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NCFM Goes to School!

January 29, 2013

NCFM Goes to School

To Montana State University to be precise…

By Tim Goldich, President, NCFM Chicago Chatper

An NCFM chapter inside a major university!?! Slap me, I must be dreaming!

For me, the feminist belief system is the enemy we face. To have a presence in academia is, therefore, to face our enemy at the source.

My beef isn’t so much with those who enact the feminist belief system. I’ll assume that textbook writers know how to write textbooks, teachers know how to teach, social workers know how to do social work, policy writers know how to write policies, police know how to police, legislators know how to legislate, and judges know how to judge. My primary focus is not in telling these professionals how to do their jobs. The system, and those who enact it, are anti-male because they believe in a world made up exclusively of MalePower and FemaleVictimization. And so, naturally (and honorably), they will believe that justice and equality are served by taking from men and giving to women. They’ve internalized feminism’s sexist definition of sexism and their actions reflect their one-sided belief. If only we could change that belief then we could change what they do, without dictating anything.

I would rather enlighten than control.  I don’t trust efforts to control.

The one thing I could be militant about is being heard!  No one is harmed for being made aware of facts and truths as seen from the male perspective politicized. No one is harmed just to listen to what gender-politically enlightened men (and women) have to say. Time magazine has devoted countless pages to the politicized female perspective. No hurt can come of devoting pages to the politicized male perspective. Yet masculism remains shut out of every large-scale, official, respected source of news, fact, and opinion. Masculism remains shut out of our universities (well, except for one university!). There is no excuse for censorship of this kind. Balance is benign. There is no way the concept can be malevolent. And, without that balance, we’re left with a MalePower/FemaleVictimization, ManBad/WomanGood belief system that’s killing us.

Under a MP/FV, MB/WG belief system, it seems “reasonable,” for example, to apply an extra tax upon the “criminal gender.”Punishing the “bad” sex and rewarding the “good” sex, taking power/money away from the “patriarchy” sex and giving it to the “innocent victim” sex feels righteous. And, so long as such actions feel righteous, such actions will be taken. Masculists seek to veto such proposals on the basis of legal technicalities. Those efforts are appropriate, of course, but they’re not what I would regard as the preferred focus. Not only do efforts to directly control the actions of others border on the dictatorial, even more importantly, given the current belief system, such efforts can only be endless.

So long as the MalePower/FemaleVictimization paradigm continues to set off misandric sparks in all directions, there will be an endless stream of new anti-male policies and laws to combat. And thus masculists will be putting out “brushfires” forever. We need to focus on the source of these brushfires. When there is no more MP/FV/MB/WG paradigm setting off misandric sparks, then anti-male laws and policies won’t be inspired into existence in the first place. The feminist belief system is the source of all our gender-political woes. Changing the belief system must be top priority.

Changing the belief system doesn’t require a new ideological dictatorship; it only requires removing the current ideological dictatorship. A new Balanced paradigm only requires allowing the other, male half of the facts, truths, and realities into the larger gender-political equation. Under a balanced belief system, professionals will do their jobs in a balanced way. Under a balanced belief system both feminism and masculism may be phased out in favor of equalism. And then we win!

The creation of an NCFM chapter inside a major U.S. university is a key step toward balancing the belief system. In all my years as an MRA, I think this is the single most encouraging development I’ve yet seen. Where there’s one such university chapter, there can soon be many others! I believe that feminism is currently the most powerful ideology on earth. But, with this foothold in academia, the end of feminism’s ideological dictatorship is in sight!

Tim Goldich

Author of – Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics

Available now on Amazon:


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4 Responses to NCFM Goes to School!

  1. MGTOW-man on March 27, 2013 at 5:52 AM

    I fully support your efforts to get inside college campuses. Such places is the boiler room of the feminist ship. They knew they had better train/brainwash other women who mostly disagreed with most of radical feminism (then), or else their numbers would dwindle. They have managed to manufacture thousands of militant man-haters by “educating” them on matters they FEEL is women-positive/men-negative. Although we activist men have more sense, compassion, and truth on our side, we will likely not treat them as they treated us. But, it is our time to start our process on campuses. I hope to see them across the land. I also support the co-initiative with AVfM to help make this a reality.

    Thank you for all you do to help men and boys.

    United we stand a chance; divided we will be erased.

    Truth is not hatred, but ooooh how the truth is hated.

  2. Chris on January 30, 2013 at 5:00 PM

    Great news. This is the first of many i hope. I wonder how much of backlash there was in creating this university chapter. The recent debacle at the university of Toronto show just how bigoted these misandrists can be. There was resistance , but in a more civilized manner when a Mens Center was to be created at the Simon Fraser university in British Columbia , ( they d had a women’s Center for decades!)

  3. Tom Williamson on January 29, 2013 at 6:53 PM

    Bravo! Well said !

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