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Violence Against Women Act needs reform, pro-woman shouldn’t mean anti-man

July 25, 2012

VAWAThe Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is up for reauthorization again this year. This newest version of VAWA — loaded up with even more leftist provisions — has hit a snag. First signed into law in 1994 with bipartisan support and reauthorized in 2000 and 2006, the legislation has become both a failure and a boondoggle, lining the pockets of feminist groups, vastly expanding federal, state and local bureaucracies, and becoming riddled with fraud.

This year there are competing bills in the House (H.R. 4970) and Senate (S. 1925). In a climate of debt, deficit and government waste, the legitimate bone of contention is how best to reform the law, which has spawned dozens of failed programs. VAWA created a bureaucratic nightmare that targets the wrong women, those claiming nebulous “psychological harm,” instead of actually helping battered women. In addition to not helping the women it is supposed to serve, VAWA has morphed into a rigid, inhumane law enforcement tool that hurts and denigrates men.

A national survey of registered voters introduced on July 17 by SAVE (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments), a nonprofit victim-advocacy organization, shows that the majority of people surveyed agree it is time to reform VAWA. According to the results, domestic violence victims, younger people, Republicans and women are most likely to support VAWA reform. It found that 69.5 percent of those surveyed support reform to end waste and fraud, 65.9 percent support reform to stop discrimination, and 63.5 percent support reform to stop false allegations.

Victims of domestic violence or those who know a victim support reform even more, with 73 percent supporting reform to end waste and fraud and more than 68 percent supporting reform to stop discrimination and halt false allegations.

The left has made much of the “war on women” Republicans supposedly are waging, in part by introducing and passing a VAWA bill in the GOP-dominated House instead of accepting the Senate version. However, more women surveyed seem to realize VAWA needs reform than men surveyed. More than 73 percent of women support reform to end waste and fraud compared to 70.6 percent of men; 71 percent of women support reform to stop discrimination compared to 66.6 percent of men; and 68.3 percent of women support reform to stop false allegations compared to 67.8 percent of men.

One of the key differences between the House and Senate bills is that the House bill is gender-neutral, protecting all Americans from domestic violence, while the Senate bill contains language that aims to protect specific groups, including homosexual and transgender Americans. The House language takes an important step toward reforming a law that has created a climate of suspicion against men and a situation in which men are arrested on flimsy excuses, while women have their legal fees paid, enabling them to get a divorce and keep a man out of his house and away from his children. An accused man is often fired from his job, alienated from his friends and community, and assumed guilty until somehow he is able to prove he is innocent.

Statistics show there is not much difference between the rates of violence for men against women (6.4 percent ) and women against men (6.3 percent). Robert Franklin, a Texas lawyer who is on the board of Fathers and Families, listed some enlightening statistics in a recent article that point to the need for the law to cover all victims of domestic violence because men are victims, too:

35 percent of victims of severe domestic violence are men but only 1 percent of federal funds goes to assist them.

A study of students at two universities showed that 29 percent of women and 22 percent of men admitted to physically assaulting a date.

A University of New Hampshire study on dating violence in 32 countries showed women were the aggressors more often than men.

The Liz Claiborne Institute found in its Teen Relationship Abuse Survey that 17 percent of boys and 13 percent of girls had been hit, slapped or pushed by a dating partner.

A 2009 Centers for Disease Control study showed that when there was reciprocal violence in a domestic relationship, it was women who hit first 70 percent of the time and then men responded with violence.

The original VAWA was based on good intentions, but as with most things that originate in Washington, the result over the years has been to create an enormous bureaucracy that runs amok with fraud, lacks appropriate oversight, contains no means of accountability and consists of many duplicate programs providing the same assistance to the same groups of people. President Obama has said he would veto H.R. 4970 but supports S. 1925. Unless this law is reformed (and H.R. 4970 takes steps to do so) it will continue to discriminate against men, underserve actual victims of violence and provide millions of taxpayer dollars to build radical feminist power structures instead of ending intimate partner violence.

Janice Shaw Crouse is senior fellow at Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute and author of “Marriage Matters” (Transaction Publishers, 2012).



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4 Responses to Violence Against Women Act needs reform, pro-woman shouldn’t mean anti-man

  1. Truth on September 12, 2012 at 4:38 PM

    this whole new needs to be removed… and payment sent to any man whos rights were violated due to this law.

    the name alone implies sexism.

    and any one with eyes knows women hit men much more often and for much less reason.

    this law needs to be struck down… and full compemnsation given to all men for discrimantion.

    and while we are at it.. perhaps we should make a law protecting the true victems of gender violence.. men… sexist women who hit men or suport laws like this should be tossed in jail for a long time.

    men only allowed thjis sexist law to be made in the first place… becuase men are vicems of sexist brain washing by women.

    women being natrualy sexist… attempt to brain wash little boys into letting women have special treatment.

    becuase men are more nobel and just then women… men refuse to rape women…. this allows women sexual power… men need sex to be healthy and happy.. thus women further use this ti manipulate men into allowing them special treatment.

    we have 3 things we must do.

    1. teach men that women are insane… and that giving them special treatment does not result in sex… in fact it hurts it… refusing womens sexisthabbits actaulty gets you laid more.. due to evoltuonary reasons that women are programed to follow.

    2. becuase men are too nobel and kind to rape women… dispite women being programed to take advanatge and abuse our pity for them…. men are going to have to replace women for sex.

    as soon as we replace women for sex… like with really hot sex robots…. women become worthless and powerless…. once men get all the sex they want… from this new replacemnt to women…. men wont tolerate womens sexist crap any more.. and will simply give out selves eqaul rights.

    3. once men realize the truth about how sexis and sick in the head most women are…. and we have all the sex we want from sex robots.. and we have all been edcuated that its always benfical to men not to put up with womens sexist crap.. men will not longer allow women to maniptulate men.

    once men know womens mind games and sexist habbits… we can use it agaisnt them.. even turning women into our slaves if we wish… most likley once men take back full power… men can creat a world were men and women have eqaul rights…. once men have eqaul rights and women are forced to take up the burdans they try to hide them… men will be happy and free.

  2. S.F on August 1, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    It was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who penned these words in a letter from Birmingham Jail” on April 16, 1963 after being jailed for taking part in a nonviolent demonstration around the city.

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    Thousands of men are placed behind bars in the United States alone for domestic abuse and other crimes they did not commit:

    Others are victims of violent attacks from abusive women who initiate fights so as to use the system in order to get full control of the kids, the homes and even men’s salary:

    It is full time we men put a stop to this wickedness that is encouraged and fully supported by the judicial system of America:

    Please help stop such injustices by supporting Test of Fate outreach ministry for men:

    Please register using this link:

    Men please I beg of you don’t turn a blind eye or deaf ear to what is taking place as far as the rights of men are concerned, if we continue to do so soon and very soon many who thought it just couldn’t happen to them will find themselves becoming a felon overnight for crimes of which they did not commit:

    I respectfully ask of you to visit my website see what happened to me for doing my fatherly duty in trying to protect my son from an abusive situation:

    Finally I am appealing to all men who have suffered due to false allegations, as well as the heartless ways in which the justice system awards alimony, child support, the home and other assets not to take revenge by murdering anyone, especially your children:

  3. Ray on July 28, 2012 at 4:42 PM

    In other words, VAWA is a weapon used to witch-hunt males, and the gender feminists and their political toadies are (metaphorically speaking) trying to form a bigger mob with more pitch forks, clubs, and torches – – – as shown in Witch-Hunting Males at Youtube.

    Huge numbers of innocent men have fallen prey to this misandrist tyranny (VAWA). They would have already risen up en masse and thrown off this Stalinist hate movement, except so many of them have been utterly destroyed and have nothing left to fight back with. V-A-W-A is E-V-I-L.

  4. MiMi on July 26, 2012 at 3:04 PM

    There is a HUGE room for a lot of IMPROVEMENT on Domestic Violence in AMERICA…..a Protection Order allows either party to *have control over the other party*…..a protection order should PROTECT BOTH PARTIES equally…..and when there are children involved…..the welfare of the children should be determined even BEFORE any ORDERS are issued…..

    There are some parties who can use the Protection Order to ABUSE the system.

    The above links provide additional information and also provides some
    things that might be done to IMPROVE the process…

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