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NCFM Member Elijah Ward, “Never give up!”, the fourth installment in a continuing series

November 5, 2012

Jeff entered into the New Hampshire divorce courts like most fathers.  Using no-fault divorce, his wife sued him, filed a motion for a secret hearing, where his children were taken from him, a monthly payment for child support was ordered to prevent his being able to afford representation, and a guardian ad litem was appointed to provide expert witness testimony that the children were harmed with Jeff, in spite of the fact that the guardian ad litem was not an expert on anything.

In order for the removal of the children to stick, expert testimony is needed to provide cover for the judges, because judges are supposed to rule independently on the evidence brought forward by the parties to support their cases.  It wouldn’t look objective if the judges brought forward the evidence and then ruled on it, so the New Hampshire judiciary established guardians ad litem.  These officers of the court bring to the court the mothers’ cases for them, so that the judge can then rule for the mothers and claim they adjudicated an objective fact pattern, according to law and equity.  This is why mothers win custody roughly 90% of the time in New Hampshire.  The courts have determined that the public policy of the state is maternal custody of children, regardless of statute.  To seal the testimony of GALs from controversy and attack,  the state supreme court gave quasi-absolute judicial immunity to them.

Once Jeff’s children were wrongfully taken by means of the guardian’s false testimony, he worked hard to regain them and was successful.  Realizing the guardian’s role in the corruption of the courts, he sought to become a guardian himself, but his application was denied, because he had a restraining order issued against him at one time, which had been lifted.  He fought the denial to the supreme court, which affirmed the denial, stating that Jeff did not meet the professional conduct standards for attorneys and, thus, was not qualified to become a guardian ad litem.  However, guardians in New Hampshire never have been and are not required to meet the professional conduct code for attorneys.  In fact, all that is required for certification is a college degree and some weekend courses.  Yet Jeff’s professional achievements as an engineer and his federal security clearance were not sufficient.

Not to be shaken off the trail, Jeff ran for elective office and won, becoming a state representative.  The Guardian ad Litem Board has one member selected from the legislature, Jeff asked for that appointment, and he received it.  Instead of gaining mere certification as one of the worker bees in the divorce-court industry of dividing families for monetary advancement, Jeff became privy to the workings of one of the lynchpin organizations in family destruction, seeing the debauchery from inside the beast.

Given the numerous grievances against guardians, leadership in the state legislature created a governing body over the Guardian Ad Litem Board, which Jeff was also appointed to.  After hearings were held into judicial corruption in family courts, the guardians and the Board were brought into sharp relief.  Numerous petitions were brought forward, twenty-six, most concerning abusing in the divorce courts.  Jeff sponsored one such petition, but he has been the go-to man in uncovering the evils of guardians and the Board.  And now he is central in the legislature’s oversight and dismantling of the body of so-deemed expert witnesses that the courts have used to deny substantial justice and due process to fathers.

Jeff has been one of the fathers’ and families’ most consistent and vigorous advocates, introducing bills and providing education to committees and the legislature as a whole.  Jeff has embodied the principle of directed action in the cause of justice and the re-establishment of family values.


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Divorce must not mean denying children their parents.

Divorce must not mean favoring one parent over the other because of their sex.

Divorce must not enrich others at the expense of parents or children.

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