In my heart, I feel its not about you, or about Casey or about Ms. Zehel. It is about the girls. We are all human and make our own mistakes, it is about acknowledgment about those mistakes, forgiveness to others and growth from those acknowledgments. I am just bothered that Casey is acting this way and won’t make the appropriate changes to improve this situation. Instead he is online, making false statements about Ms. Zehel and Judge Pezzetti to gain sympathy for himself. Those girls are growing up without their dad because of his actions (not Ms. Zehel’s). Again it is not about anyone else, but those sweet children. Casey lost 4 lawyers and burned through 2 judges and days of courtroom evidence to have it ruled against him for a reason. Casey nor Ms. Zehel are monsters. One was suited to be a better parent than the other and the girls’ BEST interest was taken into consideration. This does not reflect you as a grandparent. You should be looking towards your son’s direction and questioning his actions in life that have minimized your grandparental rights. Noone here reading these comments know you personally and I am sure you love those girls and would want best for them.

  20. adgray on October 31, 2012 at 7:22 AM

    First let me state that I am Casey’s Father, I do know my son and the contempt expressed by this person, who by the way does not even know Casey, is so rediculous, Casey has had a hard time, with his service, being severly injured twice, both in combat areas…..I know very little about the situation between Mrs Zehel and Our Son Casey, but as a retired Lawenforcement officer, I have had the opertunity to witness cases of this magnitude on many occassions…..This Judge (Pezzetti) Has taken the entire legal aspect of this case to a new high, she not only has violated Casey’s rights as a father, as stated in the Michigan statutes, and has no compassion for ANY MILITARY MALE!! Casey is a loving father, who would never hurt or do anything adverse to these childrens lives, and deserves the time stipulated by law in the State of Michigan…..This so called Judge should have a halter attached to her head, and som sort of restraint ordered towards our Military personel, and as stated if you do not know Casey personally, do not make the lude coments against this young mans integrity, which by the way he has more of than 90% of the none Military people who elect to comment negively towards him!

    • aat on November 1, 2012 at 9:01 AM

      Thank you for the compliment for thinking I am Ms. Zehel’s counsel or apart of. That is very sweet, but the fact is I do not work for Ms. Zehel. I can also appreciate a daddy coming to his rescue (even though your own relationship with your son has been completely unhealthy and disturbing most of his life because this I also know). I have known about Ms. Zehel and Mr. Grays situation for years and it is a sad situation for the little girls. I do know Casey does have visitation rights that he has yet to exercise because of his ego. I know this because I was there in court day after day witnessing his garbage toward Ms. Zehel. I witnessed him calling Ms. Zehel’s lawyer a “dike” and calling one of Ms. Zehel’s witness’ a “bitch” and I also watched this “honorable” soldier getting busted for both those actions by the judge. This “honorable” soldier even went as far as jeopardizing one officer’s career and one lieutenant’s career when he was suprised by their appearance as two of Ms. Zehel’s witnesses.These two individuals testified in court that Casey is mentally unstable. This is not to mention his numerous outbursts in many court hearings.I got to witness this on top of witnessing all the verbal/physical/emotional abuse year after year. He has some serious mental health issues that need to be dealt with. I wish for the girls’ sake that Casey would get the help he needs to be a positive/healthy father figure to them and this would all go away. The fact is Alan, he won’t because it isn’t about your grandbabies and it is very heartbreaking. And I am sorry, but, you did NOT have plans to come to Michigan (so please don’t lie) because you never spoke with Ms. Zehel. She would contact you and Robin through email and send photos of the girls to the family and if you are also so concerned about the girls, why didn’t you try to contact Kapri in any way on birthday? Listen, I wish someone would start speaking the truth for the girls’ sake. It is one thing to be by your sons’s side during tough time and another to sit there and encourage abusive and manipulative behavior. What does that say about your character?

      As far as his financial situation, those numbers are inaccurate and I love how no one mentions that he has a Landrover, motorcycle (that was purchased after the verdict), iphone, ipad, etc. If he is so concerned about his financial situation he should look into his spending. I would hope that no one out there gave money for his next Landrover payment or spring break trip (yes, this i also know about and I have access to pictures to prove it). If the readers took time to evaluate these articles, it doesn’t add up and if it doesn’t make sense it is usually a lie. Either way, I am not here to judge what he does with his own spending money. As a parent, I would want my children to have everything he/she needs regardless of my situation. So for him to cry all about himself is pathetic. Grow up and be a man and stop producing children all over the country that you can’t support. Also, you can go on about the judge all you want, but that fact is you really really know nothing at all about this. Now, that casey is begging for support from anyone who will give it to him and the way he is going about it is so pathetic that I would be ashamed if that was my child. What he is doing right now all over the internet is disgusting and he will be held accountable for this. I just hope he comes to his senses before he completely loses everything.

      • Casey on November 1, 2012 at 11:14 AM

        Ashley Orlich. It is sad that you are spreading more false information. You lied in court and you are continuing to lie on social media sites now. You as a divorced single mother who needs to grow up and stop trying to discredit the father. You cannot take care of your own daughter. You and Ms Zehel live off of the child support that is supposed to provide for the children, yet you can afford to travel across country to visit boyfriends in CA? Wow you are a true liar and hypocrite! You are just as disturbed as Ms. Zehel is. Your daughter is the one really suffering. Hopefully she will recover from the multiple men you shuffle her around with.

        • aat on November 1, 2012 at 11:48 AM

          lol I don’t care who knows my name. My name is Ashley Orlich and I was a major witness in the case of Zehel vs. Gray. I was there strictly for the girls’ sake, NOT Ms. Zehel’s or Mr. Grays. Anyone can see who I am if the court case is available minute by minute, I don’t care. I am an advocate for your daughters and their protective voice. I really hope you wake up and see what effect you will have on them by what you are doing through the “social media” lol. You are truly a sad man Casey, but I do wish you the best in this screwed up life path you are taking. And for the record, thanks for giving me a good laugh because you know nothing about me and just threw a bunch of lies out there in a few sentences as a defense mechanism (trying to take the attention of you). It is quite entertaining actually I didn’t realize I had such a wild life lol. So, say what you want, doesn’t bother me. Good luck on your journeys Casey and I hope one day you get the help you need for you and your children’s sake.

          • Casey on November 1, 2012 at 12:02 PM

            Ashley what is SAD is that you are one of the major reasons that Nikki is in such a crisis. In the summer of 2010 you began to advise Nikki on how to fraudulently get welfare, Medicaid, and cash assistance. I warned Nikki about you and that you were a bad influence on her. I was correct. You have done nothing but poison her. I know a lot more about you than you think. Nikki told me a lot about you and your lifestyle. I truly believe that Nikki would have been a lot better off if it had not been for you trying to influence her to be a single mother so you would have a friend. You are poison Ashley. As for being a “major witness” , all you did was tell a few lies. You contradicted yourself multiple times and even helped prove Nikki was committing fraud. Just so you know that when you were testifying about guns and you smiled and winked at me it was all on the court cameras. People like you are a joke. You think family court is a game and you will do whatever to try to “win”. I have news for you. There are no winners in family court, the children are the ones that suffer. You should be ashamed of yourself Ashley, you are as bad of a liar as you are a mother. Your daughter deserves better. I don’t know her father but I hope he protects her from the lifestyle you live.

            • aat on November 1, 2012 at 12:54 PM

              Casey, we could go back n forth for days with no end in sight. Especially when your imagination is as wild as this and you are dealing with a narcissist. This is the last comment you will see from me. However, I will say we can agree on one thing, there is no winner in family court. Good point.

  21. aat on October 30, 2012 at 2:41 PM

    First let me say that I have the utmost respect for those who serve and have died for our country! My hearts break for those families who have to be without their loved ones and for those who die in the line of duty.

    Now about this article, no one making comments about this knows anything about this case. So, to sit there is make judgment against Ms. Zehel or Judge Pezzetti is disgusting.. Casey Gray is a crazy person who is looking for sympathy from anyone! This case went on for years because he kept postponing everything (to hide all his craziness). Finally they went to court for him to fail miserably and his own lawyer to drop him because Casey was jeopardizing his career with his lies and manipulation.This is after already burning through 3-4 other lawyers. And its funny how not one sentence mentions how Ms. Zehel also served for our country and that this so called soldier physically and emotionally abused Ms. Zehel and used the girls as pawns in his game to control Ms. Zehel. This is not to mention all the emotionally distress he put on his daughters. I know all you readers out there are smarter than to believe what you read from one article. It is disgusting how Casey is using his status in the military for personal gain. If I had it my way, I would allow all of you to be able to view the case minute by minute to see exactly what kind of person he is. Don’t allow yourself to be a pawn in his game and I hope the higher ups in the military see this and take action.

    • John doe on October 30, 2012 at 6:40 PM

      You obviously are someone who is a fool about the law because you can find it minute by minute on the court house transcripts. Mrs. Zehel is a monster.

      • casey unfit on October 30, 2012 at 10:12 PM

        This man is severely unstable. A judge does not take away your rights as a parent unless you completely unfit. Which you most likely are. Boo hoo.

        • Billr on October 30, 2012 at 10:16 PM

          Do you know the man? Please explain how you know the man and who you are please. Please be professional and not slander the soldier unless you are willing to prove you know him.

          • casey unfit on October 30, 2012 at 10:21 PM

            I do not know him. Just reading the artical and the last response. Everyone can have a opinion right?

            • Billr on October 30, 2012 at 10:25 PM

              Everyone does have that right. It seems rights are something stolen from fathers. There seems to be a lot of evidence to support the soldier. Unless you have some proof of your claims, please stop slandering the man. Your opinion can be stated professionally for all to see, but make sure it isn’t wasteful drama. This is a respected website and there is no need for creating drama.

      • aat on November 1, 2012 at 8:17 AM

        If you truly can see minute by minute cases about two very young individuals suffering from a custody battle then why hasnt casey posted it?? Oh wait because you weren’t there, but I was. If I know casey (because I do) he would edit everything accordingly in his favor. Have your narrow minded opinion, I can appreciate that but I know the truth and the truth is casey is a manipulative liar who is doing anything to make Ms. Zehel’s life hell and NOT considering his girls at all. If it was about the girls, he wouldn’t be acting this way.

  22. Fred Sottile on August 13, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    We need a nationwide outcry for CITIZEN REVIEW of judicial misconduct.

  23. James on August 12, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    I see a lot of comments asking how this judge is on the bench….It’s because MEN and MEN’S RIGHTS GROUPS don’t take the time to put up a lawyer to run against this judge and then support and volunteer in the campaign and then get such a psycho voted out, specificially for her family law decisions. With all the fathers’ rights groups out there, this would seem attainable. But, they are wasting their time and energy just “telling stories” and campaigning for different/new laws, which WONT DO ANYTHING cuz the same judge can just misapply, or misinterpret the law. The fathers’ rights groups and lazy, cowardly men are our own worst enemies.

    • Chris on August 14, 2012 at 7:09 AM

      James is right. Publicizing these atrocities is good but nothing will change unless there is concrete organization followed by action. This is the criticism I read about all the time from supportive women and even from feminists who say, instead of just complaining, organize and act directly.This is what they did in the 70’s. Nothing will happen unless the MRM now moves beyond just talking about and highlighting these issues of social injustice against men.
      We need to move to the next step. We have the statistics and we have morality on our side. Presented correctly, no can argue against social justice. To start with, every letter or petition needs follow up and examination of its success or failure, with further follow up, persistence and agitation of the particular government organization. This is how the feminists did it and its the only way we can do it. Traditional feminists, could be allies in this, as equality cannot just be about one gender by definition. But , unless we act to make lives better for the men who are discriminated against, no one will listen. Glen Sacks. has made great inroads by picking a specific area of discrimination, family courts, and has managed to reach the ear of legistlators. It s a slow process, but its the only way to actually acheive anything, especially since morally its difficult to argue against equality for men when presented with facts and research.

  24. Ian R on August 12, 2012 at 7:49 AM

    These stories are very very common, it appears that Judge pezzetti has allowed personal prejudice to affect judgement passed down which is no basis for a legal system in a democratic society. You should have a very good reason to separate a man from his children (it shoule be very rare), in this instance that does not seem to be the case, and I can’t think of any reason to leave him with less than a $100 per week to survive on. The irony is this guy is serving a country who would see fit to do this to him, bite the hand that protects you.

  25. Masculist Man on July 30, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    This looks like the judge’s political leanings:

    This would explain why this guy is getting shafted. It seems that Oakland county is the most misandric place in the mid-west.

  26. NO MAAM on July 28, 2012 at 4:01 PM

    This Judge is a real b!tch! I can’t believe how “wrong” this decision is. I think she needs to start serving her country – send her to War, she’d wet her panties/jocks in 5 mins. This is how to end wars, force the elite to fight. Wars would end soon.

  27. Sally_Oh on July 27, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    The answer is not more laws. The answer is to do away with Family Court. Let parents settle this in regular court where both parties have constitutional protections. (In special courts — family, dui, tax — you have no such rights. The judge rules.) The children will be no more harmed in regular court than they are in Family Court and judges will have the power removed. Family Court is a sham.

  28. Charlotte Jeffries on July 27, 2012 at 6:13 PM

    Sgt Franklin D. Jeffries was Active Duty also in middle of Custiody Battle in Court for 14 years has had some of the same problems mostly Parentinal Aleniation. Step Father of his child is Lawyer in the court system and x wife worked under the Judge. My son so tired of Court system and also has PTSD did a video venting his frustrations that he is now in jail. Fought for his country and this is the way he has been treated. My son is a loving Father and has two other daughters suffering. He needs help also—–865-748-9936

  29. Anton on July 27, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    The Nation is in decline. Our soldiers are already defeated by their own wives. Welcome enemies.

  30. Punisher on July 26, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    This judge needs a visit from someone who will put he on the “disabled” list…what a rotten POS…

  31. Mike Davis on July 26, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    “Due process” and “Family Court?” Forget what you learned in civics, the two do not go together.

  32. Prof. Artur J. N. Oborski on July 26, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    This disgusting and unbelievable disgrace, disguised as justice, goes beyond the pails of human understanding!

    It is an anathema to common sense and shows how this Judge is not in touch with the real world or cares a jot about a good and loving Father trying to protect his children.

    I am lost for words to describe how I feel about this travesty of ‘so called’ justice… which in this case is truly blind!!!

  33. Joe on July 26, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    Judge Pezzetti should be in jail

  34. Prattle On, Boyo on July 26, 2012 at 1:08 PM

    This piece does not provide enough facts to have an informed opinion. I’d like to see the actual court documents for both the CS order as well as the financial disclosure forms of both parties. The article states a $2,800.00 paycheck – is that net for the usual 14-day pay period or is it for the entire month? Even in California, respondents ordered to pay CS aren’t left with a measly $400.00 to live unless they have indicated that is the sum total of their monthly expenses.

    • Eric Ross, PhD on August 14, 2012 at 5:51 PM

      “Prattle On, Boyo” — I do not know where you are coming from with your “enlightened information” that “respondents aren’t left with a measly $400.”
      We check our facts before publishing. Otherwise, ppl like you would take us to court for libel.

      Here is a better example: Sgt. Chris Burger left with $1.15 / week to live on.

      Have a good look at his check. The copy is right there.

    • aat on October 30, 2012 at 2:52 PM

      Thank you for your reasonable comment… This article states a lot of false facts. I know this from dealing with this case personally. And it does not talk enough about the case for anyone to make a fair judgment. Just know it is the courts job to protect the children. And if he is not allowed to see the children at all, there are a lot of major reasons why. Ms. Zehel has full custody for a reason. It is not about what you do for our country (and exploiting it for personal gain), but about protecting the children in the matter. They didn’t ask for any of this.

      • billr on October 30, 2012 at 7:13 PM

        Who are you that you have personal connections to this case? A friend, the mother, a lawyer? Please identify yourself.

        It seems that all of this information is factual and presented in a very professional way.

        Is taking children away from their father protecting them? What planet do you live on?

        Even convicted felons see their children in prison!

        You seem to be more of the problem than any type of solution.

        Please identify yourself

      • Skydive Stick on November 4, 2012 at 9:51 AM

        “and exploiting it for personal gain” really? Anyone can say that they are involved in this case. Who are you involved with? Are you involved with teh judge? Family member perhaps? Someone trying to cover up this travesty? Someone that has to hide behind something and have hatred against others that actually have the the guts to go and fight our Country’s fight knowing that you may not come back from the mission? You would not know that feeling would you?

        It is the responsibility of the court to look out for the children, which does not say that the power in that court, the judge, cannot impose their personal vendetta against the men that try to accomplish the right thing for his children. Grow up.

        By the way, Casey did have the guts to do the mission, serving in Special Forces in two-separate branches. What does your resume say?

        Military service and physical/mental sacrifice for our Country should absolutely be placed high on a pedestal and the fact that you stated that he is using it for personal gain is not only disrespect towards anyone is in the service but also to those of us that have served honorably only to be shunned after the fact.

        I truly believe that you may also be pretending to be someone else to lay in more ignorant comments.

  35. joel kirk on July 26, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    Does anyone at NCFM,Voice for Men,Shrink etc…. have the connection to get this story on Fox News? This needs to go public NOW!!

  36. joel kirk on July 26, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    If good Americans don’t come together for something like this and quickly then we are lost as a nation. This is a horrifying example of what is happening in these liberal sick biased courts everyday in their effort to destroy men. Sgt Gray’s toughest fight was not in the AOR but was right here at home against the very people he nearly died protecting. His ex and this sick, weak Judge. We need to wake up!!!!

  37. joel kirk on July 26, 2012 at 12:03 PM

    Everyone also needs to flood this judges office with letters of reprimand. This is out of control. She not only needs to be removed but needs to go to jail.

  38. Lawrence John II on July 25, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    According to her “Judicial Bio” Judge Pezzetti has this experience. “Former private practice attorney specializing in employment law, media law, school law, and commercial litigation.” Notice please that she has NO EXPERIENCE IN FAMILY LAW. So the question begs to asked. What is an ill-informed, biased, uneducated, recalcitrant, black robed judicial pimp doing sitting on the Family Law Bench. This is a glaring example of why the concept of “Judicial Immunity” needs to stripped away and forever from individuals like this. She should no more be sitting on a bench, as Scott Peterson should be teaching relationship classes.

  39. Ben S. on July 25, 2012 at 2:08 PM

    Judge Pezzetti is a deplorable scumbag for doing this to Casey.

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