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NCFM Complaint helps Maine Board of Oversees to recommend ADA Mary Kellett be suspended from the practice of law!

December 10, 2012
mary kellett

Mary Kellett


NCFM NOTE: NCFM is proud to have filed a companion complain about Mary Kellett, along with SAVE (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments), with the Main Board of Overseers . Paul Elam and a Voice For Men became closely involved with advocating for the removal of Kellett. Father’s and Families joined the effort. Together, we helped Vladek Filler overcome a nightmarish persecution by Kellett and the District Attorney. Let’s hope that the next stage of her censor result in disbarment. For more information put “Mary Kellett in the search box above.

You can read the Panel’s decision here: Board of Overseers of the Bar v. Mary N. Kellett, Esq.

Panel Recommends that Maine Prosecutor be Suspended

12/10/2012 Reported By: Susan Sharon

Assistant Hancock County District Attorney Mary Kellett is being recommended for suspension by a panel of the Maine Board of Bar Overseers. Created by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, the board governs the conduct of lawyers. As Susan Sharon reports, Kellett will next face a disciplinary hearing in front of a single justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court for, among other things, “engaging in conduct unworthy of an attorney.”

Following a two-day disciplinary hearing in October, a panel of three attorneys found that Kellett violated Maine Bar Rules by failing to make timely disclosure of the existence of evidence, suppressing evidence, trying to mislead a jury, failing to employ resonable skill and care, engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and engaging in conduct unworthy of an attorney.

Kellett’s counsel, Ronald Lupton of the Maine Attorney General’s Office, says this is the first time he’s aware of a Maine prosecutor being recommended for suspension. Lupton declined to comment on the matter further, saying his office had just been made aware of the Board of Bar Overseers’ findings.

The action against Kellett stems from the 2009 trial of a former Gouldsboro man acquitted of the rape of his wife. Vladek Filler claimed that Kellett broke a series of bar rules when she prosecuted him. He maintained that his wife fabricated the rape charge in order to try to win custody of their two boys.


In the Board of Bar Overseers report on the case, the panel acknowledges that Kellett has no prior disciplinary record, that she is an experienced prosecutor and that she had a heavy caseload at the time of the alleged rape. The panel also noted that Kellett’s own expert testified during her hearing that she appeared “stubborn” and as if she were “bucking the court” during her testimony.

The three attorneys found that Kellett’s then-supervisor failed to comply with Maine Bar Rules by sanctioning Kellett’s conduct and by disregarding ethical concerns raised by another attorney about her behavior. But they also acknowledged that they do not have vast experience in the criminal arena, and Penobscot County District Attorney Chris Almy says that’s a disadvantage.

“Well, I think that from the perspective of a prosecutor, I’m sure that this is pretty devastating to, not just to Mary Kellett and the DA’s Office in Hancock County, but to all of us, because our job is a difficult one and we make a lot of split-second decisions. So when you have people reviewing our conduct that have less than a large familiarity with what we do, it puts us at a disadvantage – and I say that in all due respect to the finders here, to the people who made a decision.”

Kellett’s case will now be forwarded to a single justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, who will hold a second hearing to decide whether or not Kellett should be suspended. Until then, Almy says it’s likely to be awkward for Kellett to continue her work in her office, which Almy says is already shorthanded.

Calls to the Hancock County District Attorney’s Office were not returned by airtime.

Become part of the solution…

mary kellett

Mary Kellett recommended for suspension.

Mary Kellett recommended for suspension.


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8 Responses to NCFM Complaint helps Maine Board of Oversees to recommend ADA Mary Kellett be suspended from the practice of law!

  1. David Dyer on March 9, 2014 at 4:07 AM

    All good things come to an end . Kellet is back at work now here in Hancock county Maine . So . The criminal will be back at her lil tricks real soon. She wont help an 11 year old boy who was molested by a girl . But that same girl got involved w an adult male n that guy is in prison now . What a bunch of thugs here in our county running tje show . . They’re an embarrassment .

    • David Dyer on March 9, 2014 at 4:14 AM

      We here in Hancock county call this the Union River two step.

  2. David Dyer on March 8, 2014 at 3:15 AM

    A few years ago my cousin Ronald Eaton was awarded over 700 thousand dollars from a police brutality case here in Hancock county . As this case drug along at a snails pace I took it upon myself to use information from the case and let the public here know how currupt our county here is . About midway through this case my son had been put in a cituation whare he was molested at a daycare . I took pics of a hicky on his neck . DHHS was informed and before long I was put under scrutiny over it for speaking out . My son didn’t get the help he needed and I have only seen him a few times in 5 years now . Theres no dought that some mad people who are upset over my actions in my cousins case are out to destroy myself and my brother Craig . My brother craig had nothing to do with what I was doing to bring to light the currupt acts that take plsce in our county . Im currently building my 11 year old son a house rather than be bankrupted in a currupt court . So far 50 thousand dollars has been put into his future home . The thing is ive raised two children on my own who are 24 and 25 yrs old now . They both have jobs and have no police records . 15 years they lived with me after their mom abandoned them ….And I cant see my lil boy ? Another example of the curruption in Hancock county

  3. STEVEN on January 19, 2013 at 2:41 PM

    Now to the Local DA Bonni Dumanis and the recent ‘Suicide’ of Christina Trevino (Nov 2011 after making negative comments about her boss), since the girls got in power do we have a ‘warm fuzzy feeling of wellness?’ Heck no, that is why women make the best tortures,snipers and prosecutors(if they can control the Radical Feminist Policy-aka VAWA) they know how to torture. Woman are just not suited for places of this type-they use the excuse of overworked caseload way too much, imagine if a man would complain, “Boss it’s just TOO much work!!!!”, he would be looking for another job.

  4. Nicko on January 8, 2013 at 2:06 AM

    “… our job is a difficult one and we make a lot of split-second decisions.”

    Typical obfuscation.

    This was not a split-second lapse of judgement. Kellett deliberately withheld evidence from the defence, despite timely requests for it to be provided. Even worse, she had evidence declared inadmissible during the trial, then claimed – in her closing – that the defence not presenting said evidence was to be counted against him.

    Lawyers do not ad lib their closing arguments. This was not a split second decision. Kellett had plenty of time to consider what she was doing. This was a clear-cut deliberate abuse of power.

  5. Feminist_Nullificationist on December 15, 2012 at 12:19 AM

    “Calls to the Hancock County District Attorney’s Office were not returned by airtime.”

    Why, that office doesn’t appear fit to do anything more than answering phones?

  6. JT on December 11, 2012 at 10:53 AM

    Congratulations! I know NCFM was one of the main player behind Kellett’s discipline. And this picture of Kellett is just priceless!

  7. Michele Lynett-Hare on December 11, 2012 at 5:17 AM

    Kudos to you all for nailing this she devil

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