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Derrick Hunter sues Maryland Small Arms Range over ‘Ladies’ Day” promotion

September 20, 2012

sexismNOTE: In California such promotions have been illegal for years. The Unruh Act prohibits discrimination based on gender. Over the years NCFM and many of its members have filed actions under Unruh to stop discrimination based on gender in hundreds of businesses, including car washes, hotels, bars, restaurants, airlines, and so forth. Our attorneys have even filed actions on behalf of women who were charged more for haircuts than were men with similar length hair. Please remember, to our knowledge, NCFM is one of the few, if not the only, well established organization which continuously supports true equitable treatment for all of us. We applaud Derrick Hunter’s courage. After reading the article below please visit Channel 7’s website and watch the video.

A Maryland man has filed a lawsuit against an area gun range claiming “reverse sexism.”

Derrick Hunter says he had to pay to fire off a few rounds at the Maryland Small Arms Range in Upper Marlboro one Monday last year. But because it was “Ladies’ Day,” women there did not.

“Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I should have to pay more,” Hunter said.

Hunter filed a lawsuit for $200,000 with his attorney, Jimmy Bell. Hunter is a special police officer and came to the range to practice shooting.

Bell explained, “They told him he had to pay $15. He said, ‘Fine.’ He paid the money.”

“Two ladies came up behind me. He told them they were free, so I asked him…, ‘Why did I have to pay to use the range and they didn’t?’,” Hunter recalled. “He said, ‘Because they’re women, and you don’t fit the criteria.'”

Hunter complained to the Prince George’s Human Relations Commission, who agreed the range was breaking the law.

Maryland Small Arms Range, Inc. President Carl Roy says if what he’s doing is illegal, then so are discounts for seniors, children and the military.

“I don’t see anything discriminatory about it. It’s a promotion that we run, just as any other business is entitled to run a promotion,” Roy added.

First-time shooting range user Nautical Brown says “Ladies’ Day” makes her more likely to come back.

Brown said, “Especially if I can get in for free, of course, yeah.”

Some guys are fine with that.

“Guys are going to pay to go where the ladies are, so if they get in for free that’s going to influence us to come out,” Tim Goode, a customer of the gun range, said,

Bell countered, “If they made him pay more money because he was black, would you still have that way of looking at it?”

Sexism Sexism Sexism

Sexism Sexism Sexism

Sexism Sexism Sexism

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6 Responses to Derrick Hunter sues Maryland Small Arms Range over ‘Ladies’ Day” promotion

  1. Feminist_Nullificationist on September 22, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    If it’s okay to do it at a gun range, where’s the next place that will say it’s okay to arbitrarily discriminate against males, just for being born male? Allowing arbitrary sex discrimination at any level sets a bad precedent that snowballs into bigger arbitrary discrimination. Stop arbitrary sex discrimination everywhere if men and women are truly to be treated equally. Selective Service registration and military service should be the next areas to be reigned in for engaging in arbitrary sex discrimination against males. Eliminate Selective Service registration discrimination and G. W. Bush’s exemption of females in front line ground combat.

  2. napocapo69 (@napocapo69) on September 21, 2012 at 12:16 AM

    we really need men like him.

  3. maddogmike64806 on September 20, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    Mr. Hunter I am glad you are standing up to this blatant discrimination. most men either think that it will make them seem less manly(one of the things feminist and stupid manginas do to keep real men in line). They hit the male ego, sadly most guys fall for that crap. I salute and support you mr. Hunter.
    Men need to stand up to the double standard.

  4. Marc A. on September 20, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    Men are discriminated against in child custody, family court, criminal sentencing, domestic violence services, and more. This is just a smaller area of it, but it’s wrong nonetheless, and what’s especially wrong is the double standard. I get tired of the double standards. Nobody finds it trivial when women sue a salon or dry cleaner for charging women more. But they criticize males for filing lawsuits like this. Good for this guy.

  5. ActaNonVerba on September 20, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    Great job by Mr. Hunter. I noticed the one quote: “Guys are going to pay to go where the ladies are…” I really think that’s a “not really” true statement. Our culture is completely feminized. Men are brainwashed from birth (starting with mom) to think like women, want to be around women, etc… We are brainwashed to be alienated from ourselves and other men. Men have women and advertisers doing everything in their power to stimulate their libido from puberty on.

    Yet, still, even under these overwhelming brainwashing, manipulating conditions, men often seek to get away from women. The truth is that if our society were balanced in the least, men would prefer to spend the vast majority of their time away from women, building bonds of brotherhood with other men through activities the enjoy and simply enjoying solitude and reflection.

    It is women that always want men around. Even little girls already display the female addiction to always be in little boys’ business. Hell, thy even talk to little boys about getting married, someday, etc.. Women can’t stand when men do their own things. They HAVE to control us. The alternative to them is to be hard working, self-contained, and responsible. There is NO WAY IN HELL they want to deal with that.

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