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NCFM College Ambassador Chris Thompson on the feminist assault on civil liberties on college campuses

October 9, 2012

penn stateNFL: A Crucial Change Campaign?

Penn State abuse scandal

October 9, 2012

By: Christopher Thompson

As the dust settles on the notorious Penn State scandal, we are afforded time to reflect on exactly what has occurred; former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky has been sentenced to 30 to 60 years for sexually assaulting 10 children in 15 years, rightfully removed from the general populace for the remainder of his life. But why has Penn State been punished with sanctions continuing longer than enrollment of any current student? And why has Joe Paterno, previously the winningest coach in NCAA history, been removed from the books after one-quarter of his wins are retracted? A terrifying change is taking place in the game of football, following an assistant coach’s atrocious decisions, and these changes are impacting campuses around the country, even beginning to have ramifications on the National Football League.

On April 4, 2011, the Department of Education issued the now infamous sexual assault directive, compelling civil rights expert Wendy Kaminer to comment on the issue stating the directive is simply “feminism leading the assault on civil liberty.” Since, we have seen this develop on campuses around the country with incidents at Yale, Xavier, Cornell, and Brown universities, as well as the universities of Hawaii, North Dakota, and North Carolina. Now we watch as a similar situation devastates the campus reported the safest in the nation only one year ago.

The University of Montana was a bastion of scholastic opportunity one year ago, this changed when it was brutally attacked by the Department of Justice after it discovered Beau Davidson, then running back for the prominent “Griz Nation”, had raped a woman as she slept at a party. This sole incident prompted inquiry, using the DOE’s recently lowered evidentiary standards, “cherry-picking” evidence to construct a “rape prone culture.”

This has resulted in coaches and players being removed from the team, the DOJ alleging over 80 “sexual assaults” had been reported, then granting $300,000 to deceive the minds of University of Montana students through the Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness campaign. As the year comes to an end we find the once dominate Griz Nation struggling, enrollment at the U of M on the decline for the first time in seven years, while the PETSA “Miss Representation” campaign rages on.

As a society we must prevent this feminist assault on civil liberties by supporting establishment of Mens Centers on universities around the country, identical to the thousands of Womens Centers, providing college men direction and protection. On second thought, after watching male role models of the NFL don pink for “A Crucial Catch” campaign last Sunday and realizing I have yet to see anything on prostate or testicular cancer, perhaps all men could use the aforementioned direction and protection?

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One Response to NCFM College Ambassador Chris Thompson on the feminist assault on civil liberties on college campuses

  1. Howard G on October 9, 2012 at 10:06 PM

    Great article. Men on campus are being witch-hunted. Feminist driven laws are now removing any presumption of innocence and scrapping all due process for any man accused of anything by women. As far as the NFL, while I don’t mind them helping breast cancer awareness, it’s the total omission of helping prostate cancer awareness which will affect 17% of all players and coaches in the NFL. Here’s a petition for those that wish to change that.

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